St Albans City & District Council implements council-wide digital platform with Arcus Global

St Albans City & District Council is implementing a new phase of a digitisation project with cloud services provider Arcus Global as part of its drive for the digital transformation of its front and back end services.

The Council signed a contract with Arcus Global using the G-Cloud 10 framework, working together, they have created a roadmap for the year ahead, which will maximise value and provide further return on investment. Over the next year, the roadmap will focus on the areas that can deliver the biggest benefit to customers, now that the foundations of the platform are in place and can quickly evolve. This includes a library of council processes and a single point of access for the customer across a range of council services.

With a previously complex IT estate consisting of over 45 legacy applications, mostly on-premise, the integration needed for customer facing self-serve and cross-council customer service was difficult, time-consuming and costly.

Caroline Croft, Digital and ICT Manager at St Albans City & District Council, comments,

“Previously, our digital ambitions were limited due to the lack of a digital platform. Within two years we have moved ourselves into a very different, and much better world; be bold and make a start. Once you have a flexible platform and a partner you can trust, this will put you in good stead to let the architecture evolve around you.”

Denis Kaminskiy, Chief Executive of Arcus Global, adds:

“We are thrilled to be working with St Albans & District Council to help them achieve their digital vision.” 

“The new platform removes siloed, disparate ways of working and lays the technological foundations for the future council, improving productivity and ultimately delivering better services to residents, visitors and businesses. The St Albans vision is a breath of fresh air. It means they join a growing group of councils that are focusing on transformation right across the organisation and not just front of house services.”

By improving its front-end, St Albans City & District Council has been able to obtain more useful data from its citizens to help improve its services. It also gives staff the ability to work more efficiently and develop a workforce with new ways of working through culture change.

A council-wide team of Digital Champions has been set up to explore further ways the platform can be applied to different business areas.