Exabeam Expands International Availability of Cloud-based SIEM to Help Organisations Modernise Security Operations

Exabeam has announced the expanded availability of Exabeam SaaS Cloud, a hosted version of the market-leading Exabeam Security Management Platform (SMP) to help even more organisations modernise their security operations. Exabeam SaaS Cloud will now be available for in-region hosting in 15 additional locations in 13 countries, including Canada and others within Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America. This means its growing global customer base can take advantage of Exabeam SaaS Cloud while meeting compliance and policy requirements for in-region hosting.

SaaS Cloud helps identify anomalous behaviour in organisations’ cloud applications to stop adversaries in their tracks. As a hosted cloud offering, it provides the full functionality of the SMP, including a data lake, behavioural analytics, case management, security orchestration and incident response automation. This allows organisations to directly ingest data from dozens of popular cloud-based services, enabling faster deployment, while eliminating the challenges of on-premises SIEM installations—including cost and maintenance issues and the need to route cloud data to on-premises data centres.

Organisations with existing SIEM deployments on-premises or in the cloud can augment their current solutions with Exabeam Advanced Analytics and Exabeam Threat Hunter to transform their security operations through improved efficiency and enhanced detection capabilities.

By extending SaaS Cloud’s in-region hosting options, Exabeam is also empowering organisations to adhere to additional national data localisation and residency laws. For example, companies can more easily comply with Australia’s strict health record localisation laws and Canada’s provincial requirements for public service providers to store customer data locally.

Data in SaaS Cloud is protected using data encryption in transit and at rest, regular third-party penetration testing and SOC 2 Type II compliance, considered to be the security gold standard for SaaS companies handling sensitive customer data.

“SaaS solutions are increasingly becoming the deployment model of choice for organisations worldwide, and the response to Exabeam’s SaaS Cloud launch earlier in 2019 has been exceptional,” said Anu Yamunan, VP, Products, Exabeam.

“SaaS Cloud is ideal for organisations with a cloud-first approach, and we have expanded its availability in response to a huge demand from our international customers, which need access to in-region hosting to meet compliance and policy requirements.”

“In a modern interconnected world full of constantly evolving cyberthreats, running an on-premises SIEM is no longer just ‘old school’; for many companies, especially smaller ones without fully staffed security teams, it can be positively dangerous. Shifting security operations to a SaaS-based SIEM solution not only instantly relieves you from the daily operational burden but can significantly increase the scope and amount of analysed security artifacts, run event correlation at the cloud scale and ultimately give your analysts more time and context for making the right decision every time,” added Alexei Balaganski, lead analyst, KuppingerCole.

The international expansion of Exabeam SaaS Cloud builds on the company’s rapidly accelerating cloud strategy, including the recent launch of Exabeam SaaS Cloud Essential, which gives small and medium enterprises access to enterprise-grade SIEM tools and a wealth of Smarter SIEMTM capabilities. It also follows the company’s recent acquisition of SkyFormation, a leading Israel-based cloud application security business and the first company to collect cloud logs from more than 30 cloud services into any SIEM tool.

In addition to the U.S., Exabeam SaaS Cloud is now hosted locally in Canada, Europe (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, United Kingdom), Asia-Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore) and South America (Brazil).