The strategic search revolution starts here: SEOZoom and its tools to serve your SEO

SEO is a crucial method for helping a business of all types and sizes get more qualified leads and conversions from the visits it receives on the site, and using a SEO software proves to be a strategic choice for improving performance because it allows you to keep track of all activities and identify areas where you need to take action. This is where SEOZoom comes to the rescue, offering numerous benefits to those who wish to improve online visibility and increase traffic to their website, characterizing itself as the perfect ally for digital professionals, entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, digital marketing agencies, and anyone else who wishes to gain a competitive advantage online.


Why choose SEOZoom, a different and innovative SEO software

Launched in 2015 for the Italian market alone, where in just a few years it has gained more than 25 thousand active users and beaten the competition of the main competitors already present, seozoom software from the beginning stood out for a different approach to SEO issues: to make the work of SEO agencies more streamlined and effective and, at the same time, to offer a clear and immediate overview of the performance of all websites even to those who do not have extensive experience or specific skills in SEO.

Even today, most SEO tools on the market focus primarily on providing tables of data, without offering elaboration, insights, or practical advice. Since its origins, on the other hand, SEOZoom has distinguished itself by being an action-oriented software, capable of identifying the untapped potential of any website and providing all the necessary tools to make the most of it.

For this reason, SEOZoom offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls that allow you to quickly familiarize yourself with the more than 40 tools present, so that you immediately get relevant information to know which aspects of your SEO strategy are working and which ones need to be corrected to reach their maximum potential. For these reasons, SEOZoom proves to be a strategic ally for anyone who wants to make their online business more profitable and high-performing, regardless of its complexity.

In summary, it is a powerful business intelligence tool that provides vital statistics, data, and graphs for making informed decisions and managing a website in a professional and profitable way.Specifically, SEOZoom allows you to analyze, monitor, compare, and improve any online project with the goal of achieving greater search engine visibility.


The winning features of SEOZoom: real-time analysis and a more modern keyword research

Using SEOZoom is recommended for all companies and professionals who are constantly working to improve the performance of their websites or their clients’ websites in terms of traffic and visibility derived from Google, and who need to optimize their activities in order to expand their business.

Within this comprehensive software there are more than 40 features covering practically every aspect related to the optimal management of an online project – from the analysis of competitors even in very small and vertical niches to the creation of perfect content, from monitoring the performance of each page of the site to reporting tools or identification of the most relevant and trendy terms of the moment – but above all there are two innovative ways of developing keyword research and SEO analysis.

Regarding this second aspect, SEOZoom marked a turning point in the field of SEO analysis, introducing for the first time an engine capable of performing this task in real time. Unlike other tools that limit themselves to tag analysis, SEOZoom goes further, examining in real time all the web pages of your competitors’ sites and, again in real time, identifying the Search Intent and assessing the level of optimization of the page under examination compared to those of your competitors, providing you with a series of valuable suggestions. In this way, you can get accurate and up-to-date information on demand, so that you have accurate and always up-to-date data that is crucial for making informed decisions with which to optimize your SEO strategy.


Not just keyword research: the evolution of it with SEOZoom

In years past, keyword research focused primarily on identifying keywords with high search volume and low competition to maximize traffic to your website; however, with the evolutions of Google and other search engines, this one-dimensional approach has given way to a more complex and in-depth analysis.

In fact, to be useful and strategic, today this activity cannot be limited to the mere calculation of their search volume, but must focus on understanding user intent and identifying effective answers to offer to their needs. This is the approach of SEOZoom, which since its inception has allowed it to analyze users’ search trends in real time, discovering what type of intent Google is recognizing at that moment, while at the same time studying the competition and identifying the best strategies to stand out in search engine results.

Specifically, the suite brings together a number of features that offer different approaches to the study, analysis and evaluation of keywords, catering to different needs and personal preferences to enable everyone to do keyword research in the most congenial way and set up an effective strategy, based, for example, on industry surveys, analysis of users’ search intent, verification of seasonality and semantic variants.

One of SEOZoom’s particularly useful tools for keyword research is the “Keyword Infinity,” an ever-expanding database capable of independently discovering new related keywords that could be useful for strategies, thanks to a learning engine that does not overlook even the smallest market niches, showing search intent and key information.

Also extraordinary is the innovation brought by Question Explorer, the world’s first question search tool, which analyzes all the questions that users have in mind and search for on Google when they need to solve a real problem, thus offering insights to make each piece of content really useful and to know precisely what target users are looking for and what are all the relevant question-related keywords according to Google.