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Derry Bros Launches Technology Update for Fast, Efficient and Compliant Customs Clearance

Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance has enhanced the connectivity of its digital platform, Digicom, to automate and further streamline the processing of customs declarations for freight movements between the UK and Ireland. With the new EDI and API connections, customers can benefit from a single-entry, one-click solution that saves time and cost, while improving compliance.

“We are making the completion of electronic customs declarations as quick and accurate as possible to reduce workload, improve efficiency and reduce risk,” explains Colin Robb, Operations Director at Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance. “By simplifying the sharing of essential data and minimising the risk of human error, we are taking the hassle out of customs clearance for goods moving between the UK and Ireland.”

Derry Bros’ customers will now be able to take advantage of Digicom’s automation engine using a single data input. By enabling data exchange, via either a secure file share or full systems integration, it will be possible to generate and submit multiple customs declarations that are required for importing and exporting goods. This will include the Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the EU’s Import Control System 2 (ICS2), Pre-Boarding Notification (PBN) and Goods Movement Reference (GMR).

“We are continually enhancing and adapting our cross-border solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers in the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe. Through the adoption of cutting-edge innovations, our Digicom platform is enabling us to deliver an industry-leading customs clearance service that keeps pace with new and updated border legislation being implemented,” added Robb.

Digicom is an award-winning digital customs solution that streamlines what was previously a multi-system process into a single, easy-to-use platform. The software has been developed by Derry Bros to enable smart, efficient and legal customs clearance. It supports effective cross-border trade, with proven financial and resource savings for haulage and freight businesses.

About Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance

Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance has more than 60 years of experience in the freight and logistics industry, serving the UK, EU and beyond. With a comprehensive range of managed booking, customs and consultancy services, it is helping businesses to navigate some of the most complex challenges facing cross-border trade and transport. The company’s success and proven track record is underpinned by award-winning technology systems, developed in-house, including the all-in-one digital customs solution, Digicom.

Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance Showcases Latest Innovations At Multimodal 2024

Technology innovation will be taking centre stage on Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance’s stand (3023) at Multimodal, the UK’s leading supply chain conference and logistics exhibition. The company will be showcasing its comprehensive range of managed freight and transport solutions, as well as launching some exciting updates to its digital customs clearance platform, Digicom.

“We are continually enhancing our cross-border solutions through the adoption of cutting-edge innovations, so we are excited to be revealing our latest developments at Multimodal,” explains Colin Robb, Operations Director at Derry Bros Shipping & Customs Clearance. “The event will provide us with an ideal stage to share our expertise to existing and potential customers and partners, which supports smooth and efficient movement of goods across Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.”


Digicom has been developed to enable smart, efficient and legal customs clearance. The award-winning digital solution streamlines what was previously a multi-system process into a single, easy-to-use platform. As a result, it can save both time and money for haulage and freight businesses, while supporting effective cross-border trade. The new functionality, set to be introduced at Multimodal, will further enhance the capabilities of the system for the UK and Republic of Ireland.


“The pan-European transport and logistics marketplace is evolving, with new and updated border legislation being implemented, so it is essential that we constantly adapt to keep pace with these changes and continue to deliver an industry-leading service. Our innovative Digicom platform is a core part of our growing customs clearance proposition, which is enabling our customers to streamline their processes and cut overheads,” added Robb.

IT maintenance specialist Smart CT trials drone deliveries as it sets course for Net Zero

IT MAINTENANCE expert Smart CT is trialling drone deliveries of equipment to customers as part of its drive to greater sustainability.

CEO Andy Morgan said the successful trial, which saw technology devices delivered to a nearby customer from a drone, is being assessed before further trials.

The Reading company provides parts and engineers to maintain, install, replace and repair business-critical IT infrastructure on behalf of IT suppliers who support an extensive range of organisations – from household brands to industrial businesses – in need of connected devices, including networking, servers and other workplace technology.

“From day one we’ve been trying to identify ways we can become more sustainable,” he said. “The drone delivery is just one of those ways because it is not only a more direct means of getting parts to our customers quickly, but it also reduces emissions, fuel consumption and pressure on our road network.

“We learned some important lessons from the trial and we’ll be looking more closely at how we can take this to the next level.”

He said it is just one of many ways in which Smart CT, which was the subject of a management buyout two years ago, is working towards Net Zero by 2045 – five years ahead of the government’s target. During the management buyout due diligence in January 2022 Mr Morgan commission an independent environment, social and governance report to rate its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. A follow-up report was carried out last year and Smart CT’s score rose from 34 per cent to 63 per cent. At the current rate of improvement, the company’s score predicted to 71 per cent this year.

Among the measures adopted by the company was the appointment of an ESG manager and an environmental manager who introduced tracking of waste reduction, energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions, staff training to encourage sustainable practices, a review of waste management and working with customers to understand Smart CT’s impact on their sustainability.

The reviewer applauded the company’s work, saying: “This represents the ESG journey in terms of fully integrating ESG into the corporate strategy through regular engagement with all key stakeholders.”

Mr Morgan said: “We decided to take more action two years ago to make ESG a big part of our culture. We asked our staff what they felt and one of the areas they came up with was around our sustainability.

“That showed me that we have got the appetite for change among our staff and management so we are able to make it a central part of our culture and part of our business. We know it’s important for our customers so we’ve commenced the journey.

“We are in the early stages but the latest ESG report shows we’ve doubled our score, which is just fantastic and all credit to the team for doing that. We’ve got some way to go but we’ve still got the appetite with people who are very passionate about enhancing our business.”

He said the company has also been engaging with customers through its satisfaction surveys about their attitudes to sustainability.

“We want to get their feedback because ultimately, the customer is why we operate and what they think is very important. That’s opened up new dialogues about how they’re doing with regard to sustainability, and it’s almost a cross exchange of ideas, which is great. It’s great feedback for us as we evolve our business.”

Find out more about the company’s services and read its latest ESG impact report at

Pictured: Smart CT engineers carrying out the first test of the company’s drone delivery service from its headquarters in Reading

Haier Europe Uses Surecam’s Video Telematics Ecosystem to Deliver Fleet Management and Risk Reduction Improvements

Haier Europe, part of Haier Smart Home and the number one group globally in domestic appliances, has achieved significant fleet improvements following the adoption SureCam’s advanced video telematics ecosystem. The company rolled out the integrated technology across 250 vehicles, used by a team of engineers to support its Candy, Hoover and Haier brands, to target a reduction in fleet risk and associated costs, while streamlining management processes.

“The seamless sharing of footage and data between complementary fleet products and systems is making it possible for us to gain more from video telematics than ever before,” explains Neil Parsons, Fleet & Facilities Operations Manager, Haier Europe. “It has enabled us to take control of multiple aspects of our fleet, freeing up management time, saving operating costs and ultimately improving the safety of our drivers.”


Haier Europe teamed up with longstanding video telematics partner, SureCam, to take advantage of the modular ecosystem that delivers the most comprehensive range of integrated technologies to meet precise fleet and risk management requirements. As well as upgrading its existing vehicle camera solution, the company took advantage of integrated mileage capture and 24/7 incident reporting from SureCam partners The Miles Consultancy (TMC) and Sopp + Sopp.

Following the ongoing success of the video telematics, Haier’s insurance partner paid a 5% net premium bursary, which has been invested in 250 online risk assessments and 25 one-to-one driver training sessions to further support road safety improvements. The system has proved particularly useful in successfully challenging third party claims where the Haier Europe driver was not at fault. During 2023, the company also took the decision to upgrade to dual-camera dashcams that provide added context of what has occurred on the road and inside the cab, with plans to adopt AI-powered driver status monitoring this year.


Meanwhile, SureCam’s platform was integrated with TMC’s software to provide precise mileage and journey data for the recording and auditing of employees’ business mileage and fuel expenditure. This is enabling Haier Europe to automate reporting processes, dramatically reducing the administrative burden for drivers and fleet professionals. Drivers had previously needed to log each individual trip (10-11 per day) and manually input details, whereas now all the data is automatically uploaded, and the driver simply needs to confirm the information.


Haier Europe opted for an integrated monitoring service from Sopp+Sopp, where uploaded footage is reviewed and graded, with incidents reported back within one hour. This has meant the 0.7% of triggered videos made up of collisions, near misses or events of interest were quickly identified, with a further 43.9% providing useful driver behaviour insight and the remainder filtered out as false positives. By video-enabling management processes, Sopp+Sopp can effectively validate driver welfare, streamline claims handling, and reduce insurance costs.

“We needed a technology partner that could develop an innovative video-enabled solution to better manage our vehicles and drivers. The last 12 months has been hugely exciting, with SureCam’s integrated video telematics taking massive strides forward in terms of technology, system and service development,” adds Neil Parsons.


Sam Footer, Partnership Director at SureCam commented: “Vehicle operators with an installed SureCam device are now able to take advantage of an array of fleet products and systems. Working with our customers, we are evolving our modular video telematics ecosystem to help them target continuous improvement in terms of improving road safety, cutting fleet costs, freeing up management time, and making the most of available resources.”

Rosie’s Bakes Selects Integrated Fleet Technology Solution from Inseego and Pocket Box

Rosie’s Bakes, a commercial bakery based in Northern Ireland, has partnered with Inseego and Pocket Box to adopt a telematics-enabled fleet management solution.  The company has rolled out the integrated system across a 29-strong commercial fleet, including temperature-controlled vehicles, which handle the delivery of traditional baked goods, ready meals and snacks to over 300 convenience stores.

“Following a period of rapid growth, we recognised the need for more robust and less labour-intensive fleet management processes that would deliver a higher level of efficiency, safety and compliance,” explains Lynne Murphy, Sales & Marketing Manager at Rosie’s Bakes Ltd. “The Inseego and Pocket Box software interact brilliantly together so we can keep on top of all our fleet-related tasks within the business, making the management of our drivers and vehicles much easier and more effective.”

The Inseego telematics system incorporates front-and rear-facing vehicle cameras, sat nav and two-way messaging to provide an effective way of tracking, monitoring and communicating with vehicles and drivers. Rosie’s Bakes is now able to upload routes and drop details to an in-cab device for each shift with the aim of reducing delivery miles, improving service levels, and providing a safer alternative so drivers are not tempted to use their mobile phones.

The fleet and video telematics solution ensures that Rosie’s Bakes has complete peace of mind that its drivers are safe and acting responsibly, especially as many are working alone, from the early hours of the morning across remote locations. Not only does the company have exact location and status information in the event of a collision or breakdown, so the necessary support can be provided, but also access to insight regarding near misses and driver behaviour to gain a detailed understanding of fleet risk.

Meanwhile, the Inseego software has been integrated with Pocket Box Fleet, so live data – such as mileage, utilisation and driving styles – can be shared to further automate and simplify vehicle and driver management processes. All essential vehicle and driver records – plus supporting documentation – are stored electronically on the system, so Rosie’s Bakes can keep on top of key renewal dates and quickly access information whenever and wherever it is needed. The Pocket Box Fleet app also allows drivers to electronically complete vehicle checks and sign a declaration form that they are fit and eligible to drive.

“The Pocket Box software has already proved to be an invaluable tool during a recent HSE inspection, where we were able to quickly share any requested information and show that we had all our driver and vehicle records and documentation in one place, with a complete audit trail. It made the entire procedure stress free and we were subsequently praised for the quality of our improved fleet health and safety processes and systems,” added Lynne.


Steve Thomas, Managing Director of Inseego UK Ltd commented: “By bringing together complementary fleet software and hardware, we are providing added value and return on investment to our customers. Companies, such as Rosie’s Bakes, are using these integrated fleet technology solutions to dramatically reduces workload and cut costs, while keeping drivers safe, their business compliant and vehicles on the road.”


Jason Laight, Chief Operating Officer at Pocket Box Ltd said: “We have worked closely with the team at Rosie’s Bakes to deliver an advanced fleet management solution that meets the precise needs of their business. This approach is helping us meet growing demand from a diverse range of companies for digitised solutions that maintain compliance, reduce risk and save time and money.”

Middlegate Europe Selects Surecam Video Telematics To Protect Fleet and Drivers

Middlegate Europe, the international transport and logistics specialist, is targeting insurance, safety and efficiency improvements with a video telematics solution from SureCam. The company has installed forward-facing dashcams on its UK fleet of over 40 HGVs to capture vital video evidence of driving incidents and gain access to advanced GPS tracking. This will help Middlegate to safeguard drivers, vehicles and other road users, along with the reputation of the business.


“We needed a camera solution to effectively dispute liability and challenge 50/50 or false claims by providing complete visibility of what has taken place,” explains Ricky Gatrill, Transport & Operations Manager at Middlegate Europe Ltd. “The SureCam system, however, gives us so much more, meaning we can use it to influence driving behaviour and support the wellbeing of our team on the road.”


The forward-facing dashcam captures footage and supporting vehicle data for all collisions, near misses and harsh driving events, enabling Middlegate to better handle insurance claims, investigate complaints and improve driver performance. The driver scoring feature is helping the company to alter behaviour by identifying those drivers that would benefit from engagement or training. Meanwhile, real-time tracking and live view allows Middlegate to check on the welfare of drivers and vehicles.


“SureCam has worked closely with us to develop and roll-out a reliable and simple to use camera solution that meets the needs of our transport, health and safety, and customer service teams. They are always on hand to provide support and have proved to be a fantastic technology partner,” adds Gatrill.


Joshua Godfrey, National Sales Manager UK at SureCam commented: “We are partner of choice for a growing number of road transport operations, based on our ability to create industry-leading video telematics that improves safety, limits liability, reduces costs, and maximises performance. As a result, companies, such as Middlegate Europe, are using our technology solutions to protect their drivers and businesses, as well as the communities and customers they serve.”

Queclink Launches Ai-Powered Dashcam For All-In-One Fleet Telematics

Queclink Wireless Solutions, a global provider of IoT devices and solutions, has launched a highly versatile, smart dashcam to meet the diverse and changing needs of the fleet marketplace in the UK. The CV200 offers AI-driven video functionality and comprehensive telematics, alongside the ability to add a secondary camera and integrate with the vehicle’s communication system, to deliver a flexible and affordable video telematics hardware solution.

“The compact and feature-rich design of the CV200 makes it an ideal camera solution for a wide range of fleet and video telematics requirements,” explains Vernon Bonser, UK Sales Director at Queclink Wireless Solutions. “It is AI-enabled, for those looking for ADAS and DSM functionality, while the optional CAN bus integration offers true telematics functionality. The configurability of the device means the device can be adapted to meet the precise needs of the fleet manager, the driver, and the business.”

The CV200 can be used as a standalone forward-facing device or combined with a secondary driver, rear or load camera for added visibility. The two-part design reduces the size of the main unit which in turn enhances driver safety by reducing any obstruction to the driver’s line of vision through the windscreen. It can also be paired with a smart DMS camera to assess the driver’s state of awareness and send an alert if distractions or drowsiness are identified, while the built-in ADAS functionality can detect tailgating as well as forward and pedestrian collisions.

Video capture can switch between continuous loop and event-based recording when unusual movements are identified by the CV200’s built-in accelerometer, or the panic button is pressed. Footage can be requested for download or playback by the user at any time, or alternatively, scheduled for upload via Wi-Fi when available, thereby reducing data costs. With Android-based technology, the device is also always ready, even when the vehicle is parked up with the engine off, so recording can take place within seconds of motion detection.

CAN bus integration provides information on vehicle status including odometer reading, fuel level, engine speed and temperature, and fault codes to gain greater understanding of performance and usage, bolstering the already robust telematics data. In addition, a door sensor can be used to detect open and close status, making it possible to trigger the recording of loading and unloading or unauthorised access for added security and peace of mind.

“We have used our proven and trusted technology and innovation to develop a LTE CAT6 smart dashcam that leads the way in end-to-end fleet and video telematics, enhancing driver safety while also providing key vehicle and cargo management data. As such, we are working with a growing number of fleet technology specialists, telematics solutions providers (TSPs) and IoT platforms to deliver advanced solutions for the road transport, logistics and fleet sectors,” concludes Bonser.

Global supply chains stabilised in 2023 with 5% annual increase in disruptions

Resilinc, the global leader in supply chain mapping, risk monitoring, and resiliency analytics is sharing exclusive new data revealing the top drivers of supply chain disruptions for 2023. The data compiled by Resilinc’s EventWatchAI, a 24/7 risk monitoring database, reveals that overall disruptions to global supply chains are slowing compared to recent years, with a 5% year-over-year increase.

The top five disruptions for 2023 include:

  • Factory Fires
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Labour Disruptions
  • Business Sale
  • Factory Disruptions

Factory fires maintained their position as the number one disruption for the fifth consecutive year, with 2,848 disruption alerts issued. However, this number is down 21% from the record high in 2022.

Mergers and acquisitions, along with business sales, also made their way into the top five supply chain disruptions for 2023. While the number of alerts issued for mergers and acquisitions declined by 14% compared to 2022, alerts for business sales grew by just over 7%.

Labour disruptions emerged as a new and noteworthy addition to Resilinc’s top five list for 2023. With an 89% year-over-year increase, labour issues played a major role in impacting most industries in the U.S. and globally. From weeks-long UAW strikes affecting 53,700 workers to major layoffs at tech giants Google, PayPal, Meta, and Amazon, labour disruptions such as strikes, shortages, stoppages, and layoffs caused significant disruptions. Rounding out the top five is factory disruptions, which saw a 16% YoY increase.

While the number of disruptions overall is stabilising and even notably decreasing in some historically high-risk areas, other emerging risk areas experienced substantial year-over-year increases. Notably, alerts for bankruptcies saw a significant 190% year-over-year surge, marking the largest growth increase of all risk events tracked by Resilinc. Rising interest rates, stubborn inflation, and accumulated business debt during historically low interest rate periods were attributed to the high number of business bankruptcies.

Other noteworthy trends highlighted in the data include an increase in alerts related to extreme weather (forest fires up 26% and tornadoes up 108%); financial risk (profit warnings jumped 103% while corporate restructuring increased 79%); ESG and compliance risk (FDA/EMA/OSHA action alerts increased 73% and fine-related alerts went up 66%); and cyber attacks (up 34%).

The five most disrupted industries included Life Sciences, Healthcare, General Manufacturing, High Tech, and Automotive, marking the third year in a row that these particular industries have been the most impacted.

Of all the 16,103 EventWatchAI notifications sent, more than half (55%) were impactful enough to trigger the creation of a WarRoom – virtual platforms in the Resilinc dashboard where customers and their suppliers communicate and collaborate to assess and resolve disruptions.

Resilinc’s data is gathered by its 24/7 global event monitoring Artificial Intelligence, EventWatch AI, which collects information and monitors news on 400 different types of disruptions across 104 million sources including traditional news sources, social media platforms, wire services, videos, and government reports. Annually, the AI contextualizes and analyses nearly 5 billion data feeds across 100 languages in 200 countries, making EventWatchAI the industry’s largest, most comprehensive supply chain risk monitoring portfolio.

Commercial Fleet Experts Recognise Rising Threat to Drivers

There has been a steep rise in incidents of aggression and harassment towards commercial fleet drivers from both opportunistic thieves and members of the public in the past 12 months. This was the opinion of leading fleet, health and safety, and technology specialists at a recent event organised by SureCam and PeopleSafe to discuss driver safeguarding and lone worker protection.


“We are seeing significantly more risk associated with working alone and in isolated areas, with London a particular hotspot for our fleet drivers,” explained Lee Jackson, Group Head of Plant & Transport and Board Director at Association of Fleet Professionals. “Incidents are occurring on a frequent basis, especially during the darker months, as opportunist thieves target vehicles and advanced equipment used by our mobile team. We are constantly looking at ways to deter this threat, undertake risk assessments, and ultimately put in place processes to minimise the dangers to our people.”

However, it is not just the threat from thieves that is on the increase, with growing aggression towards fleet drivers who are simply going about their daily routine.


According to Mark Ryder, Chief Commercial Officer of Peoplesafe: “We are experiencing a greater volume of raised alerts to our alarm receiving centre. Post pandemic we have seen a real change in people’s tolerance to other road users, which has resulted in a major increase in road rage. This lack of patience and understanding can lead to verbal and physical harassment for perceived disruption where vehicles are making a delivery or simply manoeuvring.”


Philip Read, Head of Safety, Health, Risk & Resilience at G4S added: “While serious incidents within our health and patient transport services, as well as elsewhere in the business, are often sporadic, they are on the rise and can represent a significant threat to our drivers and passengers. The safety of our staff and patients is paramount, and with many of our drivers single-crewed and working autonomously, so are challenge is how we address this issue and provide the level of lone worker protection needed?”


The expert panel considered what cultural and organisational shifts were occurring within the fleet sector to foster a safer work environment for lone workers. Measuring risk to identify areas of weakness and the threats that exist was pinpointed as critical when creating an effective mitigation plan. It was clear from the discussions that communication and engagement was a key part of this process to share information and experiences, with back to the floor and ride along sessions, hazard reporting, safety tours and training all mentioned as effective tools.


In response to the situation, commercial fleets are also looking at how technology can help safeguard drivers that are working alone, out of hours and in remote locations, said Sam Footer, Director of Partnerships at SureCam.

“Employee safety and wellbeing has come to the fore in recent years – particularly in fleet sectors such as logistics, utilities, highways and construction – and many businesses acknowledge that they need more robust processes to support their mobile teams both in and outside the vehicle. Every organisation has different needs to address, but what is consistent is the demand for an affordable, easy to implement and simple to use technology solution, underpinned by a clear driver protection strategy.”

“There was a consensus that cutting-edge technology, such as dash cameras integrated with personal safety apps, had a major role to play in ensuring fleet drivers received the protection needed. “We need to allow fleet drivers to do their job without risk or being threatened, and by giving them this added support, it will contribute to them feeling less vulnerable and more confident,” concludes Jackson.

All systems glow for Kinaxia Logistics with Ansell Lighting deal

Kinaxia Logistics has agreed a three-year contract to provide UK distribution, warehousing and other services for a global lighting company.

Ansell Lighting designs and manufactures interior and exterior lighting for the commercial, domestic, industrial, retail and architectural markets.

The company has its headquarters in Warrington and operates in more than 20 countries, with showrooms in Belfast, Dublin and Madrid as well as at its HQ.

It offers over 3,300 product lines and has won multiple awards for its energy-efficient luminaires and industry-leading lighting control system, Octo.

Last year, Ansell won a King’s Awards for Enterprise for Innovation for its Panel Pod product.

Its multi-million-pound stockholding is housed at distribution centres in Warrington and Belfast, from where it dispatches more than 400,000 items a month.

Ansell has appointed Kinaxia to distribute products to customers across the UK, and to provide warehousing, contract packing and overseas shipment.

The distribution operation is being led from Kinaxia’s hub in Trafford Park, Greater Manchester.

Kinaxia is a top 15 UK logistics group which has its headquarters in Macclesfield, Cheshire. It employs more than 1,700 staff nationwide with a fleet of over 850 vehicles transporting goods for the retail, leisure, food and drink and manufacturing sectors.

The group also has 2.7 million sq ft of warehouse facilities nationwide, offering contract packing, e-fulfilment, returns management, storage services and a complete distribution service. Group turnover was more than £200m in 2022, the 10th anniversary of the business.

Kinaxia sales director Nicky Woodman said: “Ansell Lighting is a tremendous addition to our growing client base. Our agreement brings a significant volume of new business to our distribution operation as well as to other parts of the group.

“Working with the Ansell team to integrate our IT systems has ensured a seamless transition and the highest possible standard of service.

“Our partnership has extended beyond the contract awarded for the distribution element to providing warehousing, contract packing and European shipments, and we look forward to further developing our relationship with the Ansell team into other areas of its business.”

Ansell’s distribution director Mark Stanley said: “Customer service levels are very important to us, and we wanted to work with a partner who shared our values and would be able to deliver the fast, efficient next-day service that our customers have come to expect, in order to continue to grow our business.

“We have been impressed with Kinaxia’s strong transport network and distribution capabilities, and we are looking forward to working with them as we move towards achieving even higher delivery standards than before.”