Specialist baby and toddler air purifier from Solenco UK wins prestigious award

Air treatment and lifestyle technology specialist Solenco UK has been presented with a Loved by Parents Platinum award in the category Best Nursery Innovation for its Purification Pal air purifier. The specialist air purifier was designed specifically for babies and infants.

The Loved by Parents awards are one of the largest parenting awards programmes worldwide. To win an award, products are rigorously tested by a team of parents and little ones.

With a four-stage purification system that captures up to 99.975% of particles and allergens, the Purification Pal helps protect babies and children from respiratory illnesses and aids restful sleep.

The Purification Pal removes particulate matter (PM2.5), VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), airborne bacteria, viruses, dust and pollen from the air. With whisper-quiet operation (25dB) and features such as a night-light, timer and four speed settings, the specialised air purifier contributes to a safer and more calming atmosphere for infants to sleep in.

“It’s normal for children to get as many as eight cold viruses a year which can be disruptive for their sleep and impact the whole family. Having a solution that continuously removes harmful particles from the air reduces their chances of catching bugs and developing asthma or allergies.”

explains Trevor Brewer, Director at Solenco UK.

“We are delighted to win this prestigious award for the Purification Pal. We launched the air purifier in the UK to provide a solution to help parents and their children. As a parent or carer, using an air purifier in your child’s room gives you confidence that you’re giving them the best start in life.”

With four air cycles completed in an hour and a preliminary filter, H13 True HEPA filter, Activated Carbon filter and UV light, the Purification Pal gives parents and carers reassurance that their child is breathing clean and healthy air*. Solenco’s Purification Pal is energy efficient (running at just 30-45w) and each air filter has 4320 hours of usage, helping families keep running costs as low as possible.

The air purifier is compact and lightweight, and comes with reusable animal fun face stickers to decorate the appliance’s faceplate, so that children can create their own lovable Purification Pal. The product has launched in the UK after achieving success in the South African market, where it gained a seal of approval from the South African Allergy Foundation.

“Our Purification Pal is designed to protect child health, and other great features like the low noise output, night-light and fun reusable stickers make it a brilliant addition to a nursery or bedroom as the child grows up,” says Trevor.

Solenco’s Purification Pal is available on Amazon for £69.99. For more information, please visit www.solenco.uk.

*Four air cycles based on a room size of up to 10m²