Wrike Launches Next Generation of Work Management Tools

Wrike this week unveiled Wrike Analyse, Wrike for Professional Services and Wrike for Professional Services Performance designed to address the growing demand for end-to-end work management solutions that measure the impact of effort and cater to specific use cases.

“Organisations are drowning in an ever increasing amount of digital work, and need new ways to gain visibility into their operations, focus on the most important work, and increase their business velocity,” said Wrike Founder and CEO Andrew Filev.

“Wrike Analyse now makes it possible to connect projects and workflows to business KPIs, so leadership and individual contributors alike can derive insights in real-time and allocate resources to activities with the highest ROI. These new capabilities fuel the next generation of work management solutions that we are launching for high performance marketing and professional services organisations, enabling them to drive more growth for their businesses.”

Today’s announcements include:

  • Wrike Analyse is an advanced analytics and reporting add-on that improves visibility into and management of portfolios, projects, and unique business KPIs. The tool is both powerful and easy-to-use for business users. It comes with pre-built dashboard templates, including project portfolio and project status overviews for quick report creation, as well as a wide-range of widgets, filters, and options to enable organisations to visualise data in the way that works best for individual use cases. Once created, custom dashboards and reports can be easily shared with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Wrike for Professional Services helps organisations increase on-time project delivery, profit margin, and client satisfaction by providing visibility into all stages of a project life cycle, empowering them to optimise resource utilisation and automate repeatable processes. This solution enables organisations to meet increasing demands, while simultaneously scaling the business.

This announcement underscores the company’s commitment to developing a platform and a suite of tools that help organisations work more effectively, become more agile, and not only achieve desired outcomes, but analyse efforts against results to calculate return on initiatives in real-time.

“We’ve spent more than a decade building the most versatile collaborative work management platform available and today’s announcements not only illustrate that versatility but also mark a big step forward in the depth and variety of use cases that the Wrike platform supports,” added Filev.

Wrike for Professional Services is available today. Wrike Analyze will be available for Business, Enterprise, Wrike for Marketers, and Wrike for Professional Services customers as an add-on feature in Q4 2019. Wrike for Professional Services Performance will also be available in Q4 2019.