Which jobs pay men and women equally?

If you were to see two employees hired for the same role, you’d expect them to receive the same pay right? Unfortunately that’s still not always the case. 

Even in the modern age we’re in, women still have to fight for their right to receive equal pay for their efforts. Many industries haven’t yet got the memo, but not all, with a variety of professions now taking it into their hands to level the playing field, as far as salaries go. 


Are men and women still paid unequally?

According to Eurostat, statistics show that in the EU, women’s gross hourly earnings was on average 13% lower than that of men’s, according to the latest data pulled from 2020.

Even in modern day women are having to still campaign for pay equal to their male counterparts. 


Which jobs have the lowest pay gap?

Luckily, not all industries are like that, and there is a selection of professions out there that are actively working to further close the gender pay gap. Some of which may surprise you. 


Biological scientists

Being a primarily female-led industry, 54% of biological scientists are women. According to research, female biological scientists slightly out-earn men in this profession, earning 101% of what men earn for the same job, on average. 


Computer network architects

Although only 8% of network architects in the industry are female, women still earn a percentage of 105% what men earn within the same profession. 

It’s clear that this talent is recognised for both genders, but could improve in terms of the ratio of women hired for these jobs. 



These include anything from behavioural, educational and career counsellors. On average, women earn 100 to 107% the salary that men earn in the same profession. 


Event planners

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering over 80% of people working in the event planning space are in fact women. In terms of ratio, women earn 110% the salary that men earn, for the same industry.


Mechanical engineers

Although this is a male-led industry, with over 90% of men working in this profession, the gender pay gap isn’t very large here. Women earn on average 99% of the salary men earn in the mechanical engineering field. 


Special education teachers

Another industry where women are leading in, with females taking up 75% of the workforce for this profession. Female special education teachers earn on average 102% what men earn for the same job. 


Social workers

On average, women take up 83% of social worker roles in the US. With that, the average pay they receive is equal to that of their male counterparts. 


TSA workers

Transportation security is fairly equivalent in terms of males and females working in the industry, with women making up 42% of the workforce. That being said, women earn 99.4% what men earn within the same profession. 



In the US, 63% of the tutor workforce is made up of women. This same group also earns 97.9% of what men earn within the same industry. 


Voice overs 

In the world of voice over, women make up 41% of the total workforce. Statistics show that women earn 91% what men earn within the same industry. 

This is debatable depending on whether or not they’re working through a voice over platform, which tends to operate with fixed rates, making it so men and women are in fact paid equally. 


How to do your bit to close the gender pay gap

If you’re a business owner with a diverse set of employees, analyse how you’re paying them. 

Is there a disproportionate salary paid to men that women don’t see within your organisation? If so, see how you can make systematic changes to level the playing field. 

In terms of how you can help bridge the gap for employees that don’t yet exist, consider doing the following: shortlisting multiple women for your next role, encouraging salary negotiation by displaying a ranged salary offer, and using skill-based tasks in the recruitment process, to name a few things. 

With the workforce becoming more and more diverse as we move forward, we should be paying any one with the right skillset equally, with salaries ranging according to expertise, not gender politics. 

Unequal pay in the workplace is unacceptable, don’t be on the bad side of history and pay your workers what they’re due, regardless of sex.