Morgan Sindall Construction has completed a new refurbishment scheme at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust following the successful delivery of two previous upgrade projects, signalling its total commitment to working with them long term.  

The Great Yarmouth-based hospital now benefits from refurbishment work to Ophthalmic Theatre 8, the latest in a series of three upgrades at the site totalling £3.8m 

The Morgan Sindall Construction Eastern Counties business had previously formed a strong partnership with the NHS Foundation Trust throughout two previous projects during the pandemic. The 872 sq. ft. refurbished operating theatre includes a separate prep and scrub room. 

Relying on its strong partnership with the hospital, Morgan Sindall Construction have ensured that the construction activity has not impacted the vital work of the live hospital site.   

Taking into account key considerations, such as the worksite being located in the middle of an active hospital where there are no out-of-office hours and that intricate surgery can take place just metres away, has been an important aspect of the project’s design and build.  

As part of the refurbishment, the pre-existing theatre was demolished, converted and refitted. In order to not disrupt the flow of the hospital, Morgan Sindall Construction built and utilised an external entry point. 

Alister Broadberry, area director for Morgan Sindall Construction in the Eastern Counties, said: “This is now the third project we have completed on behalf of James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and it has been a privilege to build upon our previous partnership formed with the hospital.  

“Through this long-standing project we have formed a close relationship with the team and key stakeholders at the hospital. This, in addition to our experience constructing in delicate surroundings, has been beneficial for the whole project team when delivering the intricate refitting work required for the project. 

“It is not only the refurbished hospital theatre that the community will now benefit from, as Morgan Sindall Construction’s commitment to using local contractors and employing local people has generated additional value for the Great Yarmouth area.” 

Richard Varvel, Estates Capital Programme Manager at the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Located above and adjacent to the ‘live’ clinical areas, refurbishment work to create a new Ophthalmic Theatre has been particularly challenging.  

“Working closely with hospital staff, Morgan Sindall Construction managed the work with minimal disruption to patients, keeping to a tight project programme and within budget. Feedback from staff using the new Theatre has been great, allowing the hospital to increase surgical capacity for cataract operations and other eye surgery going forward.”