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Pocket Box Introduces Asset Management to SME Fleet Software Solution

Pocket Box has enhanced its fleet software solution to meet growing demand from SMEs for an all-in-one system to manage vehicles, drivers and associated equipment. The new asset module within Pocket Box Fleet will provide added functionality to help customers maintain, monitor and protect a wide range of powered, unpowered and portable equipment within their operations.


“Ever since the launch of Pocket Box Fleet, our customers have been asking for a simple way to manage other equipment alongside their fleet operation,” explains Jim Finnegan, CEO of Pocket Box Ltd. “Our latest software development will make it possible to bring everything together into a single system, so they have complete visibility and control over their physical resources.”


The asset module is highly flexible, so it can be tailored to manage any type of equipment, with comprehensive maintenance, compliance and inventory management features. This can include powered equipment such as plant, forklift trucks and materials handling products, as well as unpowered assets including trailers, containers, skips and tools.

Using the Pocket Box Fleet app, drivers will now be able to undertake a tool audit at the same time as daily vehicle and equipment safety checks to pinpoint the last known location and condition of smaller items that have been allocated to them. This will enable fleets to keep track of portable assets to ensure mobile teams have the tools needed to complete their jobs, while minimising the impact of lost and stolen equipment.


“Our aim to deliver a digitised solution to eliminate labour-intensive operational processes that are causing an unnecessary headache to SME businesses. By bringing together the management of vehicles, equipment and drivers, our customers can save both time and money, while achieving the highest levels of health and safety compliance. The asset module will also enable us to introduce new security features moving forward that will help companies combat the issue of equipment theft,” adds Finnegan.


Pocket Box is a cloud-and app-based software company that has developed a comprehensive eco-system for the consumer motoring, automotive, fleet, road transport and construction sectors. The feature-rich eco-system is designed for ease-of-use and to support multiple integrations with third-party technology partners, enabling Pocket Box to deliver advanced vehicle, driver and equipment management solutions.

Pinpointers Enhances Fleet and Video Telematics Offering with Queclink Wireless Solutions

Pinpointers, a leading provider of vehicle tracking and video telematics solutions, has expanded its hardware partnership with Queclink Wireless Solutions. The latest agreement will cover the provision of the recently launched CV200 smart dashcam, enhancing the company’s fleet proposition with a highly flexible, all-in-one camera and tracking device.

“Our priority is always user experience, so we needed a robust and consistent dashcam that works out of the box first time,” explains Jon Pope, Sales Director at Pinpointers. “We have undertaken extensive testing within the video telematics marketplace over a number of years and found the CV200 AI dashcam unmatched in terms of reliability, functionality and affordability.”

The CV200 is 4G device that delivers fleet and video telematics functionality in a single unit, combining AI features with the ability to add a choice of secondary cameras and integrate with the vehicle’s CAN bus system. During the testing phase, Pinpointers identified a number of unique features including equal priority for tracking and video data; video retrieval when the ignition is turned off; and instant device start-up.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Queclink Wireless Solutions, based on their ability to deliver quality products backed by unrivalled support. Their global presence also means they can provide certified solutions for different international markets. As a result, the CV200 will be a core component of our expansion into the United States and the Philippines this year,” adds Pope.

Vernon Bonser, UK Sales Director at Queclink Wireless Solutions commented: “We are working with a growing number of telematics service providers to support their fleet and video technology needs. As hardware partner of choice, we provide 4G vehicle telematics, asset tracking and dash cameras, which are underpinned by first-class technical and operational support.”

Haier Europe Uses Surecam’s Video Telematics Ecosystem to Deliver Fleet Management and Risk Reduction Improvements

Haier Europe, part of Haier Smart Home and the number one group globally in domestic appliances, has achieved significant fleet improvements following the adoption SureCam’s advanced video telematics ecosystem. The company rolled out the integrated technology across 250 vehicles, used by a team of engineers to support its Candy, Hoover and Haier brands, to target a reduction in fleet risk and associated costs, while streamlining management processes.

“The seamless sharing of footage and data between complementary fleet products and systems is making it possible for us to gain more from video telematics than ever before,” explains Neil Parsons, Fleet & Facilities Operations Manager, Haier Europe. “It has enabled us to take control of multiple aspects of our fleet, freeing up management time, saving operating costs and ultimately improving the safety of our drivers.”


Haier Europe teamed up with longstanding video telematics partner, SureCam, to take advantage of the modular ecosystem that delivers the most comprehensive range of integrated technologies to meet precise fleet and risk management requirements. As well as upgrading its existing vehicle camera solution, the company took advantage of integrated mileage capture and 24/7 incident reporting from SureCam partners The Miles Consultancy (TMC) and Sopp + Sopp.

Following the ongoing success of the video telematics, Haier’s insurance partner paid a 5% net premium bursary, which has been invested in 250 online risk assessments and 25 one-to-one driver training sessions to further support road safety improvements. The system has proved particularly useful in successfully challenging third party claims where the Haier Europe driver was not at fault. During 2023, the company also took the decision to upgrade to dual-camera dashcams that provide added context of what has occurred on the road and inside the cab, with plans to adopt AI-powered driver status monitoring this year.


Meanwhile, SureCam’s platform was integrated with TMC’s software to provide precise mileage and journey data for the recording and auditing of employees’ business mileage and fuel expenditure. This is enabling Haier Europe to automate reporting processes, dramatically reducing the administrative burden for drivers and fleet professionals. Drivers had previously needed to log each individual trip (10-11 per day) and manually input details, whereas now all the data is automatically uploaded, and the driver simply needs to confirm the information.


Haier Europe opted for an integrated monitoring service from Sopp+Sopp, where uploaded footage is reviewed and graded, with incidents reported back within one hour. This has meant the 0.7% of triggered videos made up of collisions, near misses or events of interest were quickly identified, with a further 43.9% providing useful driver behaviour insight and the remainder filtered out as false positives. By video-enabling management processes, Sopp+Sopp can effectively validate driver welfare, streamline claims handling, and reduce insurance costs.

“We needed a technology partner that could develop an innovative video-enabled solution to better manage our vehicles and drivers. The last 12 months has been hugely exciting, with SureCam’s integrated video telematics taking massive strides forward in terms of technology, system and service development,” adds Neil Parsons.


Sam Footer, Partnership Director at SureCam commented: “Vehicle operators with an installed SureCam device are now able to take advantage of an array of fleet products and systems. Working with our customers, we are evolving our modular video telematics ecosystem to help them target continuous improvement in terms of improving road safety, cutting fleet costs, freeing up management time, and making the most of available resources.”

Rosie’s Bakes Selects Integrated Fleet Technology Solution from Inseego and Pocket Box

Rosie’s Bakes, a commercial bakery based in Northern Ireland, has partnered with Inseego and Pocket Box to adopt a telematics-enabled fleet management solution.  The company has rolled out the integrated system across a 29-strong commercial fleet, including temperature-controlled vehicles, which handle the delivery of traditional baked goods, ready meals and snacks to over 300 convenience stores.

“Following a period of rapid growth, we recognised the need for more robust and less labour-intensive fleet management processes that would deliver a higher level of efficiency, safety and compliance,” explains Lynne Murphy, Sales & Marketing Manager at Rosie’s Bakes Ltd. “The Inseego and Pocket Box software interact brilliantly together so we can keep on top of all our fleet-related tasks within the business, making the management of our drivers and vehicles much easier and more effective.”

The Inseego telematics system incorporates front-and rear-facing vehicle cameras, sat nav and two-way messaging to provide an effective way of tracking, monitoring and communicating with vehicles and drivers. Rosie’s Bakes is now able to upload routes and drop details to an in-cab device for each shift with the aim of reducing delivery miles, improving service levels, and providing a safer alternative so drivers are not tempted to use their mobile phones.

The fleet and video telematics solution ensures that Rosie’s Bakes has complete peace of mind that its drivers are safe and acting responsibly, especially as many are working alone, from the early hours of the morning across remote locations. Not only does the company have exact location and status information in the event of a collision or breakdown, so the necessary support can be provided, but also access to insight regarding near misses and driver behaviour to gain a detailed understanding of fleet risk.

Meanwhile, the Inseego software has been integrated with Pocket Box Fleet, so live data – such as mileage, utilisation and driving styles – can be shared to further automate and simplify vehicle and driver management processes. All essential vehicle and driver records – plus supporting documentation – are stored electronically on the system, so Rosie’s Bakes can keep on top of key renewal dates and quickly access information whenever and wherever it is needed. The Pocket Box Fleet app also allows drivers to electronically complete vehicle checks and sign a declaration form that they are fit and eligible to drive.

“The Pocket Box software has already proved to be an invaluable tool during a recent HSE inspection, where we were able to quickly share any requested information and show that we had all our driver and vehicle records and documentation in one place, with a complete audit trail. It made the entire procedure stress free and we were subsequently praised for the quality of our improved fleet health and safety processes and systems,” added Lynne.


Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “By bringing together complementary fleet software and hardware, we are providing added value and return on investment to our customers. Companies, such as Rosie’s Bakes, are using these integrated fleet technology solutions to dramatically reduces workload and cut costs, while keeping drivers safe, their business compliant and vehicles on the road.”


Jason Laight, Chief Operating Officer at Pocket Box Ltd said: “We have worked closely with the team at Rosie’s Bakes to deliver an advanced fleet management solution that meets the precise needs of their business. This approach is helping us meet growing demand from a diverse range of companies for digitised solutions that maintain compliance, reduce risk and save time and money.”

SME Fleets Looking to Technology to Ensure Drivers and Vehicles are Safe and Legally Compliant

Small-and medium-sized commercial fleets are seeking to streamline driver and vehicle compliance by replacing inefficient spreadsheets and paper-based methods with digital tools according to Pocket Box. The software specialist has experienced strong levels of growth since the launch of Pocket Box Fleet, with over 5,000 managed vehicles already added to the system in its first year.

“Smaller commercial fleets have traditionally pushed back against excessive complexity when it comes to technology adoption, so we have created a software solution that prioritises simplicity and ease-of-use,” explains Jason Laight, Chief Operating Officer of Pocket Box. “This is putting business owners and fleet managers back in the driving seat, giving them added control and complete peace of mind that vehicles are kept road legal and safe, while staff are fit and eligible to drive.”

Pocket Box Fleet was launched at the beginning of 2023 to provide a simple way to maintain compliance, reduce risk and save time and money. The web-based management tool automates fleet-related processes as well as stores relevant data and documents electronically, with at-a-glance visibility of key vehicle and driver information, tasks and forthcoming renewal dates and deadlines. In the past year, it has been integrated with complementary fleet technology to bring together a growing range of data sources into a single system.

Meanwhile, the Pocket Box app – suitable for any Apple or Android smartphone – enables drivers to electronically complete daily walkaround checks; report vehicle related issues; take photographs of damages and defects; and capture mileage data. It also includes a declaration form, so employees can confirm they are fit to drive and have not consumed unsafe levels of alcohol the previous day. All information is uploaded to the web-based software to support highly effective vehicle, driver and fuel management.

“Over 80 per cent of the businesses we talk to are still using spreadsheets, whiteboards, and paper-based files to manage their fleet, which is hugely labour-intensive and causing an unnecessary headache to managers, admin staff and drivers. Business owners are increasingly recognising the need for digitised solutions to better handle fleet-related tasks, gain real-time visibility of critical information and create an electronic audit trail to comply with legal requirements,” adds Laight.

Pocket Box is a cloud-and app-based software company that has developed a comprehensive eco-system for the consumer motoring, automotive, fleet and road transport sectors. The feature-rich eco-system is designed for ease-of-use and to support multiple integrations with third-party technology partners, enabling Pocket Box to deliver advanced vehicle and driver management solutions.

Webfleet supports Kilnbridge Construction’s route to carbon neutrality

Kilnbridge Construction Services is leveraging the power of Webfleet, Bridgestone’s trusted fleet management solution, to cut fuel usage and CO2 emissions as part of its drive to achieve carbon neutrality.

The specialist structures, construction and engineering operator is introducing the fully-integrated Webfleet Video solution across its fleet of 140 HGVs and vans.

Mick Kemp, Fleet Manager at Kilnbridge Construction Services explained: “As partners of the Supply Chain Sustainability School, we are committed to minimising environmental damage – so our focus on reducing fuel usage is sharper than ever.

“With Webfleet’s automated CO2 reporting, we can now analyse all vehicle trips to find out how environmentally friendly they were. By feeding accurate fuel and CO2 data for our whole fleet, and individual vehicles, into our sustainability reviews, we are able to measure progress towards carbon neutrality and help maintain our FORS Gold operator accreditation.”

Kilnbridge is also using Webfleet Video to capture road and driver-facing events.

“The in-cab AI cameras highlight unsafe driving behaviour, such as not wearing a seatbelt or mobile phone use,” said Mick, “to both protect engineers and keep us compliant by delivering on our duty of care.”

Furthermore, indisputable video evidence is helping Kilnbridge to counter false claims and keep a lid on insurance costs.

”A rear end collision claim which would have cost us £48,000 was neatly debunked using high quality video which captured all the accident details and proved third party liability,” said Mick.

The company is currently trialling the Webfleet Vehicle Check mobile app to digitise day-to-day vehicle inspections. The app minimises paperwork and streamlines the compliance process, allowing Kilnbridge to act quickly to resolve vehicle defects for safer operating conditions.

“Having the driver app, cameras and telematics all integrated on the same platform makes life so much easier for us,” Mick added.

Beverley Wise, Webfleet Regional Director for Bridgestone Mobility Solutions commented: “This is an excellent example of how Webfleet delivers on the green agenda and clients’ pressing sustainability demands, in line with the Bridgestone E8 Commitment.”


Ringway Jacobs, a leading highway services provider, has improved levels of safety and fleet risk reduction, as well as increasing the support provided to its drivers, following the adoption of an industry-first, video-enabled lone worker protection service. Earlier this year, the company completed the roll-out of the integrated technology solution from Peoplesafe and SureCam, which is designed to safeguard its team of drivers and gain added peace of mind across the fleet operation.

Ringway Jacobs needed a personal safety solution for its highway inspection team – responsible for walked, visual inspections of footways and carriageways – that offered added protection above and beyond a traditional dashcam. All too often, these operatives are seen as the ‘face’ of the highway authority and in danger of violent and abusive behaviour from road users. Meanwhile, they are frequently working in remote locations, so face higher risk from slips, trips and falls, as well as traffic collisions both inside moving vehicles and at the roadside.

The video-enabled lone worker service integrates the Peoplesafe Pro smartphone app with SureCam’s video telematics platform to provide drivers with a quick and easy way to request assistance. It supports the driver both in and outside the vehicle, something not possible with any standard in-cab SOS button function device. This means real-time data can be sent to a designated alarm receiving centre (ARC) to enable proactive management of emergency situations.

Drivers simply scan a QR code using the Peoplesafe mobile app to register their unique user ID, which confirms who is driving the vehicle. This automatically enables controllers in the Peoplesafe ARC to access audio communication along with supporting video footage captured from cameras fitted on 163 Ringway Jacobs vans and specialist vehicles, as well as incident data, when an alarm is raised. The added audio and visual insight also ensures that the most appropriate action is taken quickly, efficiently and safely, with immediate access to emergency services if required.


David Bonehill, Head of Fleet at Ringway Jacobs commented: “Health, wellbeing, and safety are at the heart of everything we do, so our aim is to always provide a safe working environment for our employees. This latest initiative, developed with our valued partners at Peoplesafe and SureCam, has not only increased compliance of our lone worker processes, but also extended and enhanced the levels of protection we can provide our drivers.”


Naz Dossa, CEO of Peoplesafe said: “We have taken our existing lone worker solution to the next level through this intelligent partnership with SureCam that places the end user first. The most significant impact we have seen is the peace of mind it provides to both employers and employees, making it an attractive proposition to those fleet operations, such as Ringway Jacobs, that prioritise people’s safety and welfare.”


SecureForce UK, a mobile and manned security specialist, has adopted an AI dashcam solution from Inseego with the aim of improving road safety, reducing operational costs and mitigating fleet risk. The intelligent vehicle cameras have been installed on the company’s fleet of vans that are operated by a team of security officers across Devon, Berkshire, Hampshire and Wiltshire.

SecureForce was previously using a vehicle tracking system – combined with forward-facing cameras in some vans – which no longer met its operational needs. The company was looking for a video telematics solution that could deliver fleet visibility, incident detection, video capture and driver behaviour monitoring. Following a review of the marketplace, SecureForce opted for Inseego’s AI vehicle cameras based on the affordability and functionality of the technology.

The Inseego devices combine forward-and driver-facing technology, using machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV and AI). The forward-facing camera captures footage of the road ahead, while the driver-facing lens provides added insight of distraction within the vehicle such as mobile device use, eating and drinking, and eyes off the road. The MV-and AI-capabilities combine to identify and assess risk in and out of the vehicle, so the driver can be notified of issues and footage uploaded to the cloud for review by the fleet manager.


Marc Wain, Operations Director at SecureForce UK Ltd commented: “We are already achieving value from the AI camera solution, with the increased functionality generating clear benefits. The ability to receive notifications of seatbelt misuse has been a particularly useful, especially as our drivers make over 50 stops per shift. Meanwhile, live view enables our office-based staff to provide guidance to drivers, if they are struggling to find a site, while supporting lone worker protection when they are operating out-of-hours or in high risk environments.”


Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “Our AI dashcam delivers advanced video telematics that not only captures tracking and video data, but also tackles fleet risk as it happens by detecting and helping drivers to self-correct dangerous or distracted behaviour. As a result, we are seeing growing demand for AI-enabled solutions from businesses, such as SecureForce, that are looking to improve road safety, better protect drivers and reduce associated insurance costs.”

Novuna Vehicle Solutions And Applied Driving Create Online Driver Training Modules For Fleets Transitioning To Electric Vehicles

Novuna Vehicle Solutions, one of the UK’s leading fleet leasing providers, has teamed up with Applied Driving to develop a suite of online electric vehicle (EV) training content. The set of modules will provide practical guidance to fleet drivers, especially those that are not familiar with using an EV, so they can get the most out of their company vehicle and operate it in a safe and efficient manner.

“For many fleet drivers, operating an electric vehicle is a new experience, so its important they receive the appropriate advice and training,” explains Nick Jones, Strategic Relationship Manager at Novuna Vehicle Solutions. “With a rapidly growing order bank for electric vehicles, we are working closely with our fleet customers, and partners such as Applied Driving, to add value and promote the highest levels of road safety, duty of care and operational performance.”

Applied Driving will initially create four modules – covering EV characteristics, charging, maintenance, and journey planning / range – that provide easy-to-understand content and incorporate unique visual animation. A Novuna-branded portal, with Single Sign-on (SSO) for easy access, will be hosted on Applied Driving’s Riskmapp cloud-based platform, with all new EV orders triggering an invite to the online training modules.


Nigel Lawrence, Director of Client Partnerships at Applied Driving commented: “We have been Novuna’s nominated partner for driver training and fleet risk management since 2020. This latest joint initiative is designed to help those fleets making the transition to EVs and provide the guidance needed to educate their drivers. We are committed to developing a comprehensive proposition to changes within the fleet marketplace and support the rapid growth in EVs.”

Inseego And Pocket Box Partnership Offers Integrated Fleet Technology

Inseego has teamed up with vehicle and driver management software specialist, Pocket Box, to deliver telematics-enabled fleet management solutions. Under the partnership, the company’s fleet customers will now be able to take advantage of a powerful and easy-to-use tool to ensure vehicles are kept road legal and safe, while staff are fit and eligible to drive.

“Our software is designed to streamline fleet-related tasks, so this partnership creates an exciting opportunity to bring together two complementary systems,” explains Jim Finnegan, Founder and CEO of Pocket Box Ltd. “By integrating our web-and app-based technology with the Inseego Fleet telematics solution enables users to access live data – such as mileage, utilisation and driving styles – to further automate and simplify vehicle and driver management processes.”


Pocket Box Fleet brings together all essential vehicle and driver records – plus supporting documentation – in a single system, so vehicle operators keep on top of key renewal dates, quickly access electronic audit trails, and ensure a fleet is operating legally. Reminders and alerts use traffic light colour-coding to prioritise the most important tasks and draw attention to potential vehicle or driver issues. Meanwhile, the Pocket Box app captures additional information to support highly effective vehicle, driver and fuel management.


“By working closely with Inseego, we can deliver advanced telematics to our growing customer base, while existing users of Inseego Fleet can take advantage of added driver and vehicle management functionality. Our aim is to bring together likeminded technology and service partners to create an integrated ecosystem that takes the hassle out of operating vehicles and optimises fleet performance,” adds Finnegan.


Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “We have a growing number of technology partnerships that bring together complementary systems to provide added value and return on investment to our customers. This latest agreement with Pocket Box will enable fleets to dramatically reduces workload, cuts costs and eliminates human error, while keeping drivers safe, a business compliant and vehicles on the road.”