Ciphr has unveiled a new brand identity and vision today, designed to showcase the importance and value of HR and people teams to UK businesses.

The all-encompassing rebrand puts people management professionals at the centre of its transformative new look and narrative, and positions Ciphr as their go-to HR software and solutions partner.

Ciphr’s vibrant new colour palette, logo, website and content may seem like a seismic shift in market direction – but it’s not. It’s simply more representative of the people-centric brand and employee-centric company that it’s always been. And it’s purposefully more reflective of, and aligned to, its customer base – the people who use, and rely on, Ciphr’s integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment software and services.

The use of eye-catching visuals and impactful copy that resonates with the HR community adds more warmth and personality to the brand. It’s immediately more memorable, more human, and full of characterful flourishes that emphasise Ciphr’s people-first approach and HR expertise.

Chris Boddice, who joined Ciphr as chief marketing officer last year, says: “I always thought that our brand didn’t really express the lived experience of working in, and with, Ciphr.

“There’s a fantastic level of energy, enthusiasm and expertise here at Ciphr. It comes through when I talk to our people, and I see it every time I join customer calls. We have a deep understanding of the problems that HR teams face – and the experience and passion to help fix them. That’s something that hasn’t been talked about enough, until now.

“I wanted to change that. So the market can truly see who we are and what we are capable of. This rebrand has certainly done that; it captures the essence of who we are and what we can do for UK organisations.”

At the heart of Ciphr’s rebrand is its new brand vision – to amplify the voice and value of HR. HR teams are often undervalued by their organisations, and research shows that HR’s pivotal role in delivering business success can go unrecognised or be misperceived. That shouldn’t be the norm, though, and it doesn’t make good business sense, explains Ciphr’s CEO Sion Lewis.

“Ciphr is on a mission to make sure HR’s voice is heard. The impact of HR decision-makers has never been more important to UK businesses. So why leave your HR team – the people who know your workforce better than anyone – on the sideline when they should be front and centre?

“With the right data and the right tools, our customers can identify talent, trends and opportunities that reveal the hidden value of their people. This is gold dust for HR leaders who want to have influence in the boardroom. Our HR software provides invaluable insights that can inform business strategy. We provide the means to automate and streamline processes so HR teams can focus on developing their people. Because, let’s face it, if you want your business to grow and succeed, you’ve got to look after your biggest asset – your people.”

Here for the people who are here for the people

Ciphr worked with Airborne Studio on the rebranding, which also included the design and build of the new Ciphr website. The design agency conducted extensive interviews and workshops with Ciphr employees – many of whom have a background in HR, L&D and payroll themselves – to inform the new look and brand positioning.

The comprehensive changes include the introduction of a brighter range of colours, such as cool blue, mint green and mauve pink, and a softer, more ‘approachable’, flat logo design that works across the primary palette. There’s also contrasting typography, combining the Söhne Leicht and GT Super Text fonts in headlines to great effect. Illustrative flourishes highlight key ideas and photography, and a range of bespoke ‘doodles’ from Mr Woody Woods, a Manchester-based illustrator, add personality throughout.

Luke Kelly, founder and creative director of Airborne Studio, says: “It was clear from the outset of this project that Ciphr’s employees are ‘people people’. It’s not just a software or a consultancy business. Ciphr understands the importance of people and the importance of HR to a successful organisation, and cares deeply about helping others benefit from recognising that value. They champion HR and empower their customers to do the same within their organisations.

“The new branding and website reflect this – mirroring the warmth and humanity that exists across Ciphr – and crystallising their exciting vision into the powerful new ‘Amplify HR’ brand positioning.

“The Ciphr team has been a delight to work with and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve achieved together.”

Ciphr is the go-to HR software and solutions partner for medium and large organisations in the UK. Its integrated HR, payroll, learning and recruitment software, services and content provide invaluable insights to HR teams to inform their people strategy and grow and develop their organisations. Based in Reading, and backed by ECI Partners, Ciphr is on a mission to amplify the voice and value of HR through intelligent people data solutions that help HR be heard – in the boardroom and across the business.

More than 600 organisations use Ciphr globally, including Volkswagen Group UK, Lifetime Training, Crisis UK, Bensons for Beds, Natural History Museum and the Met Office.

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