NGDATA launches partner programme to bring data-driven insight to a range of new industries

NGDATA has this week announced a new partner programme, which now enables businesses across a range of industries to provide their customers with relevant real-time offers, through participating organisations.

NGDATA delivers transformational benefits to a range of global businesses. The new partnership programme will enable systems integrators and other channel partners to develop industry specific ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions on top of the company’s Intelligent Engagement Platform (IEP). This will empower NGDATA’s partnered domain experts to design vertical-specific use case packages, accelerating the time to market of businesses’ marketing campaigns. The first partners in the programme include business transformation company delaware and, brand relationship technology provider, Seaters.

“Across industries, we’ve identified that there is a common struggle to reach the same business goals: increase market share, increase wallet share and increase retention. Achieving these goals requires a deep understanding of the industry in order to develop ready-to-use solutions within our platform.” said Jens Ponnet, Global Head of Partnerships.

“With the release of the latest version – the 4.0, released in June – our partners can now build capabilities on the platform, tailored to any industry. Ultimately, through these pre-packaged use cases, businesses will benefit from more engaging interactions with their end users.”

NGDATA’s Intelligent Engagement Platform already transforms businesses’ understanding of their customers’ journeys, to improve servicing, reduce churn, strengthen relationships, and maximise customer lifetime value. One example is the Belgian bank Belfius, which uses NGDATA’s IEP to put customer analytics and AI in the hands of its marketers. Belfius achieved incredibly effective and hyper-personalised customer engagement in real-time which doubled pensions savings deposits during the campaign.

The new partner programme forms the foundation of NGDATA’s go-to-market strategy. It will feature three tiers, the highest of which is Lighthouse Partnership. Participants in this tier will play a leading role in building and marketing industry specific solutions for the next generation of customer insight and engagement tools. Premium partners, meanwhile, can customise NGDATA’s technology for specific industries, while Alliance partners will be able to resell NGDATA’s IEP and integrate the technology into applications such as chatbots and customer service tools. All partner tiers can take advantage of ongoing support and consultancy from NGDATA.

NGDATA has already secured participation from delaware and Seaters as the first Lighthouse partners, both of which have already begun building industry-specific solutions for the utilities and marcomms sector respectively.

“The collaboration between Seaters and NGDATA fuels our respective partners with data-rich insights to leverage customers’ personal interest and passion points,” said Patrick Mathot, CEO of Seaters. “Brands can now successfully onboard or retain customers by linking a brand or product experience to their passion, whether it be sports, music or other”.

Sven Arnaut, Solution Lead for Strategy & Accelerate at delaware said,

“More demanding customer expectations are impacting our clients’ strategy, processes and systems. This is why delaware is a proud Lighthouse Partner of NGDATA. With our industry-specific insight practices, we can support our clients in stepping up their game and really interacting with their customers on a behavioural level, with a more in-depth understanding of how to rapidly drive customer value successfully and continuously.”

For more information about NGDATA and to request admission to the new partnership programme, please visit