September 27, 2021

LogMeIn to Help Businesses Reach Larger Audiences with GoToWebinar Live Streaming

LogMeIn, Inc., makers of remote and flexible work tools enabling the work-from-anywhere era, has announced the capability to livestream GoToWebinar on third-party social platforms. These days work happens anywhere with a decent internet connection. Whether it’s a home office, the actual office, or from some exotic location around the globe, you can truly work from anywhere with the right tools.

The same “anywhere” mentality applies to consuming webinar content. Businesses need to be able to reach their audience where they already are. Which is why we are providing the capability to live stream webinars on popular third-party social platforms like Facebook Live, YouTube Live and (coming soon) LinkedIn Live, as well as virtual event platforms like CVent, Intrado, Socio and others directly through GoToWebinar.

The basics:

  • GoToWebinar Live Streaming is a new feature that gives organisers the ability to seamlessly push their live webinar feed out to any of the above platforms
  • It’s the perfect way to expand the overall viewership of content by delivering a live webinar to an already captive social following
  • It’s available globally, at no extra cost, for all GoToWebinar customers

The pandemic has undoubtedly pushed companies around the world towards online webinar solutions to reach customers and deliver business outcomes faster than anyone could have anticipated. However, it has also demonstrated that leveraging webinars to drive real results is more easily manageable and significantly more affordable than ever before.

Additional functionality:

  • Pick one or multiple streaming sites and broadcast away – reaching a wider audience and anyone scrolling through existing social feeds
  • Start and stop individual streams from within the GoToWebinar Dashboard to always maintain control of content and exactly who is viewing it
  • GoToWebinar will notify the user when the stream connects and has a “LIVE” status to indicate when you’re streaming to 3rd party platforms

Learn how you can reach your customers where they are and bring them their preferred viewing experience with GoToWebinar Live Streaming on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. Try GoToWebinar for free or sign into your account and start live streaming today.