AJ Products UK Ltd announces key partnership with WG Installations to lead in the UK Market.

AJ Products have partnered with nationwide specialist installation experts WG Installations to expand their current delivery and installation services, including the assembly of numerous product types to workspaces throughout the UK.

Furniture and equipment suppliers AJ Products are recognised for their blend of eco-friendly products, in-house manufacturing and innovative, design-led workplace solutions for offices, warehouses and industrial facilities and operate across 20 markets globally.

The UK market presents a high priority growth opportunity for the AJ Products Group. Recognising the importance of specialist expertise in this field, the alliance with WG Installations will enhance AJ Products’ market presence and introduce a crucial installation service. This significant move underscores the Group’s commitment to expansion and highlights the vital role this installation service plays in fostering growth and client satisfaction.

Servicing the office furniture industry since 2012 and located centrally in the UK, Northampton-based WG Installations is regarded as a market leader by offering high quality, reliable and efficient delivery and installation services for all types of office furniture and workplace equipment throughout the UK.

WG Installations Sales Director Paul Roberts says, ‘WG Installations Ltd and AJ Products are pleased to announce they have entered into a UK strategic partnership, combining WG Installations’ industry lead furniture delivery and installation services, with AJ Products’ expertise at improving workplaces by providing a vast array of furniture, equipment and interior solutions’.

Helen Beebe, Managing Director of AJ Products, said, ‘Partnering with customer-centric installation specialists WG Installations demonstrates the enormous potential for AJ Products’ and will help position us as a key player in the UK market.’