OpenBlend doubles down on conversations at work to support coaching in the moment and personalised development

  • New Develop module supports personalised development to satisfy employee crave for learning
  • Lightbulb leverages bite sized learning in the moment to optimise 1:1 conversations 


OpenBlend – the platform for effective 1:1 conversations at work, today announces two significant product launches that will support personalised development and help managers and employees to have even better conversations at work.


Develop is a brand-new module designed to identify people’s unique development needs, create personalised career plans, and provide employees with the support they need to achieve their goals. By guiding managers and employees through logical and bespoke development conversations, Develop not only supports the employee’s growth and career progression, but also their engagement, performance, and retention.

Like all modules within OpenBlend, Develop is purpose-built to support the individual. It provides a unique pathway for personalised learning by enabling employees to actively participate in shaping their own development – and crucially, it leverages highly effective 1:1 conversations to make this possible.

Commenting on Develop, OpenBlend Founder & CEO, Anna Rasmussen, said: “Employees today have come to expect strong learning and development opportunities as standard. That signals real progression, but it also means that when those expectations are not met, the detrimental impact on engagement, performance, and retention can be significant.

Rasmussen added: “The whole purpose behind Develop is to put an end to the generic kind of development that holds people and businesses back. The future lies in empowering employees to play a collaborative role in shaping their own learning and career progression – and we’re proud to have created a tool to support that.”


In addition to Develop, OpenBlend is bringing a second new module to market this month. Lightbulb provides managers and employees with engaging bite sized learning content to improve the effectiveness of 1:1 conversations. These ‘just in time’ coaching tips are designed to be consumed when they are needed most – and typically when managers and employees are preparing for an upcoming 1:1.

Explaining the concept behind Lightbulb, Rasmussen said: “It’s all about helping managers and employees to prepare for their 1:1s by giving them the confidence and capabilities they need to talk about the issues that matter most. Lightbulb is purposely designed to complement formal training by enabling people to tap into and recall the knowledge they need, right when they need it.”


Develop is available from October 2023, and Lightbulb will be available to existing OpenBlend customers from November 2023.

OpenBlend’s continued product investment is indicative of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation. This has been evidenced by numerous award wins over the past year, including ‘Best HR Supplier’ at the CIPD People Management Awards, ‘Best HR Tech Provider’ at the Personnel Today Awards, and Best HR Software at the Employee Experience Awards.