From deathbed to abundant life, how South Wales life coach Jason defied the odds

South Wales life coach Jason Bishop is celebrating the launch of his new website – but spend a few moments with him and it’s easy to be enthused by his passion for life, his positivity and his knowledge around mental health, too.

Jason is the owner of Contented Life Coaching and offers coaching and support to businesses and individuals across South Wales – but his own story is honest, thought provoking and at times a painful read – on his website, he describes how his descent into alcoholism started from age 15 with the loss of his grandfather, culminating in near death from alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver in his forties.

After leaving hospital, Jason made the conscious choice to turn his life around and now works helping others do the same, changing old belief patterns, tackling stress, anxiety and mental illness and rebuilding relationships using the strategies and therapies that worked for him.  However, he says building the new website, with the help of South Wales Web Solutions, was difficult at times:

“The website meant sharing my story in public, without making that story a book. I found it therapeutic, but on times quite difficult.  I used to be a walking ego, I could see very little good in life. All I managed to achieve was to cause hurt and destruction.

“My recovery meant being completely honest and as well as tackling alcoholism, I worked hard to change my beliefs and to tackle my hidden resentment and anger.  I worked hard to remove any venom that was flowing through me previously, and moved on in my life. There is no way it would have been possible to share my thoughts and inner most feelings with people, if I hadn’t.

“Being genuinely confident without the use of alcohol, has allowed me to do so much more. I’ve addressed my insecurities and feelings of not being enough. It’s also enabled me to create the new life I needed, which incorporates numerous healthy friendships – and I’m hoping that by sharing my story, others will realise I come from a place of humility and support – I’ve been there, so I’m certainly not going to judge anyone.”

As Jason recovered, he engaged a personal trainer and started to love life again, mending relationships and rebuilding his life, and his thoughts turned to sharing what he had learned.  Investing in courses, events, reading and training, Jason cultivated a healthy interest in the latest scientific research, based on brain scans and behaviour (neuroscience), which has been taking place over the last decade or so, and now works with people of all ages, helping them transform their lives, achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams.
“Building Jason’s site was special because we have known him for years and we witnessed his transformation first hand.  His positivity and zest for life is infectious, backed up only by his knowledge on mental health, stress and depression.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking to make a positive life change, whether career, life goals or to tackle long-standing issues like depression – he doesn’t just talk, he has been there and the work he is doing now is incredible.”