Introducing Ibanista Savvy Currency Solutions For The French Property Market

Ibanista, a specialist Anglo-French content-creation-led currency broker, announces its official launch. The business offers competitive and secure international payments for private clients and ex-pats navigating the complexities of the French property market.

Co-founded by entrepreneurs Benjamin Small and Maxime Guibert, Ibanista is headquartered in London UK. The business emerged from the fusion of Ben’s and Maxime’s networks in France – transforming the pair’s former rivalry into a strategic partnership. Recognising the overlap in their key clientele, and a shared ethos towards exceptional customer service, they opted to unite capabilities, addressing the inefficiencies and user-hostile experiences that are all too common among leading brokerage firms.

Benjamin distinguishes himself in catering to the needs of the English-speaking expats in France, while Maxime’s tenure at a corporate brokerage allows him to extend sophisticated currency management solutions, traditionally the preserve of professionals, to private high-net-worth individuals. This joint approach has driven the business to secure a foothold within the luxury client segment, positioning Ibanista as a pioneer in French wealth management tools for non-resident clients – a service that remains a rarity in a market flooded with currency brokers.

Commenting on the launch; Benjamin Small, Co-Founder says “Ibanista was a long time coming for me, addressing the hugely ignored needs of the expatriate community. Despite the challenges of entrepreneurship – the joy of assisting remarkable individuals on their unique adventures has made the journey worthwhile. Redefining financial services for expatriates is an intricate and sizeable mission. We are committed to providing seamless and secure solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of expats globally.”

Maxime Guibert, Co-Founder adds “The flexibility provided by Ibanista enables us to handpick partners and tailor our services specifically for non-resident clients. This is a significant shift from the status quo model where clients have to conform to pre-existing industry offerings. This strategic change is instrumental in drawing in high-profile individuals, including U.S. television celebrities and leading corporate executives.”

The business collaborates with fintech firms located in the UK and France, all of which are regulated by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) and the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  Ibanista ensures its clients have access to competitive wholesale exchange rates while also providing a safeguard against fluctuations in currency.

In addition, Ibanista offers comprehensive care packages that streamline the relocation process, simplifying tasks such as bank account openings, utility service setups, and securing telecommunications contracts.