January 15, 2021

FYAMI Extends Its ‘Marketing For a Tenner’ Covid Support Scheme,’ until November 1st, 2020

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London based Growth consultancy, The FYAMI Marketing Group Limited, extended its widely acclaimed ‘marketing for a tenner scheme,’ until November 2020. The scheme helps start-ups and small businesses with their sales and marketing goals during these challenging times.

Faye Eldridge, FYAMI’s Founder and CEO says, “I have spoken to many other CEOs and entrepreneurs over the last few months, listening to their concerns and what they are losing sleep over. Currently, many of them face huge challenges due to the coronavirus. They need support more than ever, so we have extended this scheme to help more businesses to reignite their marketing operations.”

Businesses can pick solutions from a specific list and they can select as many of these options as they like. Each one only costs a ‘tenner’ (£10). The list includes SEO optimised blogging, website audits, lead generation plans and social media management options.

FYAMI has enabled businesses to fly to the top of google within weeks helping businesses with lead generation and social media management, specifically in the technology, telecoms, finance and fintech sectors.

They have positive reviews including from Microsoft, Fortinet and Tiralis Global (management consultancy).

Further details on the business tenner scheme can be found here – https://fyami.com/subject-marketing-for-a-tenner/