Temu Enhances Delivery Guarantee For Express Shipping to Improve Customer Care 

Temu, the online marketplace offering year-round wholesale prices, is enhancing its industry-leading delivery guarantee by extending customers a US$13 credit if their express shipments miss the estimated delivery window.

Temu originally offered a US$5 credit to customers if their shipments arrived after the estimated deliver-by date. In a move to further raise the bar on customer care, Temu will give customers a US$13 credit if express shipments missed the delivery window.

“Even though most packages arrive on time, orders sometimes show up after the estimated delivery date due to various reasons,” said a Temu spokesman. “The delivery guarantee is us saying we’re serious about getting the orders to our customers on time, and that the estimated delivery window is not just lip service.”

Boston-based Temu is unique in the industry for offering the delivery guarantee, underscoring its commitment to customer care and satisfaction. Express shipping typically takes about a week to 10 days to reach the buyer. That compares with the normal shipping option, which takes an estimated 7 to 15 business days. 

Standard shipping is free for all orders, while express shipping is free for orders over US$99. That means customers who order more than US$99 of merchandise not only enjoy free express shipping, but they will also be compensated with a US$13 credit if their order arrives after the estimated delivery date. 

To ensure that consumers have the information they need to make the best purchase decisions, Temu also offers unprecedented transparency on sellers and delivery schedules. That includes the estimated delivery window for each product and historical information on the percentage of deliveries received each day. 

Since its launch in September 2022, Temu has gained a following among consumers who value quality and affordability. As part of the Nasdaq-listed multinational commerce group, PDD Holdings, Temu has leveraged its network of global suppliers and manufacturers to source for top-quality merchandise at the lowest prices. 

Temu now offers merchandise in more than 250 product categories and lists thousands of new items a day on its website (www.temu.com) and mobile apps.