What Kind of Company is Temu? How Is It Different from Shein

The iOS app store has a new #1 free app–it’s Temu. What kind of company is Temu? Temu is a multi-category e-commerce marketplace, similar to Amazon and Walmart.com, that sells a huge range of quality products at incredibly low, wholesale prices. Temu has been growing rapidly, becoming one of the most exciting players to watch in the online retail space.

But what makes Temu so special? What kind of company is Temu really? We want to go over what Temu the company is and how they are different from one of their competitors, Shein. Let’s take a closer look at Temu the company and shopping app.


Table of Contents:

What is Temu the company? What kind of company is Temu really?

Temu vs Shein

  • Temu Shipping Policy vs Shein Shipping Policy
  • Temu Return Policy vs Shein Return Policy
  • Temu Product Sourcing vs Shein
  • Temu Environmental Responsibility vs Shein

Temu Reviews | What Temu Customers Have to Say

Is Temu Good? 

What Is Temu the Company? What Kind of Company Is Temu Really?

Temu the company is an online marketplace that launched in the US in September 2022. They offer users quality product choices from around the world at wholesale prices. With hundreds of different product categories from clothing and accessories to home, pet, and electronics, Temu is quickly becoming a favorite online shopping app for consumers who love good deals, enjoy fun discovery-based shopping experiences, and want to support companies with good values.


Temu Offers Amazing Deals

As a member of PDD Holdings (Nasdaq: PDD), Temu has access to an impressive network of over 11 million suppliers and fulfillment partners. By leveraging PDD Holdings’ sourcing, logistics, and supply chain capabilities, Temu is able to give consumers some of the lowest prices for thousands of products that they are already buying from other US retailers. 


On top of their curated product inventory, Temu frequently offers additional free shipping offers, discounts, and promotions that you can see directly in the Temu app or on their website Temu.com. This leads us to the next point. 


Temu Is Leading the Way in Discovery-Based Shopping

Many consumers enjoy discovery-based shopping in-person when they stroll through the aisles of a local CVS or Walmart. You go into the store looking for something in particular and end up stopping in different aisles just to see what’s new and what offers are going on. However, few retailers have been able to translate that same feeling into a fun discovery-based shopping experience online or in an app. Even shopping on Amazon is usually a matter of efficiency. Social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest are also trying to enable more discovery-based shopping experiences by adding more direct shopping links, but it’s also struggled to take off in the same way that it has in other international markets. 


Temu is one of the first US apps and online marketplaces to be built with discovery-based shopping in mind. When you shop on Temu, you can see the latest flash sales pages and promotional games that let you save and earn more on Temu.

When people shop on Temu, they don’t only come to search for what they need. They stay to see what’s new and what great deals they can find that day. 


Temu Is A Good Company

Lastly, what kind of company is Temu really? Temu is a good company with strong ethics and values. 

1. Temu Puts Customers First

You can see how Temu puts their customers first through their different customer policies, which we’ll go over in detail in the rest of this article. For example, Temu offers $5 credit if your standard shipping order arrives late and $13 credit if your express shipping order arrives late. They are fast-improving their shipping times, but in the meantime, they want to make sure that their customers know they care about them. The late delivery credit is one way that they do that.

2. Temu Cares About Inclusion and Diversity

Temu is a member of PDD Holdings. On the PDD Holdings official website, they state how they aim to “bring more people and businesses into the digital economy.” E-commerce and digitization has made the world more connected and efficient than ever before, but there are often underserved communities who get left behind. PDD Holdings and Temu keep these underserved communities in mind through the products and services they provide. For example, Temu is transparent about which shop their products come from and you can see that directly on every product page. They care about supporting small businesses globally and helping to bring more of them online to sell directly to customers.  

3. Temu Has Integrity

When products are sold online, one of the common issues that arise is intellectual property infringement. Temu has a strict intellectual property policy where they aim to respond quickly to any IP issue reports by removing or disabling access to alleged infringing material. Their protection of intellectual property rights is one of the ways that Temu shows integrity in how they conduct their business as a company. 

4.Temu Values Social Responsibility

Temu is extremely mindful of how the e-commerce industry contributes to the global carbon footprint. So, from day 1, they offset carbon emissions from every order to try to do their part to help the environment.

Now that we’ve covered what kind of company Temu is, let’s get into how they compare with Shein. 

Temu vs Shein

Shein is an online marketplace that focuses on selling fast fashion and trendy items. While they offer a wide variety of products, their prices are generally higher than Temu’s and they differ in their sourcing transparency, shipping and delivery policies, and return policies, and social responsibility. 

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of how Shein stacks up against Temu in terms of its policies, social responsibility, and more:


Temu Shein
Product Source Strongly supports small businesses. 

Temu shows you exactly which shop is selling your


Not Listed
Shipping Options Free standard shipping on almost all orders.

Free express shipping on orders

over $99.

Free standard shipping on orders over $29.

Free express shipping on orders

over $129.

Late Delivery Policy Temu credits $5 for

late standard deliveries and $13 for late express deliveries

Return Policy Free return shipping and full refunds within 90 days of


Free return shipping and full refunds within 45 days of


Social Responsibility: Offset of Carbon Emissions Yes No


Let’s take a more in-depth look at each piece of the puzzle to see how consumers benefit from choosing Temu.


Temu Shipping Policy vs Shein Shipping Policy

When it comes to shipping, as a consumer, you’re likely most concerned about two things: How much will it cost me? And how long will it take to get here?

 Temu has a few policies in place that help to address these concerns. Temu offers free standard shipping on almost all orders. You’ll also receive free express shipping on orders over $99. With Shein, you’ll have to order at least $29 worth of product to receive free standard shipping. 

 Temu also offers a late delivery policy (unlike Shein): they will credit you $5 for any late standard delivery and $13 for any late express delivery. This is an industry-changing move that Temu is leading. With so many customer-focused policies, its no wonder Temu has glowing reviews from consumers.


Temu Return Policy vs Shein Return Policy

If you’re unsatisfied with your Temu purchase, no problem! They offer free return shipping and full refunds within 90 days of purchase–a significantly more generous policy than that offered by Shein.

 Shein offers a similar return policy, but the return window is smaller at 45 days. Temu’s return policy is more customer-friendly and offers a hassle-free experience. You can start the return process directly in the Temu app or on Temu.com.


Temu Product Sourcing vs Shein

A product’s source may not seem like a big deal, but it’s a very important factor to consider when deciding where to spend your money.

Temu is transparent about where its products come from and has made it a point to be vocal about its dedication to quality small businesses, which is apparent by consumer reviews of the various shops listed on Temu. This kind of transparency is reassuring for consumers and helps to build trust between Temu and its customers. 


Temu’s site and app present a variety of small businesses, and Temu makes it clear where each product comes from. Temu also frequently promotes different products, news, and updates on their social media profiles like Pinterest and Twitter.


Temu’s inclusion & diversity value has helped guide the company from the very beginning. By including a wide range of small businesses on its platform, Temu is building a loyal growing customer base who have more access to enjoy the conveniences of life.

Temu Environmental Responsibility vs Shein

Another of Temu’s core values is social responsibility, and the company takes this value very seriously. Temu has made it a point to be environmentally friendly and to offset its carbon emissions. 

Carbon emissions from shipping products all over the world can be harmful to the environment, but Temu makes the effort to offset these emissions and to reduce their impact. Shein, on the other hand, has been accused of greenwashing in the past and has not been as vocal about their plans to be more socially responsible.

Temu Reviews | What Temu Customers Have to Say

As the last of Temu’s four core values, consumer-first is a value that is taken very seriously. As we’ve stated, Temu offers free return shipping and full refunds within 90 days of purchase–a significantly more generous policy than that offered by Shein.


Temu is experiencing rave reviews from consumers who appreciate the company’s focus on customer service and its dedication to putting consumers first. Temu’s shipping policy is just one example of how the company puts its consumers first, which sets Temu apart from its competitors.


Watch one of their customer’s Temu hauls here: 

♡•.•°✿ temu try on haul | cute & affordable clothing ✿.•°•♡

Is Temu Good? 

Temu’s core values of integrity, inclusion & diversity, social responsibility, and consumer-first set the company apart from its competitors. They are also paving the way with their customer-friendly policies and discovery-based shopping experiences as they bring quality products to consumers at affordable prices.

As the newest innovative company in PDD Holdings, Temu utilizes its strengths to create a best-in-class eCommerce experience for its consumers. Our conclusion? Temu the company is legit, ethical, and worth every dollar.