September 19, 2021

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While our news submissions service is free for bona fide business news, it is NOT a right – you can help us continue to offer free coverage and increase the chances of us publishing your news by reading and following the guidelines below:

Publishers guidance – please read before submitting:

1. Images

Please feel free to add an image – but please make sure it is landscape and is not/does not contain text on your images / logos /infographics please! 

This is because when they resize, they won’t look right!  ONCE AGAIN NO LOGOS AND NO TEXT ON IMAGES PLEASE!!

Here’s what we need:


2. Content

  • This is a news-led site, so while we receive a wide range of submissions, we only accept news posts which have been written to a high standard and are relevant to our general business audience.

  • To increase the chances of your article being selected for publication, try to avoid using sales language and unverified claims like ‘the world’s best’ ‘the leading’ and similar marketing language where possible.  Also, make sure your article targets a general business audience.

  • Images must be LANDSCAPE and at least 700px wide.

3. Cardinal sins that just irritate our Editor!

Content Marketing Agencies/SEO agencies/CRM Agencies/Creative Agencies are generally the worst offenders for this one but it applies to everyone else too!   We aren’t mean – honest – but it drives us potty when professionals cannot read and follow guidelines, so here’s our pet peeves!

1) Don’t Try Sharing SEO/sales/advertising posts – for you or your client.  We can spot them a mile off.  If you want an ad or sponsored post pay for one just like every other advertiser has to do.  If you want an advertorial, sales or SEO post please contact our advertising team.  We only cover news free of charge

2) Don’t load so-called news posts with sales and marketing copy or include silly footers with ‘Here’s why you should use our agency’ nonsense.  Keep your sales copy for your own website.   If you work in any form of media, you were trained better than that!

3) Please don’t cross post to all our sites.  Free coverage is on one site only.  If you want more coverage, please contact our advertising team.

4) DON’T MAKE YOUR ARTICLE TITLES ALL CAPITALS LIKE THIS – it creates unnecessary work for our editors and increases the chance of your articles being rejected.

5) Don’t try making the header image an advertorial.  I cannot begin to tell you how naff and irritating this is, your image will be resized on different devices so not only is it crass, it will also make you and your client look bad.  Read image guidelines above – NO LOGOS AND NO TEXT ON IMAGES!

Yay you got this far!

Thanks for reading – now you know what not to do, please fill in the form below and we’ll do our best to help share your news!


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