Cardiff financial services consultancy launches volunteering leave

A Cardiff-based pension advisory firm has introduced a volunteering leave scheme to allow employees time away from work to contribute to the local community.

Quantum Advisory now offers its 123-strong team the opportunity to spend a set amount of office hours volunteering for worthwhile causes. The scheme, which is also supported in its offices in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Amersham, aims to inspire employees to become more involved in their communities and build and develop individual skills and knowledge.

Quantum Advisory Partner, David Deidun, said: “Volunteering provides a range of benefits for not only our employees, but the organisation as a whole. It enables employees to make a more active contribution to causes they care about, whilst also gaining experience and skills to help with their personal development. Quantum itself will benefit as a socially responsible employer with increased employee engagement.”

Quantum employees are free to choose one or more registered charities or recognised voluntary organisations that they are committed about, or can use their time to assist a response to a local crisis or emergency. Each employee can take up to one full day every year which can be spread out over the 12-month period as needed.

For more information about Quantum Advisory and its charity work, please visit: