New Data Reveals The Top Destinations For Digital Nomads  ✈️

  •  Dubai leads with excellent infrastructure and a one-year Virtual Work Residency Visa, offering over 23,000 Wi-Fi hotspots and 230mbps average broadband speed. 
  • Lisbon ranks second with 7,000+ hotspots, 98mbps average broadband speed, and its sunny climate, food scene, and affordability. 
  • Madrid ranks third for its affordability, robust infrastructure, and vibrant startup ecosystem, offering a balanced work-exploration experience. 

There are already 35 million digital nomads worldwide, and the trend is being driven by technology, growing demand for flexible workspaces, and the increasing adoption of hybrid work. 

With this in mind the team at Instant Offices have ranked 61 locations based on affordability, weather, broadband speed, and other factors to reveal the best places to be a digital nomad in 2024. 

Dubai Leads as prime destination for digital nomads with over 23,000 Wi-Fi hotspots 

Outranking every other city analysed, Dubai stands out as the number one destination for digital nomads. This UAE city has a strong reputation as an international business hub with excellent infrastructure. The UAE also offers a special one-year Virtual Work Residency Visa. 

You’ll have no worries about connectivity while working in sunny Dubai – there are over 23,000 wi-fi hotspots throughout the city, with an average broadband speed of 230mbps. Dubai also has a climate that attracts digital nomads from around the world, getting an annual average of 3,500 hours of sunshine. This makes it an excellent place to work from the beach! 

With over 7,000 wi-fi hotspots and an average broadband speed of 98mbps Lisbon ranks as the second most popular place for digital nomads 

Lisbon is the second most popular place for digital nomads to work One of the sunniest places in Europe, the Portuguese coastal capital is a food-lovers haven, with local markets and freshly caught seafood available on virtually every corner.  

With more than 7,000 wi-fi hotspots and an average broadband speed of 98mbps, the city is ideal for enjoying the sun and surfing while still working productively. A cappuccino in Lisbon will cost you just £1,66, and an Airbnb will cost you £115 a night. 

Madrid provides a dynamic and convenient base for remote workers, ranking as the third most popular option. 

Madrid ranks as the third most popular city for digital nomads and for good reason. Its blend of affordability, robust infrastructure, burgeoning startup ecosystem, central European location, and reputation for safety make it a prime destination for remote workers seeking a dynamic and convenient base. 

 From its lively cultural scene to its plethora of coworking spaces and excellent connectivity, Madrid offers digital nomads a well-rounded experience that balances work and exploration seamlessly. 

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