Educ8 Group Celebrates Apprenticeship Week: Building Skills for Life

National Apprenticeship Week 2024, taking place February 5th – 11th, is celebrated across the UK, and Educ8 Group stand firmly behind the power of apprenticeships, not only to continue supporting the British economy through challenging times, but also as an incredible way to propel businesses and individuals towards a brighter future.

Aligning with this year’s theme ‘Skills for Life’, Educ8, a leading provider of training and apprenticeships in the UK, is affirming its dedication to empowering learners through high-quality training and apprenticeships that offer a practical path to valuable skills and job confidence.

The past few years have undoubtedly been challenging. Businesses have navigated uncertainty, talent shortages, and evolving demands. Educ8 believes that investing in skills development is no longer just a strategic move, but a critical necessity for thriving in the new landscape. Apprenticeships offer a win-win solution, addressing skills gaps head-on while nurturing talent within, fostering loyalty, and boosting productivity. With multiple levels of apprenticeships available, learner progression into higher skill sets and higher earning roles is also supported.

Morgan Thomason, a level 3 barbering apprentice, said “The reason I think an apprenticeship is so beneficial is because you get to learn in a pressure-free environment. When you’re at college, you’re constantly working to deadlines. When you’re in a salon, you’ve got more freedom and flexibility.


I’ve had so many opportunities through doing an apprenticeship. I’ve spoken at events, competed in national competitions, and become an ambassador for ISA Training, which is part of Educ8 Group. It’s important that learners feel supported in the same way I do because there’s so much to get involved in”.

Apprenticeships are an invaluable route to building skills for individuals, but they are not just training initiatives, they are catalysts for growth and success. Educ8 sees the human impact firsthand as apprentices bring fresh perspectives, enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge, and can seamlessly integrate into teams. They add value to businesses through continuous learning that is specific to their role and industry, able to take on more tasks and nurture their strategic thinking, turning into future leaders built within the businesses themselves.

Jude Holloway, Managing Director of Educ8, acknowledges the significant impact apprenticeships have on businesses, “Apprenticeships are a proven model for developing a skilled workforce and an excellent vehicle to offer real opportunities for people to progress in their careers. There is no substitute  for quality training within the workplace, filling skills gaps and making a tangible difference to individuals and employers.

Educ8 is helping businesses understand the power of apprenticeships and the challenges that they can help overcome, through events such as the ISA Connect X Salon Help event held recently. The workshop showcased the way apprentices could help salons offer new services, enhance their reputation, and stay ahead of industry trends, as well experiencing exclusive coaching sessions from industry experts.

Educ8’s expert trainer coaches deliver a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring apprentices are equipped to hit the ground running and make a real difference. The Group is consistently introducing new and innovative apprenticeships that address the needs of the economy, businesses, and the learning requirements of apprentices themselves.

In 2023 Educ8 Training introduced a new Energy and Carbon Management apprenticeship and in November received a grant from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund to launch ‘Multiply – Calculating your potential’, a community project designed to improve the numeracy skills of adults.

Apprenticeships and further education are not only for young people, and they offer a rich choice of pathways to new skills, personal development, job satisfaction, and peace of mind for people of all ages and backgrounds. There is no limit to learning when it’s possible to study a range of qualifications including Digital Marketing, Leadership and Management, Social Media for Business, Project Management and more.

Edcu8 is proud to be a part of the dynamic apprenticeship landscape in Wales, a region committed to bridging skills gaps and unleashing the potential of its workforce. This National Apprenticeship Week, Educ8 calls upon businesses across Wales to embrace the power of skills development. Explore the diverse range of apprenticeships available, invest in your future workforce, and witness the transformative impact on your business.