New funding released to people furloughed or made redundant by coronavirus

The Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) and DM Trust have just launched the ‘DM Trust Home Learning Fund’. A new initiative offering UK-based employees who have been placed on furlough or made redundant access to fully funded training and professional qualifications.

The DM Trust, a charitable organisation that provides funding and support to projects across the data and marketing industry, will invest an initial £100k to the new fund.

The IDM, the learning arm of the Data & Marketing Association (DMA), will match this investment with an additional £100k.

“We remain committed to supporting both marketing professionals and businesses during these challenging times. The DM Trust Home Learning Fund will help employees negatively impacted by the current coronavirus pandemic, contributing to their personal development,” said Matt Housden, Chair of the DM Trust. “With around 46% of companies furloughing staff, this presents an opportunity for individuals to upskill and keep their marketing minds fresh to remain effective on their return to work.”

Applicants can apply the funding against the full portfolio of IDM Home Learning options for individuals, including both online learning and virtual classroom options.

Once an individual has selected a course or qualification, they should contact the IDM via an enquiry form, or email with the subject line ‘DM Trust Home Learning Fund’. This will trigger an IDM advisor to reach out to the applicant to advise on the most suitable course and process the free booking.

“Skills development is a great way for staff on furlough and those made redundant to enhance their long-term personal development. We wanted to spearhead an initiative that would add value to both the individual and the data and marketing industry. This new fund gives us a real chance to aid the wellbeing of people affected by the economic crisis, at a time of physical separation,” added Andy Dorling, General Manager at the IDM.

Further information about the new training initiative and details on how to apply can be found on the IDM’s website: