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City schools supported by Amazon Swansea

The team from Amazon’s fulfilment centre in Swansea has made donations totalling £2,000 to two primary schools in the region.

Portmead Primary School in Portmead and Brynmenyn Primary School in Bridgend received £1,000 each to continue providing positive and inclusive learning communities for children in Swansea.

Michael James, Expressive Arts Lead at Portmead Primary School, said the donation to the school will be used to support learners in developing their skills across digital media platforms with the purchase of electronic equipment.


Dan Boulger, Site Leader at Amazon in Swansea, said:

“Schools are fundamental for providing nurturing and inspiring environments where pupils can fulfil their potential. It’s important to all of us at Amazon that we invest in the individuals and places that contribute to children’s daily lives and help benefit future generations; that’s why Portmead Primary School and Brynmenyn Primary School are so deserving of these donations.”


Darrell George, an employee from Amazon in Swansea, said:

“Portmead and Brynmenyn are vibrant schools that empower children to find their passion. I’ve found it very fulfilling supporting these local schools through Amazon, as it’s showed me the value I bring to my community and encourages me to help more people.”

Allison Evans, Headteacher of Portmead Primary School, added:

“By donating to our school, you are helping young people build valuable qualities for success in both their academic and personal lives. We are very grateful to Dan, Darrell and the Amazon team for thinking of us.”


Community donations [and employee volunteering] are just two of the ways Amazon supports the communities where it operates. Amazon co-founded the Multibank initiative with former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to support families in poverty. The Multibank ‘Cwtch Mawr’ opened in Swansea this year, with Faith in Families, providing surplus essentials, donated by Amazon and others, directly to those in need. The initiative aims to support more than more than 40,000 families across South Wales.

Amazon has supported more than 500,000 students across the UK with free computer science and STEM education programmes through Amazon Future Engineer. Amazon helps community organisations transport meals and other essentials to families in need through its pro bono logistics programme, Amazon Local Good.

Amazon partners with Comic Relief to help people tackle poverty and is the official home of the charity’s iconic Red Nose. Together with its employees, customers, and partners, Amazon has raised over £4.8 million to fund projects that support people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis and tackle issues such as homelessness, mental health problems, and food insecurity across the UK, and around the world.


Images: Children at Portmead Primary School

Entrepreneurs behind Hawkstone Commercials Launch New Car Leasing Offering

Two Bridgend-based entrepreneurs who are behind national success Hawkstone Commercials have now entered the new car leasing market.

Hawkstone Commercials is a renowned name in the automotive industry, known for its exceptional performance.  The company was launched by Oliver Lewis and Paul Ricketts at the start of 2022 and has so far generated over £20 million in revenue and earned a string of awards. With their new venture into the car leasing market, they are once again demonstrating their innovative approach and ability to stay ahead of the curve. This strategic move comes at a time when the car market in the UK is rapidly evolving and expanding.

Having already established themselves as a trusted provider of high-quality commercial vehicles and automotive services, Hawkstone Commercials’ foray into the car leasing market has the potential to revolutionise how consumers make choices and businesses operate within the automotive industry.

The significance of Hawkstone Commercials’ expansion into the car leasing sector cannot be overstated. By leveraging their expertise and reputation, they are poised to tap into the burgeoning UK market, offering unparalleled flexibility and financial viability for both private individuals and businesses. As consumer preferences evolve, so does the need for adaptable and cost-effective vehicle solutions—a demand that Hawkstone is ready to meet head-on.

The Growing Car Market in the UK

The car market in the UK has been booming, becoming a highly profitable industry for businesses. This growth is due to several important factors that have changed how people buy cars and how the market works.

Better Car Technology

Car technology has improved a lot, and this has had a big impact on the car market. The introduction of electric cars (EVs), hybrid models, and self-driving features has not only made people more interested in buying cars but has also given environmentally conscious buyers more choices. Here are some examples:

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): In 2022, a record-breaking number of EVs were sold in the UK, with over 190,000 units purchased.
  • Hybrid Models: Hybrid vehicles made up around 12% of all car sales, showing that they are becoming more popular.

Government Actions

The government has taken steps to encourage greener ways of getting around and this has had a big effect on the car market. They have offered incentives like grants for buying EVs, tax advantages, and investments in charging stations to make it easier for people to switch to cleaner options. Policies such as the ban on new petrol and diesel cars by 2035 show that the government is committed to promoting sustainable transportation.

Understanding Car Leasing: A Flexible Alternative

Car leasing, or vehicle leasing, is a modern way to use cars that is very different from the traditional method of owning a car. Instead of buying a car outright, when you lease a car, you essentially rent it for a set period, usually between two and four years. This option has many benefits and is appealing to a wide range of people.

Why Car Leasing Is Becoming More Popular

Car leasing has become increasingly popular in recent years because it offers flexibility and requires less money upfront. Many individuals and businesses like the idea of being able to drive a new car every few years without the long-term commitment of owning a car. This preference for leasing can be seen in various studies that show more people are choosing to lease cars, especially in cities where lifestyles often require flexibility.

The Two Main Types of Car Leasing

There are two main types of car leasing:

Personal Leasing:

  • Also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH).
  • Great for individuals who don’t want to own a car but still want the benefits of driving a new one.
  • Usually involves making fixed monthly payments and may include options for maintenance and servicing packages.

Business Leasing:

  • Often called Business Contract Hire (BCH).
  • Designed for companies that want to provide vehicles to their employees or efficiently manage their fleet.
  • Offers potential tax benefits and allows businesses to save money by not having to make large upfront payments for vehicles.

The Benefits of Car Leasing Compared to Buying

Buying a car outright requires paying a lot of money upfront, including the purchase price, taxes, and insurance premiums. On the other hand, when you lease a car, you generally only have to make a small initial payment and then pay a predictable amount each month. Lessees also have the advantage of not having to worry as much about maintenance because many lease agreements include comprehensive maintenance plans.

Understanding these aspects shows why more and more people are choosing to lease cars instead of buying them. It’s a cost-effective and flexible way to have access to a vehicle, whether you’re an individual or a business.

Advantages of Car Leasing

Car leasing is a popular alternative to buying a car outright, offering several benefits for both individuals and businesses:

Benefits of Car Leasing for Individuals and Businesses

1. Lower Upfront Costs and Fixed Monthly Payments

  • One of the main advantages of car leasing is the lower upfront costs. Instead of making a large down payment when purchasing a vehicle, leasing usually requires a smaller initial investment. This affordability allows people to drive newer, more advanced cars without a heavy financial burden
  • Lease agreements come with predictable monthly payments that stay the same throughout the lease period. This makes it easier to budget and plan finances since lessees know exactly how much they need to pay each month.

2. Reduced Maintenance Hassles and Warranty Coverage

Leasing also offers benefits when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair:

  • Maintenance Handled by Leasing Company: The leasing company is typically responsible for regular maintenance and repairs. This means that if there are any issues with the car, the lessee doesn’t have to worry about finding a mechanic or paying for the repairs themselves.
  • Warranty Coverage: Most leased vehicles are still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty during the lease term. This provides additional peace of mind, as any major repairs or replacements will likely be taken care of without any extra cost.

3. Flexibility and Options

Another advantage of car leasing is the flexibility it provides:

  • Option to Upgrade: At the end of the lease period, lessees have the choice to upgrade to a newer model. This ensures that they always have access to cars with the latest features and technologies.

By understanding these key benefits, it’s clear why car leasing is becoming an increasingly popular choice among UK consumers and businesses alike.


Hawkstone Commercials’ Strategic Move into Car Leasing

Hawkstone Commercials has recently taken a bold step by launching their car leasing arm, a move that shows their commitment to innovation and growth. This strategic expansion aims to meet the changing needs of both individual and business customers, who are looking for flexible and affordable car solutions. The company’s plan for the future is to provide excellent service and competitive lease deals, building on their strong reputation in the car industry.

The combination of Hawkstone’s existing presence and their entry into car leasing is extremely important. With their many years of experience, Hawkstone Commercials brings valuable knowledge and a wide network that sets them apart in this growing market. They understand what consumers want and know the current trends, allowing them to create personalized lease packages for different requirements.


Vision for the Future

Hawkstone Commercials aims to become a leading company in the car leasing industry by offering:

  1. Innovative Leasing Options: Plans that can be customized to fit different budgets and lifestyles.
  2. Exceptional Customer Service: A dedicated team ready to help with every step of the leasing process.
  3. Sustainability Initiatives: Including environmentally friendly vehicle choices to support eco-conscious transportation.

Leveraging Expertise and Network

Hawkstone’s entry into car leasing is supported by several important factors:

  1. Strong Relationships with Manufacturers: Ensuring they can get the newest models at competitive prices.
  2. Efficient Supply Chain: Smooth logistics operations that guarantee prompt delivery and maintenance services.
  3. Experienced Team: Professionals who have deep knowledge about both sales and leasing dynamics, so clients can receive expert guidance.

By using these strengths in their new leasing business, Hawkstone Commercials is ready to offer great benefits to their customers. This move not only adds variety to their services but also strengthens their position as a versatile player in the UK’s car industry.


Exploring Hawkstone Car Leasing Offers

Hawkstone Car Leasing offers a diverse range of leasing options tailored to meet the varied needs of their customers. To explore these enticing deals, visit their official website at, where you will find detailed information about their latest new car leasing offers.


Key Features and Incentives:

  1. Wide Selection of Vehicles

Hawkstone Car Leasing provides an extensive lineup of vehicles from various manufacturers, ensuring customers can find the perfect car to suit their lifestyle and preferences.

  1. Competitive Pricing

Their lease deals are designed to be cost-effective, offering some of the best rates in the market. This allows lessees to drive a new vehicle without the hefty price tag associated with purchasing a car outright.

  1. Flexible Lease Terms

Customers can choose from a variety of lease term lengths, allowing for greater flexibility. Whether you need a short-term lease or a longer commitment, Hawkstone has options that cater to different requirements.

  1. All-Inclusive Packages

Many of their leases include additional benefits such as road tax, breakdown cover, and even maintenance packages. This comprehensive approach ensures peace of mind for lessees throughout the duration of their contract.

  1. Special Promotions

Regular special offers and promotions provide added value, making it even more attractive for potential customers to consider leasing through Hawkstone.

These features make Hawkstone Car Leasing a competitive player in the market, appealing to both individual consumers and businesses looking for reliable and affordable leasing solutions.


In Conclusion

Hawkstone Commercials Launches New Car Leasing Offering at a pivotal time when the UK’s automotive market is ripe with opportunities. This strategic move not only extends their legacy of excellence but also aligns seamlessly with the growing demands of consumers and businesses seeking flexible, cost-effective vehicle solutions.

Exploring the benefits of car leasing through Hawkstone Car Leasing’s website provides potential lessees with an array of competitive offers tailored to meet diverse needs. This new venture promises to redefine convenience and affordability in the sector.

The future of car leasing in the UK looks promising, reflecting evolving customer preferences towards flexibility and reduced financial commitment. Hawkstone Commercials stands poised to lead this transformation, offering innovative leasing solutions that cater to both personal and business requirements.

Visit today to discover how Hawkstone Car Leasing can meet your needs, embodying a forward-thinking approach to vehicle leasing in an ever-changing market.


Image of Suzuki Hybrid:

Bryngarw House Enters a New Era of Promise

Leading Wedding Venue Introduces Dynamic Changes and Sustainability Commitment

Bryngarw House, situated amidst the picturesque beauty of Bryngarw Country Park in Bridgend, South Wales, is embarking on a journey of renewal. With a focus on innovation, the venue is unveiling a diverse range of new packages, menus, and pricing options. Guided by a forward-looking management team, Bryngarw House is set to redefine its legacy while embracing sustainability as a guiding principle.

Leading the charge is newly appointed Hotel Manager, Andrew Williams, a seasoned hospitality professional with 22 years of industry expertise. With an illustrious career spanning prestigious establishments including the Vale Resort and Hotel, the Celtic Manor, and Princess Cruises, Andrew brings a wealth of knowledge and a passion for excellence to Bryngarw House.

Joining him are sales and event management colleagues Jane Owen, Samantha Badcott, and Holly Dyke, each bringing their own experience, fresh perspective, and a commitment to crafting unparalleled experiences for guests, whether celebrating a dream wedding or hosting a corporate event.

Operated by Awen Cultural Trust, Bryngarw House stands as a beacon of community enrichment, with all profits from events reinvested to support the charity’s mission of “Making People’s Lives Better.” Guided by a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Bryngarw House proudly champions local talent and suppliers, fostering sustainability and community engagement whenever possible.

Dating back to the 18th century, Bryngarw House exudes timeless elegance. The venue offers bespoke packages for all celebrations and corporate events, as well as acting as a popular wedding venue where the picturesque grounds provide an idyllic backdrop for memorable celebrations and timeless photographs. Appointments to be shown around the venue are available to book and it is now also open for Sunday lunch.

Along with the new team, the venue retains several experienced members of staff, including Food and Beverages Manager, Owen Robbins, and Head Chef, Michael Guy, whose unique blend of culinary artistry and local sourcing knowledge ensures an unforgettable dining experience.

Andrew Williams, newly appointed Hotel Manager at Bryngarw House, said:

“We are thrilled to usher in a new era for Bryngarw House, one defined by innovation, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to our community. Our team is dedicated to curating unforgettable experiences for our guests, all while ensuring an unwavering focus on sustainability and local engagement. The fact that all profits generated by the venue are fed back into the work done by Awen Cultural Trust means that all our guests know that when they hold their special occasion with us, as well as having a truly unique experience, they are helping support a charity that puts people first.

“We believe that by harnessing the collective talents and passion of our team and the unparalleled beauty of our surroundings, we have the perfect ingredients to transform dreams into reality. Together, all of us at Bryngarw House look forward to crafting cherished memories that will last a lifetime.”

Cardiff Capital Region joins forces with local universities and colleges for future collaboration

Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) has signed a groundbreaking Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Higher and Further Education (HE & FE) institutions from South East Wales, forming a framework for future collaboration based on key objectives for economic wellbeing in the Region.

The agreement is a first of its kind in Wales, with Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and the University of South Wales (USW) being joined by the Region’s Further Education colleges, including Merthyr Tydfil, Coleg Gwent, Cardiff and Vale College, Coleg Y Cymoedd and Bridgend College.

Given the concentration of academic and research excellence in South East Wales, this will ensure the wider region realises the benefits of cooperative working. Each of the institutions has a significant role to play in embracing the regional growth agenda and ensuring civic commitments to inclusivity and sustainability are at the heart of new and emerging initiatives.

Since 2017 CCR has worked successfully with regional HE & FE on transformative projects, leveraging significant research and innovation funding for the Region. This includes being the only UK Region to land two UK Research & Innovation (UKRI) Strength In Places Fund initiatives (CSConnected & Media Cymru) with a combined value of almost £100m.

This further commitment will ensure alignment on regional ambitions and create further opportunities for business engagement, collaborative learning, teaching and R&D, allowing CCR to gather the expertise that these institutions can deliver together.

Speaking at the launch, Cllr Mary Ann Brocklesby, Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, said:

“I am delighted that Higher and Further Education partners are uniting in their support of our regional ambitions. This builds on CCR’s endeavours to form a coalition of the willing, bringing together the people and organisations who can contribute to our mission for a bigger, greener and fairer region.”

Kellie Beirne, CEO, Cardiff Capital Region, said:

“This partnership demonstrates a significant coming together of educational and research institutions and a newly established regional public body, allowing us to align our efforts to advance our civic missions together. Innovation stands as the cornerstone of our future, and our joint commitment to collaborate and forge a new path provides the best chance of building sustainability and resilience in the face of ongoing change and challenge. By formalising our relationships, we lay the groundwork for regional impact and future sustainable growth and a recognition that together, we can achieve more.”

Key promotion at industrial electronic repair specialist

One of the UK’s leading providers of industrial electronic repairs has announced a key promotion within its sales team.

Zach Taylor has been promoted from Account Manager to Regional Sales Manager, taking on the new position in February.

Zach joined the Bridgend-based business, which works with leading manufacturers and businesses globally, in December 2020 as a Commercial Management Trainee while studying for a degree in business.

He quickly progressed to an Account Manager role in south-west England and as the newly appointed Regional Sales Manager, Zach will now be looking after customers in Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol, Dorset, Exeter, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Salisbury, Southampton, Taunton, Torquay and Truro.

In his new role, Zach will meet with new and existing customers in the region, building and maintaining relationships to ensure they receive the best possible solutions and service from the firm.

Zach said: “Since starting at Kontroltek, the company has been very supportive of my progression and growth. I am excited to take on this new role and I am fortunate to visit businesses of all sizes in the south-west, with a variety of needs whether it be repair, supply or on-site engineer visits.”

Cath Demaid, Director of Commercial and HR, said: “Zach is a fantastic addition to our regional sales team. The experience and knowledge he has built since he started with us perfectly places him to provide an excellent level of service and expertise to our customers in the south-west region.”

Outside of work, Zach enjoys playing rugby and is the captain of local club Pencoed RFC, which Kontroltek has sponsored for a decade.

This year’s sponsorship includes an addition designed to enhance the game experience for both the Pencoed RFC senior and current U15s age groups. Kontroltek has invested in a Veo camera, a state-of-the-art technology that promises to transform the way the sport is played and analysed. The Veo camera enables detailed video analysis and performance tracking, offering players and coaches valuable insights to further develop their skills and strategies.

Zach said: “It’s a real privilege to represent both Kontroltek and Pencoed RFC. The Veo camera is a gamechanger for us with regards to how it will help our team improve and develop. Thanks to Kontroltek for their ongoing support of both my professional and sporting endeavours.”

Founded in 2011, Kontroltek specialises in industrial electronic repairs and supply nationwide employing more than 60 staff.

Hawkstone Commercials named in the Top 100 UK Businesses

Hawkstone Commercials is celebrating after being recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 SME businesses in the UK.

From thousands of entries across every sector, Hawkstone Commercials has been ranked 55th overall in the Elite Business 100 (EB100). Hawkstone Commercials will celebrate at the awards evening on March 17th in London and be included in the EB100 digital guide and online directory with a viewership of over half a million people.

The EB100 are the businesses to watch for the future. It recognises excellence in the SME community and ranks them across a broad range of criteria, from their longevity in the marketplace, year-on-year growth to how they embrace innovation and contribute to the community.

The SME industry contributes over £2 trillion in turnover to the UK economy, employing 44% of the British workforce. The last 12 months have been challenging, with many SMEs navigating a landscape of hardship. SMEs like Hawkstone Commercials has demonstrated remarkable resilience to survive and thrive thanks to their robust infrastructure and proven business models.


“The EB100 has shown that despite the everchanging economic climate, they haven’t allowed it to hinder the overall performance of their businesses, and many have, in fact, thrived,” said Piers Linney, Former investor on BBC’s Dragon’s Den and Founder of small business service provider, Moblox.


“Hawkstone Commercials are change-makers in the British business industry and deserve their place in the Elite Business 100,” said Scott English, Brand Director of Elite Business. “This definitive league table exemplifies the very best of SMEs in the UK.”

“This year was highly competitive, with judges commenting on the high standard of entries, impressive sales and growth figures and high-performing cultures.”


“Just under two years ago Paul and I were sat at a kitchen table putting together our strategy for Hawkstone Commercials. Within this period, we have generated over £15,000,000 in sales revenue with 10 members of staff spread across two offices. We could not be more delighted with being recognised as one of the Top 100 UK Businesses after such a short space of time. We still feel that we haven’t achieved even half of what we set out to do and have very ambitious plans for the next five years” said Oliver Lewis, Director and co-founder of Hawkstone Commercials.

The team at Hawkstone Commercials is proud to not only provide an exemplary service for its clients but now be named as a Top 100 UK business.

For more information about Hawkstone Commercials, visit


Innovation Investment Capital announces investment in Mazuma

Innovation Investment Capital Limited Partnership (IIC), the Cardiff Capital Region (CCR) backed fund has today announced a multimillion-pound investment in Mazuma, the Bridgend-based online accountancy firm.

Mazuma is one of the leading providers of accountancy services for micro businesses in the UK, with a long-standing track record of innovation. Founded by Lucy Cohen and Sophie Hughes in 2006. Mazuma differentiates its business through a subscription model that allows subscribers to choose from a range of competitively priced accountancy packages and benefit from its proprietary technology through MazApp®.

Over the past year, Mazuma has been scaling the business and rolling out the MazApp® technology. With the addition of this new investment from Innovation Investment Capital, Mazuma will accelerate the development of its new accountancy technology solutions, expand the marketing and sales teams in Bridgend, and invest in the firm’s infrastructure and operations to support growth.

IIC’s decision to invest was based on several key factors, including:

  • Quality and clarity of vision of the firm’s co-founders as a proven management team, with the ability to successfully execute their plans.
  • Mazuma’s successful track-record and the opportunities to further grow in the accountancy market.
  • The firm’s technology and ability to further disrupt the traditional micro-business accountancy space.

The Mazuma investment is IIC’s second investment, with the first in AMPLYFI, the Cardiff-based disruptive generative artificial intelligence business, which was announced in September. To date, the fund has received over 160 applications for funding from potential investee companies across Southeast Wales.

Launched in November 2022 and backed by UK Government funds with an initial £50 million from CCR, the fund is looking to invest long-term capital in sustainable growth opportunities across the ten unitary authorities that comprise the CCR. Its General Partner is Capricorn Fund Managers (CFM), which is responsible for managing the fund and the overall portfolio and risk management, with PwC supporting CFM in advisory matters, including investment research and sourcing.

Cllr Anthony Hunt, Chair of CCR’s Regional Cabinet and Leader of Torfaen County Borough Council, said: “What Mazuma has achieved and its vision for the future is phenomenal. It is a home-grown story, run by two trailblazing female founders. Our investment shows the depth of quality companies we have across the whole of our region, with this investment helping to take Mazuma to the next stage of its journey.”

“Ever since our first conversations with Lucy and Sophie in April 2023, what has always stood out has been their passion, focus and vision to innovate and disrupt the accountancy sector,” added Rob Asplin, PwC Partner. “Based on our discussions, we believe that Mazuma has an exciting future ahead of it.”

Lucy Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO Mazuma, commented: “We are thrilled with this investment and look forward to working with the Innovation Investment Capital team, who share our goals and vision. We can now accelerate the development of our proprietary technology and leverage our position to pursue long-term strategic goals. As a woman who has spent the last 17 years in such a male-dominated space, what we have achieved here, and what we will achieve in the future, will hopefully give people the confidence to back female-led businesses.”

Cllr Huw David, Leader of Bridgend County Borough Council commented on the home-grown nature of Mazuma: “We’re immensely proud of the ambition and reach of Bridgend-based companies like Mazuma whose achievements will resonate across the UK. CCR’s funding of innovative companies such as Mazuma helps to accelerate the growth in our Region and especially in Bridgend.”

“This investment will allow Mazuma to build on its success and accelerate growth through strategic hires and innovative technological development. It also highlights the fund’s appetite to support businesses from across a variety of different sectors and across different areas of the region,” concluded Lynda Stoelker, Capricorn Fund Managers’ COO and Chair of the IIC Investment Committee.

Legal advice was provided by Hugh James and financial & tax due diligence was provided by Hazlewoods. Bruce & Butler provided data protection and cyber security advice.

For further information on the Innovation Investment Capital visit

Hawkstone Commercials Supports Men’s Mental Health with Vehicle Acquisition

Bridgend based multi award-winning commercial vehicle leasing broker Hawkstone Commercials acquires community use vehicle for a men’s mental health community interest company (CIC).

Lads & Dads Men’s Mental Wellbeing C.I.C has been gifted the use of a community outreach vehicle to continue its fight against the increasing challenges of men’s mental health in our communities. Launched in 2019, Lads & Dads focuses on walking, talking, thinking, and supporting. With over 2,000 members and 12 committee members.

Oliver Lewis, Co-director of Hawkstone Commercials said, “The work that Lads & Dads have done in recent years has been exceptional. They have helped so many individuals combat the struggles which we all face in life and make a real positive impact in our local community. For Lads & Dads to continue providing their support, it is vital they have the right tools available to them. As a business, we have invested heavily in supporting our own staff and their mental health, so it’s fantastic to be able to expand our reach to the wider community and play a very small part in the ongoing cause. I would like to thank the committee at Lads & Dads for allowing us the opportunity to support them on their journey”.


Lads and Dads have already reached thousands of people and is recommended to patients by doctors’ surgeries, local crisis teams and other community engagement groups. The group also have their own football team which plays against other mental health awareness teams across South Wales.

Rob Lester (chairman of Lads & Dads) said – “To watch our group grow over the past four years has been nothing short of amazing, however we feel that there is so much more to do. We rely heavily on our sponsors and supporters to keep our group running efficiently and to be able to offer the care our members need. This comes in the form of organised events and even counselling sessions. We are sincerely grateful for the support Hawkstone Commercials have shown us in recent months in the form of sponsorship, but for them to acquire a vehicle for us is just incredible. On behalf of the committee, and our 2000 members I would like to thank the Directors Oliver and Paul as well as their team for this generous donation. We are now able to put this van to work and help more of members and the wider community with the epidemic which is mental health”.


Over the last 18 months, Hawkstone Commercials has achieved some truly phenomenal goals. However, this is something that Hawkstone cherishes above all. As an organisation, their goal has been to give back to the community. This gesture will save and changes lives, something that is utterly priceless.

First Minister opens new £1 million Innovation Centre at Siderise Maesteg

Huw Irranca-Davies MS joined staff of Siderise Maesteg to welcome First Minister Mark Drakeford on a visit where he unveiled a plaque marking the company’s ongoing investment in the local area and commitment to product testing and quality control.

The business moved to Maesteg in 1991 and continues to grow their presence in Wales and around the world. During the visit, the First Minister and visiting group took the opportunity to chat with employees and enjoyed a guided tour of the brand-new testing facilities as he officially opened the new Innovation Centre.

Speaking after the visit Huw Irranca-Davies MS said:  “This is a fantastic new facility, and this huge investment by Siderise is a real vote of confidence in the incredible workforce and in this area as the base for future expansion. We were all delighted that the First Minister took the time out of a busy schedule to open this facility. He even fired up the new testing furnace – named Idris by the staff – which is a state-of-the art testing facility.”

Siderise Insulation are now global leaders in the design, manufacture and supply of high-performance passive fire protection solutions and help to deliver safer buildings all over the world.

Their purpose-built facilities feature a specialist fire test furnace which, once UKAS accredited, will help the company to enhance its research and development and be used in the wider construction industry supporting fire safety standards across the sector, helping to put Wales on the world map as a hub of safety innovation.

Platinum Wave selects Hawkstone Commercials as exclusive partner for Wales

Solihull-based vehicle convertor Platinum Wave have seen huge growth since their launch in December 2017, supplying high specification Volkswagen Campervans and Kombis.

With a view of expanding across additional markets, Platinum Wave have embarked on a journey to source key partners within the motor sector to supply their vehicles to customers across the UK, whilst maintaining their reputation for service and quality.

Now boasting 30 members of staff, Platinum Wave are one of the fastest growing vehicle convertors in the UK, supplying hundreds of modified VW vans to all corners of the country.

Hawkstone Commercials, another fast-growing business that operates out of South Wales has been selected as the exclusive partner of Platinum Wave for Wales.

Oliver Lewis, Director of Hawkstone Commercials said “It was a great privilege to be shortlisted by Platinum Wave, as we have been an admirer of their work for some time, but to be chosen as their exclusive partner for Wales has been very welcoming news for all of us here at Hawkstone Commercials”.

“We’re excited with the prospect of being able to offer our customers a broader range of vehicles from the standard vans that we currently supply. We know the market for customised VW Vans is a competitive one, but we are confident that with the right marketing, we will become a key player in the success of Platinum Wave” Oliver added.

Charlotte the Business Development Manager for Platinum Wave Campers said “Platinum Wave Campers are thrilled to have Hawkstone Commercials as our Wales Approved dealer for our premium Kombi range! They will be offering 1,2-,3-,4- & 5-year lease terms as well as outright purchase. Its very exciting for both companies.”

The motor industry has started to see an incline in vehicle sales in recent months after what has been a challenging period. 2023 has started positively for the UK’s commercial vehicle market, with 25.8% year-on-year growth in January. A staggering 17,566 more units were registered last month compared to the same period last year, taking the total to 22,098.

For more information, and to request a quotation for a new high specification Volkswagen Transporter, head over to