Wood pellet cat litter is one of the most highly recommended, both for your cat’s health and also the environment in which you and your cat share. A natural and highly absorbent cat litter, leading animal welfare organisations rate wood pellet cat litter as some of the best on the market, highlighting these key benefits: 

1. An all natural cat litter 

Going through a rigorous manufacturing process, wood pellet cat litter is an all natural option made using safe wood sources. Undergoing the manufacturing process, the wood is  thoroughly cleansed and processed in order to provide a safe cat litter option for domestic use. 

2. Highly absorbent 

Due to the nature of the material, wood pellets are incredibly absorbent, making this a clean and hygienic cat litter choice for cat owners. Compared with other options such as clay materials, wood pellets are considered the most absorbent and therefore the easiest type of cat litter to manage and maintain. Making sure that the cat tray is kept as clean as can be for longer periods of time. 

3. Natural odour to create a pleasant living environment

Thanks to the wood pellets being natural and sourced from types of wood, they offer a pine-like odour, that helps to keep your living environment smelling as best as can be despite the presence of a cat litter tray. The smell of the pine is not overwhelming or overpowering, instead it is a natural scent that helps to mask any unpleasant odours. 

4. A biodegradable cat litter 

Wood pellet cat litter is biodegradable, which means it can break down naturally in the environment. This makes it a more eco-friendly choice than other types of cat litter. This feature of wood pellet litter has resulted in demand for this product growing as more and more cat owners seek eco-friendly alternatives to traditional cat litter products. 

5. Wood pellet litter is lower maintenance 

Unlike other types of cat litter, wood pellet cat litter is much easier to maintain. Not requiring as much maintenance or regular cleaning. It does not need to be scooped as often, due to its higher absorbency levels. This, again, makes it a much more popular choice for cat owners with busy schedules and less time to maintain their cat litter trays. 

Having said that, all cat litter trays should undergo weekly scoops and frequent cleans in  order to maintain a healthy and clean environment for the cats. 


Overall, wood pellet cat litter is a good choice for cat owners who are looking for a natural, absorbent, and eco-friendly option. However, it’s important to note that some cats will take some time adjusting to a new cat litter. Giving cats the time to adjust and become familiar with the smell and texture will ensure an easy transition from traditional cat litter to wood pellet cat litter. Starting with a small amount in the litter tray or combining this with your current cat litter is the best way to introduce your cat to the new litter.