Universal Partners, a leading provider of financial services to businesses, today announced that applications are now open for a new intake of cohorts for its FX Academy, a comprehensive twelve-month training scheme designed to identify, cultivate and recruit exceptional diverse talent looking to launch a career in financial markets.

With a focus on breaking down barriers to career progression, the FX Academy is an extraordinary opportunity for individuals from all walks of life to develop the skills to become a Business Development Executive at the firm, through a well-paid, on-the-job training placement, regardless of their previous educational credentials or work experience.  

Applicants are selected for their potential to complete and excel in the programme, and must possess the ability to play by UP’s core principles – Hard Work, Loyalty, Collaboration, Transparency and Reflection.  

Through the structured programme, individuals will be paid to learn a valuable skill set that includes research, client communication and effective business outreach, as well as training on sales, macroeconomics, financial markets, FX technical and fundamentals, corporate finance and accounting, business studies, customer service and FX risk management.

Upon completion of the FX Academy, graduates will join Universal Partners with a competitive salary and bonus – as well as unlimited opportunities for career growth.  Responsibilities of the role will include reaching out to key decision makers of large corporations and understanding their current FX exposure and strategy before presenting Universal Partners’ bespoke solutions and product suite.

Individuals beginning the FX Academy programme will be paid a salary of £21,000 to learn, with pay rises to £24,000 halfway and £27,000 upon graduation, typically within 6-8 months, focusing on various financial and business skills, supplemented with bonuses and based on measurable results and success. Graduates of the scheme who progress onto senior roles can see their earnings reach 6 figures per annum within 12-18 months.

Now in its fourth year, the FX Academy has previously attracted a diverse group of individuals aged 17-30 – all from various socioeconomic backgrounds as well as educational levels, from college dropouts to master’s degree holders. A number have been promoted to several leadership positions at Universal Partners and play an instrumental role in accelerating the growth of the company. 

Universal Partners saw volumes almost double to £1.3 billion last year, making it one of the UK’s fastest-growing fintechs. The company has set itself apart by utilising an analytical approach to provide customers with tailored cross-border payments and bespoke risk management strategies. 

Looking ahead, Universal Partners plans to increase its workforce to help deliver more global payment services, and to establish key partnerships with global financial institutions.

“Oliver Carson, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Universal Partners commented: The FX Academy is more than just a training programme; it’s an embodiment of our core values and our dedication to creating a truly inclusive workplace. We believe talent is not confined to traditional educational backgrounds or socioeconomic status. Having started my career in finance upon leaving school myself, without a degree, we wanted to give that opportunity to many more young, ambitious hard working individuals, and that is exactly what we have done through creating our very own academy, providing a platform for individuals with the drive, determination, and passion to pursue a rewarding career in financial markets.” It’s been very rewarding to see so many successful candidates progress into senior management positions throughout business and now play a key part in the company’s overall strategic vision.

The FX Academy has been instrumental in identifying and nurturing top talent, ensuring a consistent pipeline of highly skilled and motivated individuals who contribute to the company’s continued success. It goes beyond traditional training, providing participants with a holistic development experience that encompasses not only financial expertise but also personal and professional growth.

Applications are now open for the next cohort, starting in February 2024. Interested individuals can apply through the company’s website