How Long Does Temu Take to Ship? How to Track Your Order on Temu

If you’ve made a purchase from the legit new online retailer Temu, it’s only natural that you’d want to track your order and make sure it arrives safely and on time. The good news is that Temu makes tracking orders simple with its package tracking guide. Here’s how you can use the guide to keep track of your Temu order.

Table of Contents

How Long Does Temu Take to Ship?

How Does the Temu Shipping Process Work?

How Do You Check Your Temu Order Status?

What Do the Temu Shipping Statuses Mean?

How Do You Track Your Temu Order?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Bottom Line

How Long Does Temu Take to Ship?

Orders placed with Temu are generally processed within 1-3 days. Though If you’ve been waiting longer than usual for your order to be processed, it may be due to items in your purchase that have slower-than-normal processing times.

Shipping times vary depending on whether you choose standard or express shipping. Standard shipping is typically within 7-15 business days. For express shipping, refer to the shipping estimate on your order confirmation.

In the product details section of every merchant’s shop, there is an estimate of how long it will take for the product to be delivered. Customers can also see what percentage of people who bought the same product received deliveries within different estimated timeframes.

You can check the estimated delivery time for each item in your order by clicking on its product page. If you want to get the other items in your order ASAP, you can cancel the other longer-processing item(s) and get a refund. Your remaining items will then be shipped out immediately. As always, you can contact Temu’s support center with any questions or concerns.

How Does the Temu Shipping Process Work?

When you place an order with Temu, it’s immediately sent to one of their warehouses for processing, which takes anywhere from 1-3 days as they are consolidating packages from nearby locations to try to reduce the number of deliveries and their carbon footprint. From there, your package will be stored until it’s ready for shipping. Once that happens, your package will be picked up by a third-party shipper and delivered to your door.

To help you get your items faster, Temu will sometimes ship partial orders. Although processing for most items only takes 1-3 days, some complexities, like different warehouses, may lengthen that time for certain items. 

If the total weight of your order exceeds what couriers can handle, we’ll divide it into two or more packages.

You can see the estimated delivery time and tracking number for each package your order is divided into by going to the “Your orders” page on or in your Temu app and clicking the “Track” button next to the desired order.

How Do You Check Your Temu Order Status?

You can easily check the status of your Temu order by going to the “Your orders” page on or in your Temu app. 

On the “Your orders” page, you’ll find information about your current and past orders, including their estimated delivery times, tracking numbers, and any relevant messages from Temu.

What Do the Temu Shipping Statuses Mean?

The shipping status of your order gives you information about its journey, from when it was placed to where it is now. Temu has a few different shipping statuses that you should know about:


  • Processing: The seller has received your Temu order and is carefully preparing your package for delivery.
  • Preparing to Ship: Your package is in Temu’s warehouse facilities and is being consolidated with other packages going to nearby locations. This can take up to 3 days as they try to reduce the number of deliveries to be more mindful of carbon emissions.
  • Shipped: Your package has been picked up by one of Temu’s logistics partners and they are processing it with the seller. Currently, this can take up to 7 days as they work to deliver your package to you as soon as possible.
  • Delivered: Your Temu package has arrived at its destination. Now, Temu also tells you if your package was delivered in your mailbox so you know where to look for it after you get the delivery notification.

How Do You Track Your Temu Order?

Easily view your order’s latest shipping status on Temu by visiting “Your Orders” and clicking the “Track” button next to your desired item. Information such as your shipping carrier, tracking number, estimated delivery time, and current shipping status will be available on this page.

Tracking can be done via or the Temu app. With a ton of tutorials and other helpful content on Temu’s YouTube and Tiktok, tracking your Temu order should be a breeze. Here’s how to track your order with either process:

Temu Tracking by Mobile App

  • Sign in to your Temu account and select “You.”
  • Select “Your Orders.”
  • Select the Temu order that you want to track.
  • Click on “Track” to see all the tracking details of your current orders.
  • Here, you can see your seller-provided Temu tracking number.

Temu Tracking by Website

  • Log in to your Temu account and click on your personalized username.
  • Navigate to “Your Orders.”
  • Choose the Temu order you want to track and select “View Order Details.”
  • Select “Track.” 
  • Here, you can see your seller-provided Temu tracking number.

If you don’t see a tracking number, a Temu warehouse is still processing your order. Allow 1-3 business days for Temu to get everything ready. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Temu ship from? 

With more than 11 million supplier sources worldwide, Temu ships products from local and international warehouses closest to your location, so you’ll get your purchase quickly. 

What is Temu’s purchase protection program?

The Temu Purchase Protection program guarantees your satisfaction by refunding you in full for any product that is not as described, arrives damaged, or does not arrive at all.

Is it safe to shop on Temu?

Temu is 100% safe to shop on because their payment links are secure and comply with the highest industry standards. Your shopping experience, from opening the app to checkout, will always be safe and secure with Temu. 


All links are PCI-certified, so you can rest assured that your information is protected. Temu accepts most major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover) and trusted 3rd-party payment providers (Paypal, Apple Pay.)

What happens if my Temu order is late?

If your order arrives late, you will receive a $5 credit from Temu.

The Bottom Line

Temu is one of the most trusted online retailers to buy from, offering secure checkout and fast shipping. Temu is legit. Plus, with its Purchase Protection program and late order credits, you can shop confidently, knowing your purchase is protected. Whatever you are looking for, Temu has something for everyone – so check out the best deals today!