300 young carers in Bridgend now benefit from ID card scheme

Bridgend County Borough Council has handed out its 300th Young Carers’ ID card in a scheme intended to create more understanding of the issues young carers face.

The card was developed four years ago in partnership with young carers to support them in education and ease any embarrassment they may feel when having to frequently explain their circumstances.

Young carers can simply show the card to their teacher or another adult to let them know about the added responsibilities they have at home.

All local young carers under the age of 18 who attend school or college are eligible to receive the ID card.

Cllr Phillip White, Cabinet Member for Social Services and Early Help, said:

“It’s wonderful to hear that this significant milestone has been reached and I hope that the initiative has helped to make Young Carers’ lives a little bit easier.

“The vast majority of us probably already know someone who is a young carer without even realising it. If a child or young person is in a position where they take responsibility for someone who is ill, disabled, elderly, experiencing mental illness or affected by substance misuse, then they are, by definition, a young carer.

“We will continue to make efforts to get in touch with all known young carers and schools to issue them with their cards and provide details and information leaflets on how they can be used and what additional support they may be entitled to.

“I’m also very pleased to say that, after we have blazed a trail locally, the Welsh Government is now considering introducing a similar scheme country-wide to support young carers.”

For more information on the Young Carers ID card scheme or to find out more on what additional support young carers may be entitled to please contact: (01656) 642413 or email: [email protected]