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Bristol-based solar expert on a mission to safely remove feral pigeons and other pests causing costly damage to people’s solar panels 

Callun Purnell, age 33, a father of two from Bristol, has a 5-star clean sweep Google rating of 5 for his Pigeon Solar Panels Ltd business based in North Somerset.

He is helping to safely remove hidden pests which are causing fire hazards, potential spread of diseases and a danger for residents and their neighbours under solar panels.

Callun has been excelling in the solar industry since entering it 12 years ago.

He covers everything solar related Solar related but the business is specialised in the maintenance, upkeep, efficiency and protection of the panels. 

He safely removes vermin pests including pigeons and other animals that cause noise, disturbance and costly damage.

They can cause damage to the equipment under the solar panels with a pricey consequence for home owners that progressively and rapidly gets worse if not sorted.

Callun said: “Most people don’t realise the hidden menace of pests becoming increasingly attracted into nesting under their solar panels. 

“But unfortunately this is not an ideal location for the pests and can end up becoming a fire hazard, not to mention the various diseases pigeon guano can cause to humans and also the decreased efficiency of the solar panels resulting in less energy yield sometimes up too 30%. 

“Birds can get caught and tangled in the components and additionally their guano contains acidic property’s which can start to corrode through the insulation of the cabling on the roof which can cause huge cost and problems.

“We carefully and legally extract them and their nests then restore sanitation with biocide which can deal with potential bird mites that were in the nest.”

Callun’s business has a strong track record of helping people with their solar panels, preventing pigeons and other pests from nesting under the solar panels.

They also do panel removal, professional solar cleaning and are ISCA qualified, roof clearing with biocide treatment, gutter clearance, repairs and long term protection and maintenance. 

They use high-quality galvanised steel wire mesh to guard solar panels. With no job too big or small and are IRATA rope access qualified meaning most jobs can be completed without scaffold whilst still adhering to health and safety guidelines. 

Their team of experts will permanently remove feral pigeons or any other vermin from under their solar panels. 

A free no-obligation can be found by clicking callun@pigeonsolarpanels.co.uk via www.pigeonsolarpanels.co.uk

Disney first interactive email wordsearch for Encanto campaign

Disney is sending its first ever interactive word search email this week in celebration of its latest hit, Encanto. Armadillo, the Bristol-based CRM agency, created the in-email word search. Previous interactive email examples from Armadillo and Disney include quizzes, games, and unique carousels – word searches never seen in Disney emails before now.  

With the knowledge that Disney fans enjoy taking part in quizzes, polls and other ways to show they know the films inside out, users are asked if they have a ‘gift for word searches’ and upon completion of the word search, are warmly welcomed into the magical family Madrigal. Armadillo achieved interactivity in email using pure HTML and CSS. Inputs, labels and animation are the key elements to making this work.  

The word searches were achieved using a table-based grid to display the content. All the correct letters in the table could be clicked on turning the cell grey. Once all correct letters for the word are selected the whole word is then highlighted. At the same time, a strike-through and highlight appears on the question. This provided a great user experience as it’s clear which questions have already been answered. 

Steve Brailey, Lead Developer at Armadillo says: “we wanted to try something new that we haven’t seen before in an email; something that would provide an engaging and fun experience for the recipient. I’ve been prototyping a few ideas in this vein recently, and it not only worked really well, but the client – and now their audience – really reacted to the feeling of magic it brought.” 

Rob Pellow, Innovation Director at Armadillo comments: “Interactivity in email is a huge opportunity to reduce the engagement barriers with your audience. Whether that’s allowing them to more easily explore your product, better understand your content, or just giving them something fun to play with. It also allows you to get a better picture of what content they find valuable or interesting. Our Development team at Armadillo don’t believe in “can’t” when it comes to email and are constantly proving that there are no real limits to what is achievable within this channel.” 

Armadillo is able to track the engagement by using tracking pixels that get activated when a letter is selected, and when all correct words have been found. 

Making everyday rides extraordinary – Firehaus creates Vittoria ‘Own the Unknown’

Firehaus, the Bristol-based brand consultancy, are launching Vittoria’s latest brand campaign ‘Own the Unknown’. The campaign is a collaboration between global leaders in cycle tyre innovation Vittoria and fellow pioneers: percussionist and composer Ian Chang, sustainable trail creators Velosolutions, and members of the new UCI MTB World Cup team Pump for Peace Racing.

The campaign includes 60 and 15 second films which will run on YouTube, brand and partner social channels, as well as a series of interviews with the cast.

Vittoria is best known for its road tyres, used by some of the most famous riders and teams in the world. But it also has a fantastic range of MTB tyres which are increasingly being used by pro riders and teams. Firehaus was briefed to raise awareness of the brand in the global MTB community and reinforce key brand and product characteristics.

Shot on location in Flims, Graubünden, Switzerland three friends (Faranak Partoazar from Iran, Tumelo Makae from Lesotho and Velosolutions boss and downhill star Claudio Caluori) ride out from different start points. Descending from the edge of the Vorab glacier and the wooded valleys 1000m below they eventually meet up at – a destination unknown.

The film captures the interplay between drum surface and tyres hitting the earth’s surface, which takes on an almost spiritual dimension in the dramatic landscape of the Glarus Alps. It also highlights the relationship between cyclists and the environment.


Originally from Hong Kong, composer Ian Chang has built an impressive roster of progressive pop collaborators such as Moses Sumney, Joan As Policewoman, and Matthew Dear, among others, all while performing internationally and recording as a member of Son Lux and Landlady. One of his latest projects was the soundtrack to cult film Everything, Everywhere All At Once, with his band Son Lux. The film has gone on to win seven out of eight categories at the Hollywood Critics Association’s (HCA) Midseason Awards.

Claudio Caluori is well known to MTB riders around the world. The seven-time Swiss National Downhill Champion and Red Bull World Cup commentator has gone on to develop innovative sustainable trails business, pump tracks, and now the Pump for Peace Racing team. The vision for the team is to offer professional support to riders from nations where MTB is a fledgling sport and they’re prone to marginalisation and discrimination.

Ernesto Garcia Domingo, CCO at Vittoria says, “We are building the Vittoria brand around the idea of The Ride Ahead. This captures the rational benefits of our innovative products and the sustainable business processes we are putting in place. But it also captures the spirit of curiosity, optimism and courage we stand for. Own the Unknown encapsulates this perfectly for the MTB community.”

Ian Bates, Founder and Creative Partner at Firehaus comments, “This is a really interesting collaboration between a group of highly innovative partners. Putting Ian Chang’s experimental music together with cycling pioneers Claudio, Faranak, Tumelo and the world’s most innovative tyre brand Vittoria has added layers of meaning to the campaign. The exceptional features of the tyres are given a new lease of life in the narrative.”

Musician Ian Chang adds, “I’m really happy to see how Vittoria saw the connection between my music and their products and their world. So, it’s fun to see my music manifest itself in that way.”


Concept and art direction: Firehaus

Film production: Yanzi Creative

Director: Marco Marcassoli

Ian Chang performance footage: Thrdcoast, New York


Loughborough University appoints Firehaus to lead brand ignition

Firehaus is delighted to announce an exciting new project with Loughborough University. The brand consultancy will be working with the leadership team of the School of Business and Economics to position and rebrand the school in preparation for its next stage of growth. 

The University currently ranks in the top 10 in all UK league tables and is No.1 in the UK for employer-student connections. It is one of only a handful of universities globally to hold prestigious triple-accreditation for its business school. 

The School of Business and Economics has an enviable reputation for merging business theory with practical experience. However the leadership team have set themselves the ambition of staying ahead of the curve in this dynamic and highly competitive sector. A more distinct brand position, underpinned by an inspiring vision and mission, is the first step in creating the momentum needed to enable the School to bolster their undergraduate core, scale their international postgraduate profile and innovate their relationships with industry. 

The new brand position will align with the three themes identified in the University’s 2030 strategy; Climate Change & Net Zero, Vibrant & Inclusive Communities and Health & Wellbeing. 

Firehaus will be using its Brand Ignition framework to set the foundations in place to bring the School to the attention of a wider international audience, mapping a future for the brand that challenges, informs and inspires a new generation of business people for the world stage. It will work closely with the University’s in-house design team to capture and bring to life the new brand position. 

The appointment adds to Firehaus’ increasing body of work around innovation and enterprise in the higher education sector, including projects for UKRI and the University of Bristol. 

Professor Janet Godsell, Dean of the School of Business and Economics said “We knew the importance that brand would play in the future growth of the School. We concluded we needed an outsider perspective to make the transition required as we’d only get one bite of the cherry to get it right for launch. Firehaus are specialists and there is a cultural fit in their collaborative approach that builds trust with wider stakeholders.” 

“It’s been a real pleasure to work with the forward-thinking team at Loughborough. They intuitively understand the role a distinct and inspiring brand has in motivating staff and students as well as creating stand out in a competitive market.” Nick Barthram, Strategy Partner. 

Brand expression agency Taxi Studio hails a ‘category-defining moment’ after injecting a significant investment to launch the world’s FIRST immersive Wake The Tiger Amazement Park®

An influential leader in the project from start to finish, Taxi Studio drove the entire branding process and backed Wake The Tiger with financial resources 

Brand expression agency Taxi Studio is announcing what is a historic ‘category-defining moment’ in Europe after partnering with Wake The Tiger, the producers of the world’s first immersive art amazement park®, which is opening its doors in Bristol.

Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® is an immersive art experience which provides an exciting alternative to a traditional art gallery. Visitors will step through a secret portal into the amazing world of Meridia – a multi-layered maze of interactive environments designed to help highlight important issues such as climate change and to provoke further thought and actionable epiphanies around how humans treat the world.

Led by the team behind Boomtown Fair, Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® has attracted backing from Taxi Studio, which invested finance and significant resources into the initiative and also produced the brand design and advised on marketing strategy.

There has also been strong excitement from the public, with a crowdfunding campaign raising £1.85 million in equity.

Stu Tallis, creative director at Taxi Studio, said: “We created the brand world for Wake The Tiger from scratch, creating a brand expression that pushes the boundaries of imagination and represents the truly unique and fantastical experience that fuses ancient wisdom and creativity.

“The brand needed to be scalable to accommodate the possibility of replicating the experience across the country and becoming a multiverse. It is a category-defining moment representing a sea change in how immersive art experiences are created. The opportunities for innovation are limitless.”

Taxi Studio produced a psychedelic logo that was inspired by the idea of distorting the fabric of time and space to create portals where one can step into alternative worlds. The unique brand mark is made up of interdimensional threads that allude to the idea of a space-time continuum. It also nods to the materials used in the immersive world – a mishmash of the ‘perfectly imperfect’ objects that have been scavenged, reclaimed, and repurposed.

The colour schemes of the logo were carefully selected by Taxi Studio. Unlike 90s rave-style psychedelia, the colours and format are more reflective of this tribal, ancient wisdom that Wake The Tiger wanted to espouse.

“This is a very organic conceptual brand mark that captures the very essence of what Wake The Tiger is about: the distortion of space and time and entrance into parallel universes. The fabric is interpreted within the words themselves. It’s a wonderful fusion of unorthodox and modern typography,” Tallis said.

Commenting on their collaboration, Wake The Tiger’s co-founder and director, Graham MacVoy, said: “Taxi Studio has been an incredible team to work with. They helped us develop our brand and have understood what we are trying to achieve, constantly working with us to ensure we stay on course and build a strong and consistent brand.”

Tickets for The Wake The Tiger Amazement Park® can be bought here.

Firehaus Bring Academia & Industry Together – Increasing Impact & Informing the Future

Firehaus, the Bristol-based brand consultancy, is bringing Academia and Industry together with the launch of The University of Bristol’s The Enterprise Sessions and Interact. 

Interact is a newly-funded initiative through Made Smarter Innovation, part of UKRI.  Many of the barriers to digital innovation in manufacturing are not actually technological, but economic and behavioural. Social science, with its focus on human behaviour, has much to contribute to help industry overcome these challenges. Yet many social scientists are unaware of the opportunities manufacturing provides as a platform for their expertise.  

Interact has been launched to bring pioneering human insight to the industry and accelerate the adoption of industrial digital technologies in the UK manufacturing sector. Firehaus worked with Made Smarter Innovation and academics from the Universities of Loughborough and Strathclyde to create the positioning, name, branding and manifesto film for Interact.  

The brand will offer expertise in social and economic sciences to initiate research and improve access to insights to inform the future of a net-zero economy and make an important contribution to how the UK realises its ambition to become a global leader in industrial digitalisation by 2030. 

Professor Jill MacBryde, University of Strathclyde, Co-Director of Interact comments: “Our long-term vision is to build a strong, vibrant, interdisciplinary community to support UK manufacturing in the adoption and development of digital technologies that will result in a stronger, more resilient, manufacturing base. We know that technology alone is not enough. We need to harness the knowledge of people and society to really reap the full benefits that technology can bring.” 

Jill MacBryde, University of Strathclyde, Co-Director of Interact adds: “Firehaus were great to work with. They explained everything and discussed our choices. They listened to our multiple stakeholders and were very flexible. We ended up with something we are delighted with – but would never have been able to do ourselves!” 

Meanwhile, The Enterprise Sessions is a series of films led by Prof. Michele Barbour Associate Pro Vice-Chancellor: Enterprise and Innovation at the University of Bristol. She speaks with founders, researchers and academics from different disciplines and career stages who’ve been part of its Enterprise ecosystem. Guests include Konstantina Psoma, Professor Wuge Briscoe and Professor Roberta Guerrina and will cover a range of topics from funding, licensing and IP, consultancy, contract research and business incubation. The series aims to inspire others to consider how they can realise impact from their ideas.  Jones Millbank were responsible for all of the video production for the project. 

The University of Bristol now tops the list of UK universities for the return on investment achieved by spinouts and is ranked in the top 3 for equity investment. [Govgrant: University Spinout Report – Parkwalk and Beauhurst: Equity Investment into UK Spin outs 2022] 

Prof. Michele Barbour says: “The University of Bristol has an impressive track record of enterprise and innovation and we’re keen to share that knowledge within our community as well as with a wider audience. The Enterprise Sessions is a new content series that brings to life the personal stories of spinout Founders and how our enterprise ecosystem has them.” 

“Firehaus took our idea and created a branded content series, introducing the broadcast-style interview approach, as well as the name and look and feel. The approach has allowed me to develop rich conversations with our interviewees and showcase their experience of our ecosystem which will be of huge benefit for anyone involved in research, innovation and enterprise.” 

Nick Barthram, Strategy Partner at Firehaus adds, “Firehaus have worked with a range of organisations in the Research, Innovation and Enterprise space, including UKRI, Made Smarter Innovation and The University of Bristol. Consequently we’ve developed a clear understanding and methodology to ignite opportunities at the intersection of academia and industry”.  

Organisations look to outsourcing again post-pandemic

Access to talent and cost savings key drivers to outsourcing revival

Bristol, UK; 10 May 2022: In a recent survey of 300 IT leaders, over half of business leaders are outsourcing to gain access to talent and save on costs.

The survey, conducted by Amdaris, the Bristol-based software development specialist, found that 64% are adopting a new outsourcing strategy in light of the pandemic. With 63% finding it difficult to find and hire strong talent, access to talent was a strong reason for deciding to outsource (54%). This was followed by the imperative to save on costs (54%), access to knowledge and experience (41%) and project support (33%).

Moreover, 74% of organisations believe that outsourcing can help to improve or adopt better software development practices such as agile delivery and quality auditing.

“With the majority of budgets for IT leaders going on tech and talent, it would seem that post-pandemic outsourcing has come into its own as a solution for the top challenges we face today,” said Vlad Nanu, Co-CEO at Amdaris. “Organisations not only face the major challenge of being able to find tech talent, but also improving its digital skills and development velocity. The best technical skills often lie in markets outside of the UK such as Eastern Europe, well known as a tech hub. Continuing the support for that region is particularly key at this time.”

Amdaris assists global companies through expert outsourcing, which provides a wider talent pool and access to multiple stakeholders. This can help dilute the potential risk of losing talent due to unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, by having multiple centres across Europe, Amdaris is able to quickly mitigate potential risks and assist employees affected by global events.

To support Ukraine, the company relocated its Ukrainian employees from its Odesa facility to centres in neighbouring countries. Amdaris is also providing ongoing support to staff and their families who have been affected by the war through daily check-ins and pastoral care. Amdaris has pledged to help the wider Ukrainian tech community by providing secure employment to any tech professional being forced to flee the country due to the ongoing conflict.

Industry heavyweight Bob Holt OBE joins Cosgrove & Drew as Chairman

Mechanical engineering specialist Cosgrove & Drew has announced the appointment of acclaimed business leader Bob Holt OBE as its new Chairman, to help drive forward the company’s ambitious growth and expansion plans.

Bob Holt, former Director of Mears Group PLC and extensive investor, also joins the Bristol-based firm as a major shareholder. He brings with him a wealth of experience as the company aim to double in size over the next two years, with an eye firmly on long-term exponential growth.

Founded by former tradesmen Zac Cosgrove and Luke Drew in 2014, Cosgrove & Drew has enjoyed rapid growth, starting from a two-man band without funding to an award-winning £5m business with over 80 engineers including valued sub-contractors. It provides a wide range of mechanical services, from domestic to large-scale commercial and industrial heating and plumbing installations, servicing sectors such as Education, Leisure, Government Authority , Health Care, Housing Association and more.

With a career spanning more than five decades, Holt has taken senior positions within some of this UK’s most successful companies. He is perhaps most widely known for his pivotal role in the rise of Mears Group PLC. He built the then little-known Gloucestershire contractor up from a £12m business with 83 staff, through floatation on the stock market in 1996, to a £1bn group with over 12,000 staff, operating in the care and housing maintenance sectors.

He is also former Chairman of maintenance contractor Sureserve Group PLC, (formerly known as Lakehouse). Here he further demonstrated his leadership success by completing its major turnaround to deliver a very strong financial performance, overseeing a 125% recovery in Sureserve’s share price. At the time of his recruitment in 2016, the business had a bank debt of £50m.

In that same year, Holt was awarded an OBE for devoting significant amounts of energy and time to charity. In 2008, he set up The Footprints Foundation to help people in need both at home and overseas, including supporting six orphanages in South Africa.

Commenting on his new role, Holt said: “This is a fantastic opportunity to support Luke and Zac in driving the company forward and to focus on expansion. Prior to the pandemic, the business built significant reserves. Post-pandemic, it is well prepared for the huge growth and development potential in the evolving energy transition market.

He continued: “With a well-trained and committed work force, the opportunity is vast, and I’m looking to help double the business over the next two years and then double again.”

Luke Drew, Managing Director commented: “Bob’s illustrious track record in leading businesses to high levels of success with his energetic, inspired approach speaks for itself. We couldn’t be more excited in harnessing his breadth of commercial expertise and acumen to take Cosgrove & Drew to the next chapter.”

Put the pedal to the metal and help Bristol karting venue raise money for an accessible go kart

Absolutely Karting in Bristol is inviting karting enthusiasts to join them for a team endurance race on Friday 8th April to raise money for a specially adapted twin-seat kart that will be permanently available at the venue.

The event will see teams taking part in a 100 lap Le Mans-style race with drivers switching places to see which team can last the pace and complete 100 laps in the quickest time.

The karting venue is working with the charity Absolutely Together to raise £8,000 to purchase a twin-seat kart. Absolutely Together provides free leisure activities to special educational needs schools and families who have members with disabilities.

The specially adapted kart will be based at the Bristol track and will allow the venue to be part of the charity’s Together Karting programme, which gives those with additional needs the opportunity to take part in free go-karting sessions every Saturday morning. Young people are joined in the kart by an expert Absolutely Karting instructor and can have as much or as little control of the kart as possible by just controlling the pedals and the steering, just the steering, or simply sitting back and enjoy being driven around by one of the instructors.

Naomi Smith, Venue Manager at Absolutely Karting Bristol, commented:

“The twin-seat kart allows those with disabilities to join friends and family on the track so they can all enjoy an activity together. We would love to have one of these karts permanently available so local schools and families can be part of the Together Karting programme.

“We look forward to welcoming teams to our fundraising Le Mans event. Whether a family team or a group of friends or work colleagues would like to take part in the race, it’s a great way to have fun and help Absolutely Together fundraise for the twin-seat kart.”

The event costs £200 for each team with a minimum of two and maximum of five drivers per team. The fee and all the money raised during the evening will be donated to Absolutely Together’s twin-seat go kart fundraising. The race starts at 6pm on Friday 8th April and teams can book a spot on the start grid by emailing c.sirett@absolutely-group.co.uk.

Donations to help Absolutely Together with its fundraising can be made by visiting – https://app.investmycommunity.com/fundraise/absolutely-together-3018.


Caption.Ed levels the playing field for thousands of learners with brand new features

Caption.Ed, developed by CareScribe, is assistive technology that provides highly accurate, multi-lingual, and subject-specific captions for any live or pre-recorded media, including face-to-face conversations. And this April, Caption.Ed gets even better as all-new features launch in its new version.

The next generation of Caption.Ed software, live April 4th, lets users take meaningful notes alongside their transcripts so that they never miss out on what’s important. With Caption.Ed, you can annotate notes against any audio or video, highlight key information and upload additional media to support your notetaking.

All of your Caption.Ed sessions are then available to revisit at a later date, meaning you can scroll back over what was missed, revise what was said and recall why it was important.

Caption.Ed is offered as tiered packages where users can upgrade or downgrade to suit their needs. It comprises:

·         Caption.Ed Lite – For individuals who need notes, with slimmed down captioning and transcription requirements.

·         Caption.Ed Pro – For individuals who need notes, with full captioning and transcription functionality.

·         Caption.Ed Notes – For individuals who just need to take notes without transcription.

People can register their interest now via the Caption.Ed website and book a demo with a member of the CareScribe team.


What sets Caption.Ed apart?

Caption.Ed is designed with accessibility at its heart. In fact, it was developed by people who have accessibility needs which is why Caption.Ed has accessibility requirements baked into its very design. It has an unobtrusive user interface (UI) which takes up only a small amount of your screen, and also has the ability for the user to change the text size or the appearance of their captions to help with readability.

It’s designed to work seamlessly across in-person and online teaching, making it the perfect solution for the future of hybrid learning.

Caption.Ed is also fantastic at captioning topics which use complex terminology such as health and life science classes, social sciences, or law. It also works across different languages including: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Danish and Simplified Chinese.

Richard Purcell, CareScribe Director comments; “I really struggled with my dyslexia at school, medical school and finally at work. Ever since it’s been my mission to level the playing field. I founded CareScribe with the aim of improving accessibility and inclusion for everyone – be that in education or the workplace.”


Captioning is not just for deaf students

Captioning is often seen as a solution for people who are deaf or who have hearing loss but it has much wider applications.  Netflix recently reported that 80% of people watching their platform use subtitles. Most have no hearing loss but find that captions help to focus attention and boost comprehension. This can be an essential aid for people with neurodiverse traits that may affect working memory, concentration, writing speed and even those learning English as an additional language. For example, Caption.Ed is benefiting people with:

·         Dyslexia

·         Autistic spectrum disorder

·         ADHD

·         Auditory processing disorder

·         Mental Health Conditions

Purcell adds, “Thousands of people are already using Caption.Ed to allow them to remove barriers and participate more fully in their studies or in the workplace. As with all great assistive technology, Caption.Ed can be useful for just about anyone. Caption.Ed should be a game-changer for work, study and home life and I’m so excited to introduce our new version to users.”


The development of Caption.Ed  

Dr Richard Purcell is both a director at CareScribe and an NHS Doctor.  In 2013 he worked with a fellow medical student to create Medincle, a piece of software to help students cope with some of the complexities of medical jargon which has since been adopted across the UK healthcare and education space.

Richard has been developing assistive software ever since but in 2020 he put the company on hold to go back and work full time as an NHS doctor during the start of the pandemic, followed by a brief stint at St. Peter’s Hospice in Bristol. At the end of 2020 he returned to full time software development and his company CareScribe has grown from three to 30 members over the last year.


Key features of Caption.Ed

·         Works across live or pre-recorded media including: online meetings, classes and presentations as well as face-to-face conversations.

·         Caption.Ed provides highly accurate and subject-specific captions, for subjects such as scientific, medical or legal content.

·         Caption.Ed can capture and transcribe speech in many different languages including French, Italian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.

·         Alongside their transcripts, users can add annotations in real time, upload additional media, and highlight important pieces of information to refer back to with ease at a later date

·         Users can revisit their past sessions and listen back to their lecture, seminar or meeting in order to recall what was said, revise and add to their annotations and export everything in a variety of formats.

·         Caption.Ed supports PC, Mac and mobile devices.

·         It works where you do, including: Panopto, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Echo360, Blackboard, Google Meet and many more!

Caption.Ed is already being used across many colleges and UK universities, including the University of Cambridge, St Andrews University, Edgehill University and many more. It’s also recommended by assessors within the Disabled Student Allowance and Access To Work.


How can Caption.Ed support staff in education?

In both schools and universities, Caption.Ed ensures that teaching is accessible to everyone, regardless of ability. This helps create independent learners and also allows institutions to save money on costly human note-takers.

Universities typically have to caption large amounts of media across different platforms. Caption.Ed allows content producers (such as lecturers) to generate highly accurate and subject specific captions for any of their media instantly. Transcription tasks can also be delegated across the team, which helps to reduce workloads for individuals and editing of transcripts can be done within Caption.Ed’s editing suite.

For administrators at schools and universities, Caption.Ed can help these users:

·         Take more effective minutes alongside your meetings in real time

·         Write up, download and circulate notes from meetings at a much quicker rate

·         Transcribe interviews and edit them with ease

With this in mind, Caption.Ed will be especially useful for pastoral staff and those who deal with SEND and Pupil Premium learners.