Whitworth FC champions Mental Health support in grass roots football

Embracing the ethos of mental health awareness, Whitworth FC has made a bold statement by adorning their 1st team kit with the Kelly’s Heroes brand.

Over the last five years the charity logo has become a much-recognised symbol of Mental Health support in the Wellingborough area.  This move gives a timely reminder to players and spectators that support is available for those facing challenges with their mental health.

In addition to the fresh new kit the club has enhanced visibility around the pitch and surrounding grounds with highly visual boards, posters and bar mats and coasters with support information and links, ensuring that help is readily accessible to all who need it.

“As a local grass roots team we have potential to drive this vital service through our local communities whether playing, volunteering or spectating at the club. Mental health is as crucial as physical fitness in achieving peak performance and overall well-being for our youngsters starting out in the game right through to the adults who continue to enjoy their game.” Martin Goodes, Club Chairman of Whitworth FC. “The Kelly’s Heroes logo is a highly visual and recognised mark in Wellingborough and by prominently placing it throughout the club, we aim to ensure our players feel free to talk about their mental health and know where and how they can get any support needed.

The initiative is much more than a visual connection, directly opening up access to counselling, training and support to reduce stigma and promote self-care practices among players, coaches, families and staff.

“Both myself and family and friends have played with the club over the years, the scope for helping and supporting the community through the collaborative work we are doing together is immense.  These kinds of partnerships help us to connect directly to one of the highest risk demographics for Mental Health” said John Hewitt, Founder of Kelly’s Heroes “We’re thankful to Whitworths for steering this conversation and see it as point in an approach for working with grass roots clubs and ensuring we can raise the profile and awareness to players and families.”

To find out more about Kelly’s Heroes, and see how they can work with you to support mental Health in your team, business or community group please contact katie@kellysheroes.org.uk  or visit www.kellysheroes.org.uk