Meryl Medical Upweights Sustainable Mask Production for 2022 Responding to Demand

With an estimated 55 million single-use face masks used daily in the UK*, taking an average of 450 years to decompose**, Meryl Medical is seeing a surge in demand for sustainable alternatives in light of an increasingly familiar sight of discarded disposable masks, causing irreversible harm to the environment.

Meryl Medical will be increasing its 2022 production output by potentially 50% in response to the substantial consumer and industry calls for a sustainable alternative.

New completely recyclable lightweight antibacterial and recyclable fabric face masks for extended wear launched by the firm, with the opportunity for responsible returns.

A choice of two lightweight fabric face masks designed for all-day wear and treated with a permanent antiviral-effect, antibacterial and anti-fungal technology has been launched by Meryl Medical, the hi-tech, pioneering, textile manufacturer that produces environmentally sustainable fabrics.  One single-layer for ultimate comfort and one double layer for extra filtration.

Ideal for wearing on production lines and those working in close proximity, the comfortable face covers help to reduce the risk of contagion as they do not release microfibres carrying viruses or microbes.

Kevin Simpson, co-founder of Meryl Medical, said: “With masks set to be here for the long term, and the well-publicised environmental issues associated with disposable masks, businesses and consumers are becoming more conscious and discerning over their choice of mask to wear. With this we are seeing a massive hike in enquiries and are putting the necessary plans in place,

“Our masks are fully recyclable and for larger workplace facilities where our masks are used,  provide special ‘bins’ so that the masks can be returned and remade in to new masks.

“This contributes to a company’s environmental strategy overcoming the issue of using disposable masks which contain plastic, are not readily biodegraded and can fragment into smaller plastic particles, namely microplastics which can become widespread in ecosystems.”

Designed to be worn for extended periods, the masks are manufactured with Nylstar Hydrogen technologies which makes the yarn soft touch and gives maximum absorbency, breathability and hydration of the skin. Worn correctly the masks also overcomes the issue of fogging for those who wear glasses.

Three times more durable than disposable masks, Meryl Medical’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic masks can be washed up to 100 times at 70°C without losing effectiveness and as a non-shredding fabric it releases zero microfibre pollution into the water or air.

The masks are also fully recyclable and Meryl Medical offers each customer the opportunity to return used items for remanufacture into new masks.  With a usage period of 2 months, this makes the overall cost vs high usage of disposable masks beneficial to any business.

Recently recognised with the “Best PPE Accessory” in the 2021 Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) awards, the masks have Oeko-Tex® 100 certification, which means they are free from harmful substances, and tested by the Leitat Technological Center.

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