Implementation of state-of-the-art communications system helps maintain service during COVID-19

Swansea based telecommunications firm, SA1 Telecoms, has been instrumental in implementing a state-of-the-art system to improve the internal and external communications of a leading UK van leasing and van contract hire company, Low Cost Vans, based in Neath.


The technologically advanced communication system, installed by SA1 Telecoms, ensures that Low Cost Vans is fully equipped to maintain its commitment to high levels of service, despite the potential impact of more local and national lockdowns.


The two South Wales based companies have worked in partnership to implement the innovative VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone system, which keeps all 30 employees at Low Cost Vans completely connected, whether they are remote-working or not.


The VoIP system means that all the business’s phone communications are now cloud-based, and individual handsets can be taken home when staff are required to work remotely, with the office line being directed to their home address.


As well as saving employee’s money on their own phones when home-located, it is set to make a saving to Low Cost Vans of around £500 per month, from their older, less efficient system.


The new system is also integrated with their CRM, meaning that all calls are recorded, and notes can be made automatically.


As well as accessing the system on the new portable handsets, it is also accessible on employees’ mobile devices through an app, meaning important customer details and requests are saved in one central, secure cloud-based location, accessible to staff online from anywhere and on any device.


Rod Lloyd, managing director at Low Cost Vans, said:


“We decided that this investment was necessary to ensure that our staff are able to work efficiently and productively, and continue to provide the superb service our customers have come to expect from us, despite being forced to work from home during lockdowns.


“All staff now communicate far more effectively, and not at the expense of themselves personally. The system is able to integrate with our CRM system, the clarity of calls is much better, and it allows us to better replicate the office environment for our employees, avoiding the potential for important communications to be missed due to lack of proximity to one another.”


Alex Kamil, technical director of SA1 Telecoms, said:


“The VoIP system we have installed for Low Cost Vans gives them enormous flexibility and functionality, ensuring the business can work very efficiently wherever staff are located. It is just one of many solutions we can provide to help businesses to avoid disruption and run smoothly during lockdown periods.


“At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, we put in place a plan to ensure that we were able to fully support all of our clients needing assistance through this difficult period. Our team of engineers have been working hard to make sure there has been as little disruption to our customer’s businesses as possible, and that they have had full access to the support, hardware and software they required to maintain business connectivity.”