60% of Small Businesses Owners Admit they Fear Using Social due to lack of knowledge

According to recent research, 6 out of 10 small business owners admit they don’t use social platforms to boost their customer base due to a lack of knowledge and concern they might actually damage their brand.

The survey went on to show that more than a quarter of businesses don’t post on Facebook and 4 in 10 don’t make the most of Instagram to market their products and services and only 20% post on LinkedIn – the UK’s largest professional networking website. It also highlighted that 40% are completely unaware of how to effectively advertise their business to help gain new customers.

Brand Highlighters is a leading digital services partner for hundreds of UK businesses and thire industry experts help SMEs in the UK understand how to use their social media accounts to grow their brand and effectively market their services to increase revenue.

Brand Highlighters’ team of digital marketing experts offer a unique blend of creative and technical experts which means they can deliver the very best advice and solutions to SMEs in the UK to help maximise their online presence and the impact of their social media and digital marketing.

The team have put together these simple tips to help small businesses manage their social media accounts:

1)     Add some personality

Social media is a place for people to engage and connect and it is important for businesses to offer something unique and personal. This can make all the difference and help you stand out from competitors.

2)     Don’t be boring or post old content

Many of us spend hours each day on multiple social media platforms. If your content is new and original, you likely gain much more traction and interest. Social media algorithms also reward engaging content. The more people interact with your post, the more the platform will promote that post.

3)    Ensure you post consistently

Sporadically posting is understandably something many small businesses do it can be detrimental to your profile. Most social media algorithms reward accounts that post consistently. This can mean posting sometimes every day or multiple times — for a long time.

4)    Engage with your audience/customers

Small business owners often struggle to engage with questions or reply to comments from followers, but these are often buying signals and potential new customers. These comments can come from organic or paid posts and should be prioritised.

5)    Work out your audience(s)

Catering posts to a specific audience is often overlooked by small-business owners especially those who can’t afford a social media manager or agency. Focus on who you want to attract with your posts and test new audiences with paid ads to see what traction you gain and open up new audiences.

 Utilising your online and social media community can be a fantastic and cost-effective marketing tool for small businesses and can help secure new customers and build brand awareness both locally and nationally.

Jon Hobbs, Director at Brand Highlighters, commented,

“Put simply If you aren’t using social media correctly you could lose new customers and even damage your brand. Although time-consuming, managed properly your social media accounts can drive new business, grow your brand and increase customer loyalty.

“Our team at Brand Highlighters understand small businesses and can work with you to help you grow your social media audience and your online presence as a whole.”