Crossword Cybersecurity Plc, the cybersecurity solutions company focused on cyber strategy and risk, has launched Trillion HarVista, a new product in its Trillion Threat Intelligence platform that for the first time allows enterprise security teams to safely gather threat intelligence from multiple dark web forums, discussion channels, ransomware sites and messaging platforms, without leaving a trail of activity or risking malware infection.

As a groundbreaking threat intelligence tool, Trillion HarVista works by constantly scraping new posts, chats and replies, creating keyword searchable indexes and screenshots with automated alerts based on the terms defined by an enterprise, such as a company name, or a known exploit. It does this by creating ‘offline’ copies of forums and chats, stripping them of harmful content and attachments, before storing them on secure servers for a safe browsing experience.  This data can then be tagged, searched, and analysed.

Keeping safely ahead of the threat actors

Security defenders know that monitoring the dark web can provide insights that could make the difference between being in front of an attack or being a victim, but accessing and tracking this underground information can be challenging, and the locals hostile. It requires time and deft skill to avoid detection, which can place a company at higher risk of attack.

Stuart Jubb, Group Managing Director from Crossword Cybersecurity Plc said, “For the first time, Trillion HarVista gives enterprise security professionals a new level of proactive threat intelligence, and a safe way to secretly monitor the channels used by criminal communities and stay one step ahead in the race to keep organisations safer from attacks and data breaches.  Trillion HarVista takes the pain, risk, and endless hours out of monitoring the dark web, allowing security professionals to focus on analysis and action.”


Key features of Trillion HarVista

  • Safe access to a wide range of sources – Immediate, anonymous, and safe access to closed and difficult to access forums.  Hacker chat channels from popular messaging apps like Telegram can also be searched.
  • Data pivoting – Search results within Trillion HarVista are parsed and presented in a meaningful data model, making the information easy to navigate and drill through.  With a single click analysts can jump from a high level search into detailed discussion threads or even alternative topics posted by a specific threat actor.
  • Keyword searches and alerts – Allow security professionals to easily search topics, as well as be alerted to topics of interest when they are being discussed.
  • Original screenshots – Get complete context by seeing what was being said and by who through stored screenshots.
  • Private tags – Easily make other members of an enterprise security team aware of key discoveries by applying private tags.


Trillion HarVista is part of the Trillion platform, Crossword’s dark web credential monitoring service, which monitors the billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, and alerting customers when leaked credentials are discovered.