London is a huge city that attracts thousands and thousands of new arrivals from all parts of the world every month. For this reason, not surprisingly, the rental property market is one of the hottest in the world, together with cities like New York, Tokyo and Sydney.

Those people who have the opportunity to rent out a property in London are practically in such a good and enviable position that they can turn this into their main source of income for the rest of their lives.

How to be successful in the rental property market

In London, rents are always high, so the competition in this city is not based on how high a rent you can get. It is more about attracting and then keeping the tenants who have already rented your apartment or your house.

But how do we keep our tenants long-term, especially if we’re happy with them, if they take good care of the property and if they pay their rent regularly?

Few furnishings but in good condition

Try to keep the number of furniture to a minimum. It is good to have kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters, kitchen appliances, tables and chairs. Everything else is superfluous. In the living room, a sofa, an armchair and a table are quite enough.

The same applies to the bedroom – bed, mattress (must be clean), wardrobe (clean and empty) are completely enough. When it comes to the bathroom, keep it as empty and clean as possible.

Otherwise, if you stuff all the rooms with objects, it will create a sense of clutter and chaos, and it will make the space seem smaller. That definitely decreases the value for potential tenants.

Make efforts to create a feeling of harmony by placing only what is most necessary.

One off cleaning before the new arrivals

One of the best possible decisions before your new tenants arrive is to call a cleaning company and ask for a one off cleaning (if you are searching for a one off cleaning in London, you can take a look in

This type of service is very different from the well-known subscription cleaning, because here you pay once and get a one-time service, without any long-term commitments.

This type of one-off cleaning is very popular not only with people who are in the rental property business, but also with people who have bought a new property and want it to be perfectly clean before they move in.

A one-off cleaning always has the advantage of adding additional value to the property, making it more attractive to rent or even to buy compared to others on the market.

What does one off cleaning include

The one-time cleaning can be negotiated according to the client’s needs in the specific case. Only the services you need will be included in this one off cleaning, which is why the price for such a service can be significantly reduced.

Before anything else, professional cleaning companies will take care of the floors and all surfaces, and then they will treat all the bathrooms and toilets so that they will sparkle with cleanliness.

Each individual piece of furniture and surface is treated with the appropriate cleaning detergent. When all the other surfaces are done, the upholstered furniture will surely need to be cleaned as well.

All sofas and armchairs should be treated very carefully so that they emit a nice feeling of freshness and cleanliness. Of course, the mattresses in the bedrooms should not be overlooked.

A mattress can be a very expensive investment (especially if it is a quality one). Because of this reason, they are expected to serve us for years and we cannot replace them after every tenant.

Therefore, it is of great importance that they are professionally and deeply cleaned after each tenant so that there are no any stains or any other contamination on their surface.

Why Should you Choose a Professional

The difference between usual cleaning and cleaning before renting out an apartment is crucial. There are professional standards that determine the level to which the place has to be cleaned.

Professionals have the necessary equipment for an in-depth sanitation of each material and surface, and they also use specialized cleaning solutions that could effectively sterilize the place.

If you are doing the job yourself, it is highly probable that you could miss a spot, which would become the reason for disputes with potential renters. Moreover, in some cases, when there are permanent stains for example, home methods would prove ineffective.

Textile surfaces such as the upholstery or carpets also require specialized methods in order to be purified from dust, debris and microorganisms, which are not visible to the naked eye.

In case you are the one renting the apartment, and you want to make completely sure that the home environment will be safe for you, you could also benefit a lot from a one off cleaning.

When is the Service Most Useful

There are many other cases in which the service could be extremely useful. For example, since in our daily lives we often lack the time to thoroughly clean, we only do the bare minimum, but we leave a lot of dirt accumulate.

The one time cleaning by a professional cleaning company such a can help you catch up and bring peace of mind to you. That is especially helpful if you are going to have relatives visiting, or you are gathering friends for a celebration or just a pleasant social evening.

Sometimes no matter how much effort and time you invest in maintaining hygiene at home, there are some types of pollution that are just too tedious to clean yourself. In some cases you would simply not be able to achieve a satisfying result.

Take for example the windows – restoring their shine simply takes too much time, and there are always stains left from the water or the cleaning agent. Instead, you could leave the more complicated tasks to trained professionals and enjoy your free time.