Huel Partner with Welsh Agency to Help Create Their Social Media Ads

Cardiff-based video marketing agency, Aura Ads, has recently won global brand Huel as their newest client, after impressing the company leaders with impressive results while on a one month trial.

The brand came to the Welsh agency in July with KPIs to increase paid social performance through the use of conversion focused video ads.

Aura Ads’ trial video accounted for a large portion of Huel’s overall Facebook purchases whilst also generating a 34% higher clickthrough rate, all while maintaining the same cost per acquisition.

Ryan Walton, Founder of Aura Ads, says: 

“Huel were after a fresh pipeline of high quality creative in order to maintain paid social performance. We exist to fix this problem, by providing the ideation, production and editing capabilities to turn around awesome video ads within 25 days every month.

Given we launched Aura Ads in March this year, Huel really is the icing on the cake for us and is a huge confidence leap moving forward!”

Huel is a world-renowned brand providing nutritionally complete food with essential minerals, vitamins, proteins and fats, hitting their revenue high earlier this year.

Ben Bokaie, Senior Performance Marketing Manager at Huel, says:

“It’s important that we serve really high-quality video creative to our target audiences. This is where Aura Ads have come in. They’ve smashed performance for us across all our markets on Facebook and Instagram, especially in the US where it’s single handedly turned around performance in a tough time.”

“We’d not hesitate to recommend Aura Ads to all other B2C consumers, especially if they’re trying to scale paid social with some really high quality video ads at a super, super good value. I look forward to working with Aura Ads for the foreseeable!”

Huel’s main goals while working with the agency is to increase both purchases and click through rate, while keeping the cost as low as possible.

The client sends Aura Ads the product while they plan, shoot and edit the video, before sending the video ads back to them within the promised 25 days.

Earlier this month, Huel released their video ads for their new Hot & Savoury product that were created by Aura Ads. These have performed superbly well, driving a 15% higher clickthrough rate than average to date.

Aura Ads launched in March 2020, as a more e-commerce focussed brand than their sister company, Visaura, focussing on corporate videos. Both of which create ads designed to convert on social media.