First came the Vikings. Then came ‘hygge’. Now, the next Danish invasion of the British Isles is here: Retail – and the conquest is being led by the likes of Flying Tiger Copenhagen and Søstrene Grene, who are doing it in an innately Danish way, mixing authenticity, community, and Hybrid Retail-technology.

Recently, Deloitte determined that 2023 would be characterized in the UK as “a defining year […] as retailers took their first steps towards deploying Generative AI and other technologies at scale”.

In fact, Deloitte highlights the merging of digital and physical into Hybrid Retail as a vehicle for new consumer experiences in 2024[1]. A movement led by Danish e-commerce and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Authenticity is the new retail currency

Some 10-15 years ago, Scandi-noir became part of the British vernacular, as ‘The Killing’ had become the best Danish UK export since bacon. A large part of the appeal was the character Sarah Lund’s authenticity.

Since then, authenticity has only gotten more popular among Brits. In fact, 3 out of 4 UK shoppers today say that authenticity makes them more loyal to brands, and more than half of consumers agree that retailers who use so-called ‘Direct-to-Consumer’ technology are more authentic[2].

“The success of retailers in the UK like Flying Tiger Copenhagen is not just about price or location; it is about them being authentically Danish. Authenticity is the new retail currency, and they make the most of it. This is reflected in the in-store experience, but even more in the way they embrace Hybrid Retail and use live shopping to engage with customers directly”, explains Sprii’s Intl. Sales ’Director, Macdara Duncan.

Community Retailing turns communication into conversations

However, authentic Scandi-noir-vibes is not the only Danish consumer experience conquering UK-retail in 2024. The Danish concept of hygge also remains a primary driver of community.

New Hybrid Retail technologies, such as live shopping, make it possible to tap into Community Retailing and create a sense of belonging through personalized engagement and authentic shopping experiences[3]. Team Lead Marketing Performance Sara Gammelgaard from Flying Tiger Copenhagen adds:

“We embrace where we come from. Danish culture is a big part of the Flying Tiger Copenhagen-experience. You see it in our shops across the globe, and you feel it, when you connect directly with our employees during a live shopping event. Here, we can integrate our physical and digital retail spaces and create an environment, where communication turns into conversations and customers into communities”.

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