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International nonprofit GlobalGiving UK hires new Director of Strategic Communications to spearhead brand awareness in Europe

Marilise Saghbini has been appointed to the role of Director of Strategic Communications (UK & EMEA) at international non-profit GlobalGiving UK.

Ms Saghbini, who has held senior executive and communications positions at the French Chamber of Great Britain and BusinessLDN, will support GlobalGiving UK’s European expansion.

With 15 years’ experience in strategic communications and campaigns across a variety of sectors, Saghbini brings expertise in raising the influence of networks to achieve changes in behaviour and policy, through her advocacy and growth roles in the UK and across Europe, as well as board member roles at SPANA (Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad) and La French Tech London.

London-based Ms Saghbini will work closely with the global and UK marketing and communications teams to raise awareness of GlobalGiving’s unique offer, which makes it possible for individual and corporate donors to give to vetted local nonprofits of all types and sizes, anywhere in the world.

Alex Ritchie, CEO of GlobalGiving UK, said: “Marilise joins GlobalGiving UK with an impressive and consistent track record of delivering successful communications campaigns to diverse international audiences.

“We have ambitious plans for the years ahead for growth in the UK and EMEA, including reaching our $1bn total raised milestone later this year.

“We are looking forward to Marilise joining the team and bringing her rich experience in complex, international change campaigns to raise the profile of GlobalGiving UK’s vital work empowering local changemakers.”

Ms Saghbini is bilingual in English and French and has worked internationally for a decade, working on many issues which overlap with GlobalGiving UK’s mission to accelerate community-led change, including promoting entrepreneurship, conservation and environmental impact through to healthcare and skills.

She said: “I am delighted to be joining GlobalGiving UK at this time of change and opportunity for the organisation.

“Investing in local actions and people to achieve positive and fundamental globalchange is a winning model – it is a privilege to join the team that is transforming aid and philanthropy worldwide for the better.”

Powerful Methods for Tracking the Effectiveness of Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns have long been a staple in the marketing arsenal of businesses looking to connect with their target audience in an authentic and meaningful way. Royal Mail Marketreach research shows that direct mail is the communication channel with the highest engagement rate, a whopping 95%.

While direct mail remains a trusted strategy, there are certain intricacies when it comes to measuring the effectiveness of campaigns, and by mastering them, marketers can achieve better results.

David Beasley, director at Washington Direct Mail said: “Tracking the effectiveness of direct mail services is crucial for businesses as it helps them better understand how various elements of their campaigns are perceived and engaged by their audience in order to drive accurate reporting and help optimise them and achieve a better return of investment. 2024 is all about targeted campaigns, and with the use of smart tools and big data, marketers can create outstanding campaigns that are both effective and budget-friendly while meeting all KPIs. It all starts with having the right set of tools to measure direct mail’s effectiveness.”

The formula for measuring direct mail’s effectiveness

The success of direct marketing for businesses from various industries is unquestionable and has been so for decades. A third of campaigns that use direct mail as part of their marketing mix have experienced an increase in revenue, and 35% have seen an increase in ROI, according to WARC’s study. Additionally, 35% of consumers have been inspired to make a purchase, a payment or donation in the last year from receiving a piece of direct mail, according to IPA Touchpoints.

Success in direct mail marketing is a unique journey for each business. For some, the goal might be driving more traffic to their website. Others might be on a quest for more leads, while some businesses might be focused on boosting sales revenue. Each objective requires a different approach and measurement strategy.

Depending on your business’ objective, the key performance indicators (KPIs) and the tools you will use for measuring their success will vary. Some of the main KPIs to consider include response rate, conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA), average revenue per order, and return on investment (ROI).

Top tracking tools and methods

QR codes

Beasley said: “QR codes are an echo of the modern technological inventions, and they are increasingly gaining traction. As a mailing house, we have noticed a boom among companies utilising the potential of QR codes.”

Quick Response (QR) codes allow marketers to measure the number of people visiting the website or acting on a call-to-action after scanning the QR code. It also encourages engagement, bridging the gap between physical and digital marketing.

This provides a measurable interaction point and allows businesses to gather valuable data on customer behaviour.

Beasley continued: “Building and refining a database of your customers, including their behaviour, goals, and needs, will help you deliver hyper-personalised messages centred around human connection. For an effective direct mail campaign, you need to understand all aspects of your audience before sending direct mail.”

Discount codes

Beasley said: “Discount codes work well with direct mail marketing, as recipients love a freebie. They encourage recipients to make a purchase, visit a store, or engage with a specific promotion. By checking the redemption of these codes, businesses can directly attribute sales to their direct mail efforts.

“However, it’s important to consider that not all campaigns will have direct purchase outcomes, and some might result in indirect purchases or intangible benefits such as new prospects, customer satisfaction, and data accuracy, which should also be included in calculating actual ROI.”


Beasley said: “Including a specific URL on a direct mail marketing that leads to a custom landing page allows businesses to track the responses and gain an insight into the impact of their campaigns.

“The best thing to do is to create a custom URL specific to the campaign, which helps measure the campaign’s effectiveness through the site’s analytics.”

Personalised URLs for each recipient are also a great way to track online interactions on a more granular level and increase the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns, as each URL is tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Phone number

Phone numbers are one of the oldest and easiest methods for measuring direct mail’s effectiveness. A phone number provides a direct and immediate means for recipients to respond to the campaign and, in return, allows marketers to track responses.

Marketers can either set up a dedicated phone number for the marketing campaign or use the services of a call tracking software company which provides detailed analytics, including call duration, location, and caller demographics. This data can be used to gain insights into the audience and better tailor future campaigns. If a campaign includes a specific call to action, such as making a purchase or signing up for a service, phone numbers allow for direct tracking of conversions.


Direct mail remains a powerful tool in the marketing mix, and tracking its effectiveness is essential for maximising ROI. By embracing methods such as QR codes, discount codes, URLs and phone numbers, businesses can gain valuable insights into their direct mail campaigns. Integrating data analytics empowers marketers to refine their strategies and deliver more targeted and impactful direct mail initiatives in the ever-evolving marketing landscape.

Quorn Foods appoints Art of the Possible as pan-European creative and social agency of record for QuornPro

Quorn Foods, a global market leader in healthy, sustainable protein, has appointed Art of the Possible as pan-European creative and social agency of record for its foodservice arm QuornPro, following a four-way competitive pitch.

Art of the Possible will now partner with QuornPro to launch its new brand world, with a focus on social and digital channels, in order to build awareness and drive sales.

Rolling out from this month, the activity will seek to engage with multiple audiences, including restaurants, pubs, wholesalers and buying groups.

QuornPro, Quorn Foods’ foodservice offering, operates across the UK and Europe in sectors including education, contract catering, fast food and casual dining.

The win follows Art of the Possible’s recent appointment as CJ CheilJedang’s strategic and creative agency of record across the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Australia.

Andrea Deutschmanek, Marketing Director, Quorn Foodservice, said: “We’re pleased to appoint Art of the Possible as our lead creative and social agency across the UK and Europe. We selected them because of their expertise within the food sector, as well as their sense of fun. Their ability to create impactful creative that truly works, coupled with their unwavering energy and smart thinking, has convinced us that they are the perfect partner to help us achieve our goals.”

Kat Patterson, Managing Director, Art of the Possible, added: “QuornPro is an amazing brand to work on. Their brand development has been epic, and they’re already light years ahead in their category. We’re really proud to have the opportunity to take them to the next level with some fun and brave creative work.”

Travel brand WeRoad launch first Manchester campaign using UGC content

WeRoad, the adventure travel brand bringing solo travellers together for once-in-a-lifetime adventures, has launched its first-ever Manchester-focused out-of-home (OOH) advertising campaign. Through witty copy appealing to its target demographic and UGC content showcasing real customers, WeRoad’s Manchester marketing campaign aims to inspire travellers to embrace adventurous group exploration with new-found friends.

Since WeRoad’s successful UK launch in 2022, the company has created four OOH campaigns in the UK. This will be their first campaign in Manchester and from May 6th until 19th, the brand’s eye-catching “Once in a Lifetime Adventures” OOH advertising campaign will dominate 239 high-visibility locations across the city including bus stops, tram stops, pedestrian walks, roads, and train stations in a combination of static and digital formats; 4 sheet, 6 sheet, 6 digital sheet, and 48 sheet.

The high-impact, citywide marketing blitz cements WeRoad as a major force in the UK travel market after last year’s major London campaign. As the disruptive travel brand scales across Europe, the campaign celebrates WeRoad’s community of thrill-seeking explorers. The vibrant OOH ads showcase the cool user-generated photos from WeRoad’s small-group trips around the globe. Selfie-style shots immerse viewers in destinations like the Pyramids of Giza, the jungles of Sri Lanka, the peaks of Patagonia, and the Sahara Desert. Playful taglines like “Ever hiked through the land of fire?” and “Ever travelled through time?” culminate with the call-to-action: “Have you ever done a WeRoad?”

“Following our successful London campaign and growth in the UK, we’re thrilled to take over Manchester and introduce our ‘once in a lifetime’ travel experiences to the local community,” said Fabio Bin, CMO and Co-Founder at WeRoad. “Our real traveller photos highlight the unique, bucket-list adventures that await with WeRoad, offering a glimpse into our incredible journeys and community values.”

Fabio Bin continued, “Our debut in Manchester is a huge milestone as WeRoad expands across the UK. As the coolest city in the north, Manchester presented an ideal opportunity for us to connect its diverse population and ambitious travellers. We knew we had to go all out and truly immerse ourselves in the adventurous spirit of the city, capturing the attention of adventurous explorers seeking authentic and engaging travel experiences.”

Beyond OOH ads, the “Once in a Lifetime Adventures” push includes:

– WeRoad’s own signature events “WeMeets” in local bars and pubs across the city.
– Surprise intimate music concerts in partnership with global music community Sofar Sounds
– Weekly outdoor yoga sessions with The Wellness Hub to integrate with the community
– A ‘WeRoad takeover’ at Kampus, one of the coolest hang-out spaces in the city for the summer with live music, activations, drinks and entertainment.

Creative development: WeRoad in-house marketing team
Pictures: WeRoaders IRL
UK media buying: Justyna Chlopecka, UK Marketing Manager
Chief Marketing Officer: Fabio Bin
Media space provider: JCD, Global

Loyalty platform offers free training certifications to help loyalty pros upskill

Loyalty platform Antavo Loyalty Cloud is offering free training courses and certifications to people looking to upskill in customer loyalty.

The business will offer 100 free training certifications during the month of May to support marketing professionals to bolster their CVs with practical customer loyalty skills. The certification will provide people with a means to gain new knowledge to enter the loyalty industry as well as to open the door to new work opportunities for those already working within loyalty.

Customer loyalty is an important element of brand building, with loyalty initiatives accounting for an average of 32% of marketing spend each year. Yet with economic uncertainty and the onset of recession, job losses in marketing functions are beginning to be felt. Two in five (18%) of recruiters reported noticing job losses from the start of 2023.

Meanwhile, career opportunities within loyalty specifically are expanding. Over 90% of brands already running loyalty programmes report that they aim to revamp their program and 65% to replatform their technology within the next three years.

Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Antavo, was recently named Loyalty Personality of the Year at the International Loyalty Awards in recognition of her commitment to the development of the loyalty sector. She said: “The importance of customer loyalty is often overlooked, as businesses take existing customers for granted. But smart organisations have customer and loyalty teams, whose sole focus is to make existing customers happy. It’s a rapidly growing field. That’s why we launched the Antavo Academy, which offers training to help people in the sector further develop their skills.

“People faced job losses in marketing, customer engagement and sometimes loyalty. Many freelancers operating in this space face regular pressure to win new work. To help all these people we’re offering free training and certifications to help people upskill themselves, update their CVs and bring their talent into the loyalty sector,” she added.

“The loyalty industry is growing. Over a third of marketing budgets on average are now dedicated to customer loyalty and the rate of adoption for loyalty programmes among businesses is accelerating. The value of the loyalty market is projected to grow from $6.47bn in 2023 to $28.65bn by 2030, signifying that the sector that is very much on the up.”

Loyalty programmes are commonplace among brands operating in both consumer and B2B spaces. The 2024 Antavo Global Customer Loyalty Report indicated that nine in 10 businesses run a loyalty programme. A majority of consumers (79%) participate in at least one loyalty programme and 90% are more likely to buy from brands which they believe understand their buying preferences.

The Antavo Academy will provide 100 scholarships throughout the month of May 2024. Applications are now open by visiting Antavo.

Key Strategic Appointment at Orchard Media and Events Group  

Senior strategist Sarah Mason has joined the Cardiff-based, award-winning communications agency Orchard in the new role of Group Strategy Director to help take the £15 million turnover company onto the next level.

Orchard has been providing a range of creative communications services to clients in Wales and across the world for 14 years, from Welsh Government to Principality Building Society, Aston Martin and Qatar Airways to Nando’s, the AA and Netflix. They create corporate and public events for NATO, UEFA, and Johnson & Johnson; produce film content for Visit Wales; TV programmes for BBC, S4C, Channel 4, and National Geographic; and advise on sponsorships and partnerships for the likes of the RFU, the International Chamber of Commerce, and Orbex.

Sarah has already got stuck into her new role, drawing on her previous experience at VCCP, The & Partnership (now T&Pm), Publicis and Wunderman (now VML), as well as her freelance stints at Havas London, Accenture Song and Oliver Agency. Sarah has also worked with some impressive clients including Compare The Market, ASDA, Barclays, L’Oreal and The Prince’s Trust, and has co-authored a winning IPA Effectiveness paper.

Orchard co-chief executive Jim Carpenter said: “We’re a well established leading independent regional agency and work with big brands, offering an integrated range of marketing communications solutions. We’ve been looking for some time to appoint someone of Sarah’s calibre into this significant new strategic role at Orchard, and we’re really excited to work with Sarah to take us onto the next level.”

Orchard is an RAR+ Top 100 agency, winner of both Drum and Drum Recommends awards and has been included in the Drum Top Independent Agencies. Last year Orchard’s ‘Cymru i’r Byd, Wales to the World’ integrated,  multi-lingual, multi-platform campaign promoting the nation’s appearance at the 2022 FIFA World Cup scooped both the prestigious Grand Prix and the Travel & Tourism World Media Awards.

On her appointment, Sarah said: “Orchard is an agency I’ve long admired from afar, so I’m thrilled to now be part of the team, bolstering their strategic offering as they embark on this exciting next chapter.”

CTI Digital appointed by Mind, the mental health charity, to enhance its digital strategy and provide web design and development services

CTI Digital, a leading UK technology, experience and digital marketing agency, has been appointed by the mental health charity, Mind. The agency will work alongside Mind’s digital team to drive the charity’s website initiatives, through a comprehensive digital strategy involving user research, user experience design and the development of Mind’s website.

Mind, a charity supporting people experiencing a mental health problem in England and Wales, has tasked CTI Digital with strengthening its website capabilities. This will be achieved by providing digital expertise, employing extensive user research, website design, and proficient website development to support Mind’s digital team.

CTI Digital will provide web design and development services for Mind’s existing website, which will, in due course, be upgraded to Umbraco 13 and the Azure hosting environments. Key to CTI’s appointment was the ability to guarantee 99.9% uptime, a key feature given the important service Mind provides for those seeking support.

The partnership extends beyond maintenance, with CTI Digital actively collaborating on Mind’s development roadmap, involving technical SEO, data analytics, development, and DevOps, showcasing the agency’s multifaceted capabilities.

Dominic Wilkinson, Digital Platforms Manager at Mind said: “CTI helped us onboard our Umbraco website onto their hosting and support service, which has enabled us to firmly maintain a business-as-usual pace of work. We also have access to a wide range of CTI services that allows us to design, develop, test and deploy new features at pace.”

Chris Woodward, CEO at CTI Digital said: “We are thrilled to be working with Mind in their mission to make a meaningful impact on mental health challenges through its website. Our ongoing collaboration reflects our dedication to supporting Mind’s vision and ensuring that no one faces mental health alone.”

Storyblok helps DW Drums play a modern beat with its digital presence

Storyblok, the content management system (CMS) category leader, today announced that DW Drums, a drum manufacturer endorsed by the world’s top drummers, is using its CMS to modernize their content operations.

DW Drums partnered with the digital agency Domaine to build an entirely new digital presence that includes a native e-commerce platform for the very first time.

Stacey Taylor, Digital Production Manager at DW Drums, said: “There’s always a story behind the music. Storyblok makes it easy for our entire team to create content and tell stories about our products and artists in an appealing way that our customers can connect with.”

Alanna Churchard, Director of Engineering at Domaine, added: “Using Storyblok for content management and Shopify for e-commerce is a powerful combination. We’ve only completed the first phase of DW Drums’ digital transformation, so there’s much more to come. Storyblok is so easy to use that part of our vision is to have the artists use it to post visual and written content on their own.”

Storyblok, DW Drums, and Domaine are all attending Shoptalk in Las Vegas between March 17-20, 2024. Stop by Storyblok’s booth (#500) to learn more about DW Drums’ digital transformation.

Employee recognition platform, Bonusly, appoints Eskimoz to drive growth following organic overhaul

Leading employee recognition and rewards platform, Bonusly, has announced the appointment of leading international digital marketing agency, Eskimoz.

The Philadelphia-based brand works with thousands of companies to build high-performing culture by delivering an innovative employee recognition and feedback solution. Bonusly puts employees back at the heart of organisations with a solution that amplifies wins, connects teams and boosts engagement.

Bonusly officially appointed Eskimoz in January 2024, with an initial strategy to further increase revenue and drive qualified leads through the alignment and optimisation of its paid and organic campaigns. The news follows Bonusly’s pledge to address disengaged employees, and the estimated $8.8 trillion in lost productivity by empowering people to love where they work through a solution that recognises achievement and enables performance.

Leading international marketing agency, Eskimoz, boasts an impressive track record in working with major brands worldwide, alongside extensive industry experience in developing both paid and organic campaigns and digital acquisition strategies that generate real growth. Their data-driven approach delivers tailor-made campaigns designed to deliver impactful and meaningful results.

Now in the process of aligning Bonusly’s paid and organic channels, Eskimoz will work closely with the brand to drive further organic visibility, optimise its SEO strategy and provide dashboard automation support.

Sam Martin-Ross, UK Managing Director of Eskimoz, confirmed: “Our team at Eskimoz is delighted to be working with Bonusly and assisting them with the next stage of their incredible growth.

“Having developed a deep understanding of where the brand is currently at, we feel our team is perfectly placed to achieve alignment across their entire digital strategy as they look to further expand their reach and visibility, and we look forward to working with them in the long-term.”

Speaking on the appointment of Eskimoz, Nicole Fuselier, Senior Revenue Marketing Leader at Bonusly said:”Bonusly is entering an exciting stage of growth and we feel extremely confident in the ability of Eskimoz to support us. For us, culture is critical, and the Eskimoz team fit in perfectly with our vision and values. We look forward to working with them.”

Bonusly joins an exciting client portfolio at Eskimoz, comprised of both established and challenger brands including Matterport, The Trade Desk, and Trint.

Established in 2010 and headquartered in Paris, France, Eskimoz is fast becoming a leading global digital agency, with expertise in SEO, PPC, Content and Data.

For more information, visit:



Homes and Gardens Retailers Invited to Free Digital Marketing Event

A free in-person event is promising to arm homes and gardens retailers with the insights and knowledge that they need to maximise their digital marketing efforts in 2024.

Decoding Digital: Efficiency & Effectiveness in Home & Garden Marketing – is being hosted by sector-specific digital marketing experts Door4 on Thursday 22nd February at Brockholes Nature Reserve near Preston (just off junction 31 of the M6). Register now to secure your place.

The event comes at a key time for homes and gardens retailers as industry experts IPA Bellwether predict that despite the current economic uncertainty, UK marketing budgets as a whole are set to increase in 2024 as brands look to remain active in the hope of a return to consumer confidence in the latter stages of the year.

But with increased spend comes increased competition. Brands looking to drive sales in the homes and gardens sector are not only competing against other retailers who are also upping their marketing activity; in 2024 ensuring the effectiveness of every pound spent on advertising and promotion within the heavily competitive furnishings and décor markets is a must.

“This interactive and hands-on event has been tailored specifically to help homes and gardens retailers navigate the digital landscape in these uncertain economic times, says Sean Dwyer, director at Door4 who will be speaking at the event.

“Spend may be predicted to be up in 2024 but in this crowded digital marketplace maximising return on investment is crucial – we will give retailers the insights they need to succeed.

“Attendees will learn how to stay ahead of the curve with innovative online strategies that can easily adapt to fluctuating consumer spending habits as economic forecasts evolve.

“We will also take a deep dive into how brands can develop messaging that resonates most with their audiences. We will focus on how to choose the most effective media channels and showcase the essentials needed to create distinctive brands that stand out.

“Our events are fun and interactive – there will be lots of opportunity for participation and a great chance to network with your peers. The event kicks off at 9am with a free hot breakfast, the presentation will begin at 9:30am.”