In 2023, ESCP celebrates 50 years of the school’s European model, following the creation of EAP in 1973 and the merger with the school in 1999. This year marks the anniversary of a central pillar of ESCP’s identity: its European multi-campus model, which remains unequaled to this day.

Established in Paris in 1819, ESCP is the oldest business school in the world and was destined to be European from the outset. The school was founded upon the European values of humanism and multiculturalism and prioritises a multidisciplinary vision of education, with a focus on science and language.

In the school’s history, the year 1973 was pivotal as it saw the birth of its second half, EAP, the first educational institution to operate on several European campuses.

Today, with campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw, ESCP is the only business school offering Europeans and non-Europeans a unique and comprehensive vision of Europe. The strength of this model was recognised in the latest Financial Times European Business Schools Ranking which placed ESCP 3rd among the top 95 business schools in Europe.

ESCP is totally European in nature, culture and structure. Today, all programmes are multi-campus, 35% of its students are non-French European and 25% non-European. To graduate, all ESCP students must study on at least two or three campuses. ESCP’s campuses and the degrees students receive are officially recognised in all of its host countries.

Léon Laulusa, ESCP’s interim dean and executive president, says: “As we look to the future, we are proud to continue to unite our campuses with pride for European excellence, open to the world and committed to progress. ESCP Business School is not only a European institution but a global leader in business education, recognised for our multiculturalism and commitment to educating purpose-driven leaders who will impact the world.”

Throughout the year, ESCP will celebrate its pioneering model and European network with dedicated events and opportunities to connect past, present and future generations of the ESCP community, starting with the first Europe Week organised by the student society Tribunes, from March 27 to March 31st. Please check the European Way webpage for more information.


ESCP Business School was founded in 1819. The School has chosen to teach responsible leadership, open to the world and based on European multiculturalism. Six campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin and Warsaw are the stepping stones that allow students to experience this European approach to management.

Several generations of entrepreneurs and managers were thus trained in the firm belief that the business world may feed society in a positive way. This conviction and ESCP’s values – excellence, singularity, creativity and plurality – daily guide our mission and build its pedagogical vision.

Every year, ESCP welcomes 9000+ students and 5000 managers from 130 different nationalities. Its strength lies in its many business training programmes, both general and specialised (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Executive MBA, PhD and Executive Education), all of which include a multi-campus experience.

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