4 Steps to Choosing Eco-Friendly Candle Packaging

The journey to world change starts with small steps. Fighting environmental pollution and climate change at certain moments might seem like a Mission Impossible, but the reality is that by collective action we are able to create a better world for ourselves and for future generations.

The good news about environmental preservation is that more and more companies are realizing the need to take action and change their policies, aiming at sustainable alternatives.

A large part of environmental pollution consists of plastic packaging, used by companies to protect and present their products. Fighting plastic pollution has long started, since the world realized, that not only do individual people need to change their habits, but a big part of the responsibility has to be taken by companies.

That is why nowadays customers trust brands that demonstrate they value sustainability. Eco-friendly packaging is a big step towards combating plastic pollution, and if you are a brand owner, it is time to make the change.

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How to Make Sure Your Candle Packaging is Sustainable

If you are in the business of candles and home fragrances, switching to eco-friendly candle packaging is key for creating a positive brand image. The target audience of that business consists of a lot of people who value nature, and would most probably have high standards regarding sustainability.

Here is how to make sure you are choosing candle packaging that is really eco-friendly and would earn the trust of your customers.

1. Check for Certificates

The problem with eco-friendly materials is that they are often labeled “green”, but that term could be quite abstract and open for interpretation. It might mean that there is some eco-friendly part in the material, but it’s actually not completely harmless to the environment.

The only way to really make sure that you are choosing a trustworthy supplier of sustainable candle box packaging is to check if they have the necessary certificates. That would prove that their products are truly environmentally friendly.

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2. What is the Best Material

Today you can find a variety of eco-friendly materials, suitable for different types of packaging. If you are producing candles and home fragrance, there are big advantages to choosing cardboard candle box packaging.

Eco-friendly cardboard boxes provide the necessary level of protection for the product during logistics, but at the same time, they are lighter than other materials, which decreases shipping costs.

Candle boxes also allow you to create a design that will best showcase your product’s qualities, as well as the values of your brand. They are convenient for the clients too, which accounts for better customer experience.

3. Level of Sustainability

Different materials that are considered eco-friendly actually have different levels of sustainability. For example, some of them are not fully recyclable and there are still some harmful emissions are produced.

The reason why they are considered sustainable is that they still are a lot better for the environment than the production of plastic.

However, if you aim at earning your clients’ trust, the right decision would be to make sure the candle boxes you choose are made of materials that are completely recyclable. Another thing to pay attention to is how biodegradable they are.

Customers nowadays are pretty informed about sustainability and they carefully inspect the products they are choosing. They would prefer fully biodegradable and recyclable products, and they have a way of knowing the truth about whether something is really “green”, or if that is just a label.

Furthermore, a product would be truly sustainable, if the processes both of production and transportation were considered harmless to the environment. Make sure the materials you choose for cushioning during shipment are also eco-friendly.

4. Pay Attention to the Printing Process

Sustainable candle box packaging suppliers provide you with the option to print your design on the boxes. After all, that is the way to present your product and brand identity and communicate your brand message to customers.

This is an important part, because the inks, used by the supplier, might not be completely eco-friendly. Check the information, provided by the supplier, and see if there is anything written about the inks. If not, you should probably look for a different supplier.

Examples of eco-friendly inks are indigo ink and UV inks. The types of inks that are not considered sustainable are truly harmful to the environment, so paying attention to the ink is a truly important step you shouldn’t miss.

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