New Patent Analytics Service supports the innovation of UK businesses

UK businesses looking to maximise and future-proof the commercial success of their innovations can now get an in-depth picture of the market, competitors, opportunities and risks thanks to a brand-new service launched by Wynne-Jones IP.

The intellectual property firm, which has offices in Cardiff, Cheltenham and London, has launched a Patent Analytics Service giving clients an insight into the patent landscape to support them in making informed decisions about their business strategies.

Headed up by Matthew Veale, who has a search specialist background, the team will be using PatSnap and a suite of other state-of-the-art patent analytic tools to deliver a tailored and detailed service.

Supporting Matthew is a dedicated team of IP attorneys and IP paralegals with specialist search skills, who collectively have an in depth understanding of the client’s business plans and technology enabling them to provide tailored advice, contextualised for the client’s business environment.

The new service will ensure that businesses avoid the pitfall of investing in technology that is already patented by other companies and in turn will avoid costly wrong investment.

In addition, it can also be used proactively to identify gaps in IP protection in a profitable technical field so that inventions can be focussed towards these areas and made proprietary without infringement on another company’s IP.

It will also provide a reassuring check before a product or service launch that the technology is novel and inventive, reducing the risk of infringement allegations from other companies.

Partner Elliott Davies said that this service would be vital to businesses looking to tap into established or emerging markets, helping them to uncover new opportunities or identify weaknesses in their portfolio.

He said:

“Our new Patent Analytics Service is for any businesses which rely on innovation and who want to spend money on IP wisely. Using Analytics will push them ahead of the competition and help keep them there.

“Intellectual property is of vital importance to UK businesses, this service intends to allow businesses to make the most of their innovations. From talking to our existing clients and to IP-rich companies generally we have received the clear message that there is a big demand for better informed IP strategy.

“Every business needs an IP strategy. The only way to make decisions is to have the information. The best way to get information on IP, specifically patents is to use Patent Analytics. Patent Analytics can unlock detailed insights to help forward plan and create profitable IP and Research & Development strategies.

“It not only identifies any potential risks to the patent’s commercialisation, but also helps the client to focus on, and exploit the most valuable aspects of their product to drive even greater commercial success.”