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Bidding farewell to a minority of cowboy builders and cynical refurbishment developers

It’s a problem that has probably affected some people reading this article.

For the majority of honest builders and developers, unfortunately there are a small minority who saddle homebuyers with excessive bills, compounded by shoddy workmanship to boot.

This is why the duo behind a design and interior refurbishment studio are on a mission to place high quality interior design at the heart of homes across the capital.

They are passionate about giving homebuyers piece of mind and helping drive out rogue builders and refurbishment developers – estimated to cost the UK economy £10 billion a year, according to research conducted by The Federation of Master Builders.

Cuvelo co-founder Patrick Dougherty said: “Unfortunately buyers have heard too many horror stories about cowboy builders and cynical refurbishment developers, and they also love the idea of buying a period home. Yet the interiors of these homes are often tired, dull or both, so moving into one means taking on a project.

“The solution, therefore, is buying a period home that has been beautifully refurbished. However, it’s time-consuming to find exceptional examples and buyers don’t always trust the quality of the work. We want to bid farewell to cowboy builders and cynical refurbishment developers.”

Costanza Ranieri said: “Too often a beautiful refurbishment simply gets lost among the mass of homes available on the market.

“We understand quality and great design – as well as the costs and hard work that go into it – and know how to communicate it effectively.”