Top 10 Facility Management Companies 2021

To maximize profitability and gain new spending skills in today’s competitive market space, companies need to focus more on their core business functions and outsource their non-core activities to convenience management service providers. Office spaces are much more than their physical location. They are the center of activity that requires careful handling of all moving parts. Each single activity must be coordinated to avoid conflict or hiccups. Managing Integrated Facilities, also known as IFM, is one of the best ways to integrate a single management team and all office services under contract. The main purpose of integrated facilities management services is to facilitate communications and make daily activities easier. In this purchase report, Spandez’s analysts have identified some of the key providers of integrated facility management services worldwide.

Facility Management Companies

Facility Management – Evbex

They are one of the top facility management consultants. They are providing worldwide support in FM solutions services and training. “Evbex is a is an Asset Performance Management company that integrates facilities management with sustainability. We will ensure that you will achieve operational excellence through reducing costs, optimising performance and mitigating risks, across people, the built environment, processes and technology. Our core service offering includes: – Advisory – Consultancy – Procurement – Technology – Research & Development – Training We are located in the UK, North America, Asia and the Middle East”


They are one of the most popular integrated facilities management services suppliers in the world today. They aim at driving operational excellence by leveraging industry-leading technologies. JLL also offers smart building solutions and helps build engineering and operations strategies for businesses.


Globally, CBRE employs more than 38,900 facilities management and 15,800 engineering professionals who help enhance workplace environments and efficiency. They have expertise in Lean Six Sigma Methodology and quality improvement tools for improved process efficiency. Their proprietary technology services, including an in-house computerized maintenance management system sets them apart from the competitors.


For several decades, Sodexo has been one of the active integrated facilities management services suppliers. Sodexo’s capability to offer the effective technical maintenance services has made them one of the prominent suppliers for a wide range of asset management and engineering services.

Compass Group

Compass Group is well-known for their excellent support services and wide range of solutions that range from business, guest services, and cleaning. Their core services include FM and guest services, security, food service, cleaning, vending and micromarkets, and many more.

Cushman & Wakefield

The C&W facilities management team aims at offering the safest and most efficient work environments to clients. They employ best practices to offer superior IFM services and add value to the client’s organization by leveraging their personnel’s expertise and industry knowledge. Their services include sustainability programs, energy procurement and management, vendor management, and many more.

FM has seen change and innovation driven by various factors, and customer demand is certainly one of them. It was about 10 years ago that Atkins, the international consultancy active in a whole range of areas, began to transform its service provision in this sector. Term maintenance contracts were evolving into service contracts on the back of increasingly professional helpdesks that centralised customer support.

Like i-FM, Carillion marks its 10th anniversary this year following its demerger from the Tarmac construction group. Carillion says that its double-digit organic growth, coupled with strategic acquisitions, has seen it become the UK’s market leading facilities and property management service company. A reasonable claim: Carillion does sit of the head of the i-FM Top 50 rankings, and it certainly has a reputation in the marketplace as a solid player.

The Cofely name is a new one in the FM sector, created only in March 2009 when the massive French group GDF Suez merged its Cofathec and Elyo businesses. The logic was the creation of a unified brand name for its energy services activities, in order to consolidate its position across Europe, increase visibility and facilitate expansion.

Incentive FM
Jeremy Waud walked out of OCS in search of independence – and found it with the creation of Incentive in 2002. “I always said FM is great fun, but I would never do it with my own money: what did I know?” he says looking back on those days. He also says that forming the company and pushing it into the marketplace with limited funds but plenty of passion and determination has been ‘really exhilarating’. And pretty successful, too. Incentive is relatively small (number 40 in the Top 50) but it has grown steadily and developed a reputation for creativity. In September it won its largest ever contract, a multi-million pound deal at London’s Covent Garden Estate.