The Rapidly Expanding Futures Platform Makes Waves

Created in December 2021, and funding its first traders less than eight weeks later – TradeDay has soon become one of the fastest-growing trader evaluation services companies.

After a successful first year – TradeDay is now investing in the future: changing the platform to offer more options and programs for traders and updating the rules of the trader evaluation challenge to simplify the process of getting funded.

James Thorpe, CEO and co-founder said “Even though it has been a great first year in business, it was important for us to listen to feedback from our traders and the broader trading community, asses the competition, and evolve TradeDay to ensure we remain the premier destination for traders looking for capital to trade.”

“We are determined not to stand still” said Steve Miley, COO and co-founder.  “We’ve re-designed and are continuing to build out our members area, adding tools and content to help our traders find their edge in the markets. It was also important for us to remain true to our core values of funding traders in the live markets with our own capital so our interests, and those of the traders, are aligned. This allows us to have NO RESTRICTIONS ON PAYOUTS, something that our competitors can’t or don’t offer.”

From the very beginning, TradeDay has set out to be different. The founders, Thorpe and Miley, are respected industry veterans with a wealth of institutional trading experience. They wanted to create a platform that included institutional-grade research and trading tools to deliver some of the advantages they had as professional traders to the retail trader sitting at home.

Judging by their highly rated Trustpilot reviews and feedback, they appear to be succeeding!

“I became a Trade Day member almost a year ago. After a year of refining my trading experience, I’ve passed their evaluation and have a $100k live trade account. I look forward to working with them as a professional trader. I’ve experienced a wonderful forum, trade insights, and their proprietary trading platform was a wonderful experience and very resourceful.” – Solomon

“Unlike the other firms, no trailing drawdown on unrealized profits on a per-trade basis. That’s huge. A company run by actual traders. Not sure why this would receive anything other than 5 stars. The rules are clear; they filter out lucky gamblers while making it easy for consistent traders to get funded. You actually go on a funded account after passing, not a fake account with capped withdrawals for 4 months.” – Jeremiah

It’s clear why traders love TradeDay and why they have fast become the destination for traders looking for funding! It seems like the best just got better!