November 30, 2020

New research explores past correlation between global political events and forex data levels

A collection of 100 pieces of key forex trade data can directly relate to political news or movements over the past thirty years. This is according to historical data collected by IG Group, a world leader in derivatives trading. The new research matches certain global events and how currency trading rates changed with them, and it is now presented as an online resource for personal investors.

Notable political events are highlighted with the data, sourced from across France, Germany and the UK. The 1995 election of French President Jacques Chirac, with a platform of tax cuts and job programmes, saw a turbulent franc. The Deutsche mark significantly depreciated in value at the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. In another instance of uncertainty, the 2019 Tory- Democratic Unionist Party coalition in the UK saw the pound weaken by 2%.

Economists have long anticipated that changes in politics might impact forex trading, and our new online resource backs this up with core data. By now sharing the research via this timeline, which spans the past 30 years, we hope to inform personal investors of how forex has moved historically.

This data is now available as an online resource for personal investors here.