New survey results reveal that 58% of people get food and drink as presents for their dads on Father’s Day when 75% of dads said they’d prefer family time and personalised gifts.

A new survey from handmade personalised gifting company, Create Gift Love, asked over 1000 people buying gifts for their dads what they’ll be getting this year revealing 58% are planning to get food or drink for their hero. But is this what dads really want?

Tony Carr, Co-founder of Create Gift Love and a father of two says ‘People think dads are hard to buy for and often default to getting some ‘nice beers’, fancy snacks, or a bottle of whiskey. But what this survey tells us is that if dads could choose, they’d actually prefer something more thoughtful like a personalised gift.’

The second survey from Create Gift Love asked more than 1000 dads what they’d actually like for Father’s Day. When it came to gifts, 74% of dads said they’d prefer a personalised gift, and when asked what would mean the most to them this Father’s Day, nearly half said they’d prefer to spend time with the family.

The survey results also revealed only 15% of men would choose to receive a practical gift like power tools or BBQ equipment. Carr continues: ‘There’s been such a powerful movement, over the last few years especially, to encourage men to be more open and to talk about how they feel, and I think this is what we’re seeing here. Dads are now choosing family time and personalised or emotive gifts over practical gifts or food and drink.’

An especially thoughtful gift can create a more or less permanent bond between two people, says So Yon Rim, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. However, a thoughtless or inappropriate gift may have the opposite effect: ‘I see the role of gifting to be quite significant in establishing interpersonal closeness,’ Rim says. ‘Gifts that are appropriate and well received can affirm and strengthen the relationship, while a gift which seems thoughtless or inappropriate can weaken the relationship.’

Carr adds: ‘So, this year, when you think about Father’s Day gift ideas, think thoughtful and personal, try and steer away from an easy, off the shelf option from the corner shop. Just watch his face light up when he sees the thought and effort that’s gone into your gift this year, priceless.’