America was the top international destination for Coronation souvenirs, says ParcelHero.

The USA officially went Coronation crazy. From tea towels to T-shirts, from California to New York, 60% of all Coronation gifts and memorabilia ParcelHero delivered overseas went to America.

In July 1776, America rejected the rule of King George III and declared Independence from Britain. Almost 250 years later, it seems all is forgiven, says the UK-based international delivery expert ParcelHero.

ParcelHero says the USA was, by far, its busiest destination for Coronation souvenirs outside of the UK. 60% of all the Coronation-themed products it shipped in April went to the USA, far outstripping the 20% sent to Australia, the next busiest destination.

ParcelHero’s Head of Consumer Research, David Jinks M.I.L.T., says: ‘It seems that the US took Coronation celebrations to heart. The number of American tourists soared by 14% during the Coronation period, against even pre-Covid 2019. For those who couldn’t get to the event in person, there were tea parties, brunches, work events and other celebrations right across the USA.

‘Looking at ParcelHero’s April data, it’s astonishing to see just how many Coronation-themed items were sent across the Pond ready for the big day. These ranged from pictures and tea towels bound for Riverside, California, to souvenir books and T-shirts sent to Riverside Drive, Manhattan.

‘Among the Coronation souvenirs ParcelHero delivered were musical tins to Seabeck, Washington State; bunting to Ashland, Ohio; mugs and coins to Kansas City and teddy bears to Prescott, Arizona.

‘Around 10m people watched the Coronation live in America, with thousands more celebrating with British-made flags and hats. Many of the items sent via ParcelHero were souvenirs from family and friends in Britain, while UK exporters using our services showed a brisk trade in online orders from the US.

‘Australia was the next largest overseas destination for Coronation-themed items, with ParcelHero delivering bunting, mugs and costumes from Perth to Melbourne.

‘People in Japan also joined the celebrations, with Tokyo another top destination for King Charles III memorabilia. Singapore also received a notable amount of Coronation souvenir deliveries, but it was the US that took the crown.

‘America doesn’t just spend royally on Coronation souvenirs – it is Britain’s leading export market, post-Brexit. That’s not surprising, as a shared language keeps transactions simple and there are no duties due on UK goods valued at under $800 that are sent to the US.

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