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Training Consultancy Adopts Temperature Measurement System and Becomes One of the Safest Educational Facilities in the UK

EMA Training Ltd, an independent learning provider in Derby, UK, has become one of the first education establishments to undergo a routine OFSTED visit since the pandemic, ensuring its HUB can open and operate safely for both students and staff.

EMA conducted a full risk assessment at the facility to ensure the safe return of apprentices to the classroom, which included a number of safety processes and systems.

VIRALERT 3, a non-contact body temperature measurement system developed by AMETEK Land, is part of the measures that EMA has adopted to ensure that the risk of anyone entering the building with a high temperature (one of the three key symptoms of COVID-19) is significantly reduced.

Tracey Mosley, CEO of EMA, said: “Since undertaking a risk assessment at EMA, we have done everything needed to ensure our training HUB can open safely. Introducing the VIRALERT 3 system has enhanced our COVID-19 safety measures, meaning both staff and apprentices feel they are in a safe environment.

“When we got the call to say we would be one of the first, we were excited to have the opportunity to recognise the team for their efforts and hard work during the pandemic. The inspectors were very complimentary regarding our processes and in particular the VIRALERT system, even asking for the contact details to share with other educational establishments. Inspectors visiting the HUB also felt that EMA is one of the safest establishments they had attended since the lockdown and praised the team for their efforts.

“VIRALERT 3 is used daily at EMA Training at the first point of entry to the HUB to ensure any person entering does not have a temperature. Staff and apprentices are finding the system easy and reassuring to use when checking temperatures before entry into the EMA HUB,” commented Tracy.
Developed over 18 years by AMETEK Land experts, the VIRALERT 3 is the first of its kind, providing a camera, thermal imager, and a temperature-controlled reference source on a single platform. Using automatic face detection, the system ensures a valid reading, and provides a measurement that’s accurate to within 0.5oC/ 0.9oF. It then calculates core body temperatures through a rapid test procedure that takes less than two seconds.

For more information, visit land-viralert.com. More information on the company is available at www.ametek-land.com.