Poor insulation has a direct impact on your utility bill. To keep your home warm enough during the colder months and cool enough during the hot season, you must ensure it is properly insulated. In this situation, you must first choose a suitable high-quality material with excellent thermal insulation properties and a long lifespan. Optimum thermal insulation can be ensured with the help of special plates. The best solution is to use insulation boards. Several advantages speak for this material, and you should learn about them before choosing the right insulation boards. 

Our article is a good place to start if you are serious about insulating your home. Our short guide will help you understand all the features of the material. 

What insulation boards for home isolation  are: the main features

Insulation boards are produced in the form of a flat rigid panel. It can be fixed to various surfaces: roofs, walls and floors. Insulation boards differ in thickness, size and other parameters. Choose the right material depending on your needs and the features of your house. The optimal material is selected based on your own requirements and the characteristics of the object.

Insulation boards are highly resistant to moisture. You can easily install the boards yourself, even if you are inexperienced. Compared to fiberglass and other thermal insulation materials, these boards cost less, are quicker and easier to install, and provide optimal protection for residential and industrial buildings.

What types of PIR insulation boards are available

If you shop for insulation boards, you should first find out which brands of this material can be found on the market. Each brand has its characteristics. 


In favor of insulation boards from the presented brand is evidenced by the zero potential for destroying the ozone layer. It means that they can boast a long service life and ecological compatibility.


The insulation boards of this brand are characterized by their excellent durability. For this reason, the material can be installed immediately together with the plasterboard walls of the house.


The insulation material from the Celotex brand has a foil-lined surface to minimize heat loss as much as possible.


When you want to cover all surfaces (roof, floor and walls) at once, Recticel is the perfect solution.


This insulation material competes with Celotex products. But the main difference with Kingspan is that the manufacturer offers a thicker board.

Why use insulation boards: benefits of the material

Insulation boards have been widely used for thermal insulation for a long time. Over the years of active use, the material has the following advantages.

  • low weight;
  • easy handling and application – no special knowledge or practice is required for installation, so even an inexperienced person can cope with the task;
  • the low thickness of the boards maintains excellent protection against heat loss;
  • they are resistant to damage caused by moisture, steam and mould
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • reasonable cost compared to other insulating materials;
  • minimization of heat loss and additional soundproofing.

Despite these positive qualities, insulation boards are unsuitable for every thermal insulation application. You must first understand when you have to install this material.

When is it best to install insulating boards?

The main characteristic of insulation boards is that they are not afraid of water vapor and other dampness. That is why you don’t have to worry about getting the material wet and its performance deteriorating after installation. Insulation boards are well suited for installation in places exposed to moisture: cellar, attic, and exterior walls.

Suppose you need to know what type of insulation is suitable for building and how to properly protect your home from heat loss or looking for a universal solution for any house. In that case, insulation boards are the best solution available to everyone.

What do I need to know about installing insulation boards?

An experienced home craftsman is fine with coping with the task. The installation principle is similar to that of wall cladding with plasterboard. If you are new to the subject, you should cut the boards with a circular saw or knife. You should use large screws and washers to ensure the boards are firmly fastened to the surface. In addition, you can buy special adhesives for installing the boards from a construction shop specifically designed for this insulation material.

Where can I buy a complete set of insulation materials?

If you have decided to minimize heat loss in your home, you will find everything you need in this shop – insulation boards https://insulationwholesale.co.uk/insulation/insulation-board/  from different brands and materials for fixing them.